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3 Things that will Reset your Broken Schedule

Habits are simply patterns that have been a part of our life for a long time, and these habits establish a subconscious pattern. Although! Not every habit is ours to keep.

In the eye of the current pandemic, everyone developed their own quirky habits to settle in the new experiment of work from home. However, with time work from home became overwhelming and fatigue kicked in, employees feel stuck and always at work. Now that things are looking better, enterprises are all set to call their employees back.

Work from the office can be overwhelming suddenly and employees might need some time to reset their broken schedule and drop some quirky habits they picked up from the work from home cycle.

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Here are some ways to make the most from resetting your habits!!

1. Plan your Day- Hardest task first or easiest first! Anything that works for you. Your first 30 mins decide how your day is going to be. Start your day by simply settling in, talking to your colleagues and relaxing. Make sure you plan your day with a priority list so that you don’t miss out on anything important. Too much work can get overwhelming, the best way out is to make sure that your box your time. Set time for your tasks and breaks.

2. Prevent interruptions- Social Media can be a toxic distraction. Work from home- recorded the highest use of digital media and with offices back in the swing, employees must not dwell on the unending scrolling. Simple tricks like blocking push notifications, setting priorities, can do wonders. While coming back to the office means socializing that was missed by many these past years but making sure that the tasks at hand are not compromised is also a priority.

3. Declutter and Organize- Too much mess can make you feel overloaded and the overwhelm creeps in. Take some time out to declutter your space and organize your desk. Apart from that organize your desktop screen as well. Put the folders in designated files, these small steps will reduce the feeling of being overloaded and help you block your task smore efficiently.

Don’t turn yourself into a crazy hustler, work smartly, manage your work, and don’t forget to take short breaks to keep yourself charged and boosted. You are more than just your work, take time for other activities that are essential for your physical and mental well-being. You will feel more productive at work if you don’t keep your personal life in the back seat and take your time to rejuvenate.


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