4 Point Checklist – Renting an Office Space in India!

Office layouts, blueprints, cost-per-square feet, lease agreements are concepts alien to you? Increasing the number of employees is a part of the plan when your firm is flourishing. With the passage of time, having a suitable place to operate operations from, adequate facilities, and a good employee engagement plan becomes increasingly vital. Managed office spaces take care of all your requirements and more. Office spaces are one of the most important aspects of your business, they can disrupt your business for a little while but why not get it right from the get-go!

Workspaces in India play a key role to give your business a flight especially if your business’s key role is client-facing. Your office space, location to how your office space is managed, plays a key role in retaining employees, attracting potential talent and clients. Here are some key points to keep in mind while you plan to rent a workspace in India-

Strategically located offices can do wonders for your business.
About a century back, Ellsworth Statler, father of the modern hotel industry, said “There are three things that make a hotel famous – location, location, location.”
The use of good location applies to everyone and every business from small to large, and to every industry. Whenever you decide to scout for the new spaces, check the way it’s connected. Your workplace should be accessible by public transport as well as by car. Depending on your needs, choose the perfect workplace for you, that boosts your reach and enables growth.

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2.Digitally Enabled Office Spaces
Digitally enabled office space is the primary need in the current scenario, which can continually cater to the needs of enterprises despite the changing environment. The workspace is undergoing a tremendous change, and digital needs are more important than ever. The implementation of digital facilities can make everyday operations seamless and safe, allowing enterprises to focus on their core businesses. Your workspace must move along with the digital revolution.

3.Parking Facilities
As little as the need appears, it is far more vital than most people think. The attitude of your employees and the image your visitors have of your organisation may both be affected by parking facilities you have at your workspace in India. Always check to see if the new place you’re considering has enough parking and the ability to scale up or down based on your requirements. You don’t want your employees to park in unsafe or poorly lit lots. Assure that the security procedures are in place to keep both cars and their drivers safe.

4.Value-added services and Amenities
Amenities have become a vital component of the corporate culture as the workplace revolution continues. The borders between work and personal life have blurred as millennials redefine workplace culture, and Gen Z – the next entrants into the workforce – is distinctive in their methods of working. Workspaces in India are realizing that amenities are a significant element of workplace spaces these days. These Amenities brighten workspaces up, making them more engaging and creative, boosting way up towards productivity.

While the demands of various entrepreneurs and firms vary, the elements listed above can be used as a checklist when looking to lease or rent office space in India. Leasing office space is not just a time and money commitment, but it will also define your firm and its work culture, and it is difficult to modify afterwards. The experience that you are striving to create takes a lot of effort and it is important that your workspace aligns with the vision you have for your company.


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