Biophilic Designs in Workspaces

Biophilic Designs in Workspaces

The pandemic has pushed an entire generation to work from home and get stuck in an endless cycle of work. The changes that will have taken place in the coming 5-10 years happened in the timeline of a few months.

As enterprises are ready to recall employees back to workspaces, this offers a unique opportunity for employers to rethink their office needs and create something that is both friendlier and more productive. This is where biophilic design comes in.

Biophilic design involves incorporating the natural world into a built environment. More and more businesses are opting for open office spaces so that employees may easily connect and benefit from nature’s healing properties. There has been a surge in demand for biophilic workplace design in recent years. With a combination of natural beautiful colours and patterns, indoor plants, and even plant walls, coworking space providers are continuously inventing and constructing offices that help us feel closer to nature.

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Biophilic designs not only give a boost to your productivity but also make sure that your physical and mental health is balanced. While chasing the deadlines and the stress of personal lives a soothing workplace can help in maintaining good mental wellbeing.

The aftermath of the current pandemic is bringing the hybrid work model back in trend and flexibility is set to become a huge part of the work culture. At Smartworks we believe in creating spaces that employees want to go to and not just have to go. Some natural lighting, green views, and calm colours can boost creativity, improve mental wellbeing and physical health.


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