Sep 03, 2021

6 Tips To De-Clutter Your Commercial Space

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A clutter-free and Organised office space helps you build a professional image. De-cluttering your office space is not very difficult. All you need is a determination to keep the mess away from your workspace. The following tips will help you organise your office space:

Discard what is not required

From heaps of old files to unused electrical wires, discard items that you do not need. De-cluttering your office space is not all about installing expensive storage solutions but cutting down on the unnecessary things that eat up the space.

Make a place for everything

Assign a particular space for everything. Designate a particular space for your office supplies and other important documents. Ensure that everyone uses those items and then put them back to where they were. For instance, keep all the old files at one particular place; make space for keeping your office equipment. This will help you organise your office space.

Keep only the Essentials on the desk

The desk is the place that tends to be the most cluttered. You might feel tempted to organise everything on your desk. However, within a few days, it tends to get messy. Keep only those things on the desk that you use on a daily basis. Put the rest of the items in drawers and cupboards.

Install a filing Cabinet

A filing cabinet is the best storage solution for your files and other paperwork. Whether it’s a file related to older projects or important documents related to your ongoing projects, keep everything organised inside a filing cabinet.

Divide your workspace into zones

If you want to fully utilise the commercial space, try dividing it into various zones, which will make your workpalce as an Ideal and Organised office space. These zones are based on your daily functions. For instance, mark a storage zone for your office supplies, a library space for storing books and journals and for conducting research; a separate filing area for storing all the documents and paperwork, and so on.

Sort the Catch-all drawer

Do you have this habit of tossing everything, from a paperclip to your car keys, in a drawer? If yes, then sort the drawer by installing drawer dividers to keep everything organised inside the drawers.

These simple tricks will help you keep your office space clean and organised. Want to rent an office? Searching for a commercial space available for rent? If yes, contact us at

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