Sep 08, 2021

Boost Your Productivity With These Desk Essentials

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As people start heading back to work with various lockdown restrictions easing, settling into your office desk might take some time. After all, most of us were getting used to working from home. At home, you are surrounded by our personal collections and ambience. Your office set up at home is a reflection of your personality yet keeping it professional for your official tasks. At work, you might need to update certain aspects of your desk. Your work desk often plays a vital role in streamlining your thoughts, inspiring you to get through a deadline and assist in reflecting on your tasks and checklists.

So how can one go about personalising their desk while keeping it professional? Here are 10 tips to guide you through:

1. Computer Stand

Often known as a monitor stand, these humble platforms keep you focused on your task, literally! These stands come with placeholders to elevate the laptop screen to your preferred level. Some of them even come with additional storage space which can help manage any desk clutter.

2. Calendar

Even in the age of smartphones, desk calendars are a practical accessory. Some of these items come with inspiring quotes or photo collections that are visually appealing. One can even get them personalised.

3. Desk Organiser

As the saying goes, a table is a reflection of your mind. A messy desk may not necessarily mean your work is not up to the mark. However, desk organiser can make your life a lot easier and ensure everything you need is accessible. In any given day, while dealing with tight deadlines and work pressure, it’s always a pleasant surprise to find all your essential documents and stationeries in their designated compartments, right where you kept them.

4. Cutlery Set

In this new normal of post COVID-19, it becomes imperative to carry your own cutleries. Everyone needs to eat and when working from a coworking space, often there might not be enough cutlery to choose from. This not only delays your lunch time, it is also frustrating and eats up your break time. Having your own set of cutleries will save both time and effort.

5. Cable Organizer

In this era of technology, getting jumbled in a tangle of cables can be quite vexing and annoying. Most of our devices need to be plugged in for use. A series of cables from various devices will end up getting entangled and separating these can be quite tedious. One can avoid this mess by purchasing an attachable cable organiser which allows you to place a chord within a designated space. It not only looks professional, but it also keeps your cable safe from undue damage.

6. Sticky-Notes

As a professional, you will not sit at your desk all the time. You might be needed to attend a meeting at another place. Consider this, while you’re gone, an important work comes along but there is no way to communicate this to you. A sticky note comes in handy for your colleagues to leave a message on your desk. Alternatively, these sticky notes can also be used for additional notes in your diary or notebook. Colourful sticky notes can be used to denote the priority of work and tasks.

7. Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Another aspect of working from office space is getting used to the background noise. It can be your work colleagues discussing work or events of the day, however, it can be distracting. Investing in pair of solid noise-cancelling headphones can drown this background chatter and allow you to get on with your work. Plus, one can listen to their favorite tune which can improve productivity too.

8. Stationary Set

Every professional must invest in good notebooks and pens. A great stationary set will keep one running for few months without having to worry about running out of pages or pen. It makes life easy during a client meeting to quickly jotting down some pointers. A luxurious looking notebook and pen set might even set the right tone for your meeting and leave a stylish impression on your prospects.

9. Personalised Mugs

It is an accepted part of the professional culture to conduct ‘water cooler’ conversations. It is also a known behaviour for everyone to take a tea/coffee break from time to time. Having your mug can set your mood right too. Such item gives a sense of freedom to express oneself. A personal or personalised mug gives a sense of individuality and can boost confidence, thereby improving your productivity.

10. Plants and Succulents

Greenery is great for the eyes. An office environment is often filled with pressure and stress. Having a plant or a succulent on your desk can help in reducing stress, is great for the eyes to relax (the colour green reduces eye strain) and a plethora of such plants even helps in freshening up the air inside the workspace.

Working from an office space need not be boring or dull. It is an accepted part of work culture everywhere for employees to spruce up their work desk according to their own style and preference. The above points are a basic guide to how one can improve their work-life, enjoy their work, and yet feel relaxed and comfortable in that environment.

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