Nov 28, 2023

Diversifying Office Space Offerings: Beyond Cubicles and Desks

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For generations, professionals all over the world have commuted to offices for work on a daily basis. But as the commercial landscape evolves, the concept of workspaces has changed. Isolated and fixed office cubicles have transformed into open-plan floors where engagement and collaboration are encouraged by entrepreneurs and management. As the trend shifts from traditional to managed office spaces, businesses have the autonomy to make informed decisions regarding every aspect of their workspaces. Starting from the city to a specific location and even the design, layout, & amenities, businesses now have the privilege of crafting workspaces that resonate with their brand’s vision. 

In recent years, the flex space market has grown considerably due to changing work dynamics and evolving business needs. Despite the global headwinds, the Indian office space market has shown resilience as leasing activities have grown to 17% q-o-q & 33% y-o-y basis, according to CBRE Quarterly Report 2023. Moving ahead, we will discuss how managed workspaces have catalysed an evolution towards flexibility, engagement, and productivity that serve purpose-led brands. 

Beyond the Cubicles: Transforming Offices with Exceptional Offerings

The traditional office landscape, with its cubicles and fluorescent lighting, has long been associated with a sweltering, uncomfortable, and unproductive work environment. Because of this, companies faced several concerning issues like limited creativity, poor collaboration, and below-par productivity. However, a much-needed shift in the CRE segment has finally brought changes that both companies and their working professionals have been hoping for a long time. 

With the emergence of advanced workplace solutions, operators have capitalised on this evolving commercial landscape by offering something unique and extra to the occupiers. Now, let’s break down the reasons that have helped pure-play managed workspace operators like Smartworks to transform office spaces while still meeting the expectations of businesses. 

  1. Value Pricing for all Business Sizes:
    The ambition to be exclusively dynamic yet fairly economical than traditional offices is what flex space operators have achieved over the years. They understand the significance of affordability in today’s competitive landscape, especially in the Indian market. These flexible and managed workspaces are designed in a way that they end up catering to the unique needs of both startups and established businesses, offering top-notch amenities and advanced workplace solutions without charging high premiums.  

  1. Ergonomic Furniture for Better Comfort and Productivity: 
    With a rapid shift in the trend, there is an intensified emphasis on employee health and well-being to help maximise their productivity. Flex space operators are progressively integrating cutting-edge workplace solutions, incorporating ergonomic furniture into their offerings. These well-thought-out furnishings ensure comfortable seating and also help maintain a correct posture, reducing the risk of physical issues. 


  1. Wide Range of Top-Notch Amenities: 
    When employees are comfortable in their workplace, they are likely to be more innovative, motivated, and productive, ultimately driving business success in an increasingly competitive market. In today’s competitive business landscape, amenities have become a prominent element in fostering employee engagement and boosting productivity. The era has passed wherein exclusive amenities were solely within the reach of employees working in multinational corporations and large enterprises. In the pursuit of amplifying the overall experience, flex space operators have introduced a plethora of amenities including fitness centres, collab zones, on-site creches, cafeterias, pantries, gaming zones, and much more. 

  1. Continuous Improvement through Tech-Driven Solutions: 
    Tech has transcended its role as a mere option and now stands as an indispensable facilitator, renowned for amplifying efficacy and curtailing operational hours with remarkable finesse. App-based solutions for daily activities, including booking the conference & training rooms, pre-ordering the meals, reserving parking slots, and much more. Pretty much everything is at your fingertips, isn’t it? Additionally, the facial recognition (FR) solution is truly elevating the experience for the occupiers, resulting in flawless entry and exit procedures. On top of this, IoT-enabled meeting rooms and other hardware solutions streamline the day-to-day operations and act like a cherry on top of the cake. 

Hence, it won’t be wrong to say that the era of uninspiring cubicle-dominated offices has faded, and the revolution of fully flexible workspaces is in full swing. By prioritising employee well-being, collaboration, creativity, and engagement, Smartworks is helping businesses discover their true strengths and gain a competitive edge.  

Over the years, Smartworks has gained the reputation of being the best in the business by catering to different business verticals with their unique needs. Our presence in 14 cities and 40+ locations is a testament to the growing demand for flex and managed spaces in India. Value pricing, state-of-the-art amenities, advanced tech solutions, enhanced flexibility, and a balance between engagement & productivity have helped Smartworks’ to take significant strides and expand across major Tier 1 and 2 cities. So, step beyond the cubicles and explore the realm of managed office offices with India’s largest platform for managed and flex spaces, Smartworks. 

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