Nov 20, 2023

Elevate Your Business with Smartworks’ Managed Office Spaces

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In today’s evolving business landscape, flexibility and engagement stand out as the most crucial elements for companies. Flexibility and engagement empower enterprises to support and motivate their workforce, ensuring they continue to give their best for operational excellence and business growth. The increased demand for flexibility and agility at the workplace are the main reasons behind this remarkable transition of the CRE segment in India. Businesses are shifting from traditional to managed office spaces with an aim to implement the best solutions keeping in mind the changing business requirements 

The Indian office space market has advanced at a rapid pace, backed by affordability, flexibility, and elevated experience. Lately, JLL published a co-branded report with Smartworks on India’s flex space market: FY23 analysis. Per the reports, India’s operational flex space stock is likely to reach 106 mn sq ft, doubling over the next five years. These fascinating numbers have created a sense of awareness among businesses in the context of managed and flexible workspaces. 

Being a pure-play managed workspace platform, we are catering to the unique needs of diverse businesses. In a recent interview, the Smartworks Founders shared valuable insights on India’s flex space market. During the conversation, they also discussed the advanced workplace solutions that helped the company target and serve potential clients with a distinctive business model, ultimately leading to become India’s largest platform for managed workspaces. 

So, what helped Smartworks to become the preferred choice of Fortune 500, unicorns, large domestic corporations, and SMEs for their flexible and managed office spaces.

Smartworks Revolutionised the Entire Office Space Segment in India. 

With unwavering enthusiasm and determination, we persistently strive to enhance the overall office experience for companies and their dedicated workforce. Our focus is to provide workspaces that enable occupiers to strike the ideal equilibrium between engagement and productivity. To delve deeper into why Smartworks is the preferred choice for a diverse range of enterprises, we’ve outlined some prominent factors that attest to our identity as more than just an office space provider. 

  1. Offices in CBDs and Premium Business Parks: 
    Location is considered the cornerstone of business success, and we understand this better than anyone. With a presence across 14 cities and 40+ locations, our aim has always been to provide offices in Central Business Districts (CBDs) and Premium Business Parks. By offering spaces in these strategic locations, we ensure that your business enjoys increased visibility and accessibility. Our commitment to prime locations sets the stage for businesses to thrive and make an impressive mark. 

  1. Campus-Style Format: 
    Campus-style workspaces are one of the significant testaments of our innovative approach. This unique format of ours caters to the diverse needs of various business ventures within a single facility or location. This simply means that businesses and their dynamic workforce can enjoy the benefits of a vibrant environment, with access to amenities that go beyond just work. Additionally, when different enterprises operate within the same facility, the chances of cross-collaboration and partnerships are notably heightened. 

  1. Indianizing the CRE Segment: 
    While many office space providers charge a premium for high-quality amenities, Smartworks breaks the mould by offering a range of amenities in their standard offerings. Whether it’s our digital pantries, collaboration zones, snooze rooms, or a gym, we ensure that your workspace is equipped with all the essentials you need to run your business efficiently. 
    Additionally, we have taken the concept of customisation to the next level by empowering businesses with the freedom to choose the design and layout of their offices. This approach ensures that your workplace reflects the unique identity of your brand and work culture. What sets us apart is our deep appreciation for Indian sensibilities by tailoring workspaces to the specific needs of enterprises for a better look, feel, and experience. 

  1. Pioneered Onboarding Process with Multi-City Deals:  
    It is true that in today’s competitive era, businesses don’t want the hassle of building and running their offices when it’s not their core business. With our seamless operations and offerings, we have pioneered the onboarding process for companies looking forward to switching from traditional to flexible workspaces. As a leading workspace platform, Smartworks offer a hassle-free solution for businesses to scale up their operations in multiple locations and cities that too with a standardised experience across every facility. 

  1. Tech-Driven Solutions for Flawless Operations and Better Experience: 
    Innovation, flexibility, engagement, and experience have always been the main pillars of Smartworks. Facial Recognition (FR) for seamless access, IoT-based hardware, and App-based solutions for regular activities, are changing the entire dynamics of offices, ensuring that your workspaces are at the forefront of technology


Smartworks: A Smart Choice for Your Business  

In conclusion, our managed office spaces offer a compelling proposition for businesses looking to elevate their operations. With a widespread presence in 14 major cities, a commitment to standardised excellence, shared amenities that boost productivity, tech-driven solutions for seamless operations, and seamless onboarding in multiple cities, Smartworks ticks all the boxes for modern businesses.  

Whether you're an agile startup, a growing enterprise, or a well-established corporation, Smartworks provides the ideal platform for your business to thrive. It's time to make the smart choice and partner with us to unlock your business's full potential. 

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