Sep 07, 2021

Flexible & Scalable Managed Workspace Solutions for Enterprises

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In the past few years, the meaning of workspaces in India has changed drastically. From traditional offices to fully equipped managed and flexible workspaces, the transformation is apparent. Considering the shift in the trend, the focus of large and established enterprises is shifting from conventional setups to employee-centric workspace solutions. With a significant number of global enterprises looking for flex spaces, it is indeed a turning point for the commercial real estate sector in India. 

Being one of the leading platforms for managed and flexible workspaces in India, Smartworks is at the forefront of this revolution with advanced workspace solutions. From bespoke designs to ergonomic furniture, cutting-edge tech solutions, aspirational amenities, and a seamless onboarding experience, Smartworks is a one-stop solution for all your space-related needs. 

Moving further in this blog, we will talk about some of our standout attributes that attract large offshore and domestic enterprises to lease managed workspaces.

4 Benefits of Leasing Smartworks Managed Office Spaces for Large Enterprises

Access to Shared and Aspirational Amenities

At Smartworks, we understand that designing an inspiring work environment is not just about functional workspaces. We are here to redefine the meaning of offices in India as our commitment to excellence extends to offering a range of top-notch amenities that elevate the overall experience for our occupiers. From IoT-enabled meeting rooms to gaming and collab zones, onsite creches and fitness centres, medical and snooze rooms, cafeterias and pantries, and more, 
By providing a holistic work environment that prioritises both productivity and engagement, Smartworks sets itself apart as the preferred choice for large and established enterprises to fortify their presence in India.

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Tailored Solutions for Unique Requirements

With the emergence of advanced workspace solutions, companies now have the leverage where they can make informed decisions that best suit their businesses. From customised layouts to overall designs and interiors, companies today have the power to thoughtfully craft their offices, and we support them in the best possible manner with our customised workspace solutions. 
At Smartworks, we believe in configuring your workspaces as per your brand ethos and values. By providing this workspace design flexibility, we allow our occupiers to work in an environment that truly reflects and reinforces their unique identity, fostering a sense of belongingness and empowerment among their teams.

One-Stop Solution for Different Work Models

When we say that we are a one-stop solution for all your space-related needs, it’s not just the office and amenities we are talking about. Whether it is the hybrid work model, a hub-and-spoke setting, a satellite office, or a regional headquarters, our workspace solutions are designed to cater to the varied and specific needs of well-established enterprises. 
As we said, Smartworks is not just about workspaces but an experience. From flexible workspace options tailored to specific needs to an advanced PropTech infrastructure, our platform offers the required versatility and support for large enterprises in today’s dynamic and competitive work environment.

Prime Location Across Different Cities

Regardless of a company’s success, revenue, profits, and goodwill, location is one such factor that still holds severe importance for large players in the market. Situated in prime locations across different cities in India, our managed office space offers unparalleled accessibility and convenience to businesses of all sizes and verticals. 

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Whether it’s the bustling central business districts (CBDs) in metropolitan areas or the serene landscapes of suburban regions, we have strategically chosen these locations to provide businesses with premium addresses. With easy access to transportation hubs, major highways, and key micro markets, our managed workspaces provide an ideal environment for large enterprises to keep their workforce motivated and maintain their image.

So, these are some of the distinctive advantages for large and established enterprises to lease our managed and flexible office space in India. Apart from all these standout attributes, providing a seamless onboarding experience with a standardised experience within our expansive campuses is something that sets us apart from other players in the market. 

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