Sep 08, 2021

How can businesses encourage a healthy work-life balance?

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The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule but to schedule your priorities. - Stephen Covey 

Stephan Covey was a master of many arts and professions. He was an American educator, author, entrepreneur, and spokesperson who highlighted the need for a better work-life balance on many occasions. Being an entrepreneur, it has become very important for employers to take effective measures in order to encourage their employees for a better and sound work-life balance. Creating and supporting an environment for employees’ personal and professional balance is an imperative aspect of a sustainable business. There are multiple techniques that can help them promote an engaging, flexible, and productive environment for the betterment of their employees. 

Moving ahead, we will talk about some of the techniques and advanced solutions that companies are implementing for a better work-life balance for their workforce. 

5 Measures that Companies Can Take to Support a Holistic Work-Life Blend 

Advanced Workplace Solutions:

In recent times, the demand for flexible and managed workspaces has surged across the globe. The long dominance of traditional offices with fixed workstations and cubicles is finally coming to an end. By switching from traditional to managed office space, companies are not only streamlining their operations but also providing an ideal environment for their workforce to grow vigorously. 
At the forefront of this transformative wave is Smartworks, a key player shaping the present and future of workspaces in India. Smartworks has redefined the workplace experience with bespoke solutions and state-of-the-art amenities, including sports and gaming arenas, recreational zones, creches, digital pantries, and much more, catering to the evolving demands of enterprises and elevating the employee experience at the workplace. 

Time Management Techniques:

Another way that businesses can significantly empower their workforce is by providing exposure to effective time management techniques. It is not only essential to elevate productivity and improve efficiency but also to reduce stress in the workplace. Employers can organise training sessions and workshops to help employees with several time management skills. Overall, an individual with strong time management strategies can become more resilient and adaptive, and create an optimal balance between work and life. 

Self-Improvement Tips:

Achieving a healthy work-life balance poses considerable challenges for individuals lacking competence. Recognising the holistic development of employees is important. Today, many companies conduct online webinars and provide resources to their workforces which helps them to focus on their personal growth and skill enhancement. Additionally, these self-improvement tips allow businesses to create a culture that values personal development alongside professional achievement. 

Stress Reduction Techniques:

In this competitive and ever-evolving landscape, companies support and prepare their workforce by offering stress reduction techniques. Encouraging regular breaks, promoting a positive work culture, and fostering open communication channels are essential components in alleviating stress. By investing in the well-being of their employees, businesses not only enhance productivity but also contribute to a healthier and more resilient workforce. 

Provide Volunteering Opportunities:

Today, a major proportion of the workplace is occupied by Millennials followed by Gen Zs. Millennials are highly influenced and motivated by social actions as they expect more than just getting paid when looking for employment. Providing opportunities and freedom to give back while working can help businesses to promote a culture of healthy work-life balance.   

So, these are the 5 primary techniques that organisations can implement to create a better work environment and empower their employees. But it is also true that providing an engaging and flexible work environment with advanced workplace solutions is the best alternative for organisations to improve the work-life balance for their workforce. 

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