Sep 03, 2021

How To: Inspiring Office Spaces

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Gone are the days when office spaces were synonymous with dull cubicles, a pile of files heaped on desks, and drab furniture. The post-pandemic era demands modern workspace solutions to ensure that the employees return to the offices successfully. From aesthetically pleasing ambiance and ergonomic or adjustable furniture to top-notch amenities and flexible work arrangements, the modern-day workforce has set their expectations high. To be honest, with the shifting dynamics of commercial real estate in India, their demands are not at all unrealistic. 
Businesses across the globe are taking innovative measures to meet these unique expectations of the workforce, and India is no different. Moving further, we will share some tips and suggestions that can help businesses create an inspiring work setting to provide an ideal environment for employees to thrive.

5 Tips to Create an Inspiring Work Environment

1. Look for Flexible Workspace Solutions

In the past couple of years, the demand for fully equipped flexible workspaces has surged rapidly. With the rise of managed and flexible office spaces in India, businesses now have the liberty to make informed decisions that suit both their core operations as well as their workforce. Considering the shift in the trend, flex space operators understand the importance of top-notch amenities and additional facilities.  
Flexible and managed office space cater to different work styles, providing a mix of private offices and communal spaces, allowing employees to choose the setting that best suits their needs. Additionally, they enhance comfort and well-being through ergonomic furniture, adaptable layouts, and cutting-edge tech solutions to accommodate growth and change, maintaining a dynamic and inspiring atmosphere as the business evolves. 

2. Eliminate Clutter

The next step that companies need to take to create an inspiring office space is to eliminate clutter. Hide the wires sticking out of the desktops, laptops, and other electrical devices. It looks terrible if the desks do not conceal the electrical wiring properly. Create additional storage space for storing paperwork and other items. This makes the desk appear organised. A cluttered office space causes distraction and can stifle productivity and creativity.

3. Access to Natural Lighting

Nothing can beat the natural light and proper ventilation system. Though Inspiring office space often does not come with the luxury of open spaces or windows, in such cases, additional sources of lighting can make the space functional. Experiment with bright overhead lighting and lamps. However, avoid splashing every corner with bright light. That can be a distraction.

4. Support Work-Life Balance 

In today’s employee-centric landscape, it has become crucial for businesses to create an inspiring work environment. With the rise of hybrid and hub-and-spoke work models, companies are now able to promote a healthy work-life balance by implementing flexible work arrangements. This can include options for in-office and remote work, adjustable hours, and access to multiple office locations. Supporting flexibility in how and where employees work helps them feel valued and reduces burnout, leading to a more motivated and inspired workforce. 

5. Promote Open Communication

Foster a culture of open communication and transparency. Encourage regular feedback, hold open-door policy meetings, and use collaborative tools to ensure everyone feels heard and valued. With managed and flexible offices, employees get access to a range of amenities that create a direct impact on their productivity and engagement. 

In conclusion, these tips help you to create a dynamic and collaborative office space. If you’re also looking for managed and flexible offices, then Smartworks is here to meet all your space-related needs. Being one of the leading platforms for managed workspaces in India, Smartworks has become one of the ideal space providers for high-growth startups, MSMEs, GCCs, and other large domestic and offshore enterprises.  

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