Jun 13, 2023

How to Manage Your Work-Life Balance?

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“Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes... including you.” - Anne Lamott 

Anne Lamott is an American novelist who quoted a very sensible piece of advice for working professionals who strive for excellence at their workplace. She reflected on the importance of a better work-life balance among the young, ambitious, and diversified workforce. What is work-life balance? Why is it important? And How can it be achieved? In this blog, we will answer these and many other questions to ultimately guide you in managing and strengthening your mental health in the workplace. 
Work-life balance is the capacity to positively balance professional responsibilities and personal interests without creating a hassle in your day-to-day life. Work-life balance has been in the news a lot recently, and it does not matter whether you are an entrepreneur or a working professional in a corporate setting because achieving the appropriate harmony between your life and work is imperative any day. This equilibrium helps to minimize stress levels by improving mental and physical health.  

Building on this, let’s delve into strategies to achieve a sound work-life balance. 

How to Achieve Work-Life Balance?

Managing work-life balance for your mental well-being and self-care requires significant effort. There are multiple ways to strike a perfect balance, and below are some preventive measures that can help you manage your work-life balance effectively. 

  • Set Clear Boundaries 

In order to live a happy and content life, it is essential to establish clear boundaries between your work and personal life. Defining your working hours, prioritising tasks, and following a consistent routine can help you achieve work-life balance at the workplace. Avoid texting and scrolling during working hours. Similarly, avoid taking calls and checking emails during your time.   

  • Prioritise and Delegate 

Prepare a to-do list, prioritise the tasks according to the deadline, and focus on accomplishing them as soon as possible. On the other hand, learn to say no to additional work because this can possibly create a hassle in your professional as well as personal life. So, prioritising your tasks based on their urgency and delegating the non-essential ones can lead to better mental health at the workplace.  

  • Unplug and Recharge 

Take regular and sufficient breaks to recharge and rejuvenate. Give yourself a much-needed break from work and try to engage in activities that can help you to relax. These activities can vary from person to person. Some would like to spend their time in recreational zones while others would like to gossip with other coworkers.   

  • Plan and Schedule 

Apart from your work agenda, it is crucial to establish and follow a schedule that includes your personal activities as well. Follow your passion by allocating time for personal commitments and keep upgrading yourself in other aspects of life.   

  • Develop Time Management Skills 

Time management is one of the most important elements that can help an individual to transform their professional as well as personal life. There are two famous time management techniques that can help you efficiently manage workplace stress. The first one is the Pomodoro Technique, and the other one is the Eisenhower Matrix.   

The Pomodoro Technique focuses on working in concentrated bursts with short breaks. Whereas the Eisenhower Matrix is all about prioritising tasks as per their urgency and importance. Now, it’s your decision how you want to process your day-to-day activities to accomplish your goals with utmost efficiency.   

By following these measures, you can accomplish a work-life balance and lead yourself toward a successful and sorted schedule. Being a working professional, you need to stay aware of such self-care practices and seek support, whenever required. The key is not to prioritise what’s on your schedule but to schedule your priorities.

All About Work-Life Balance!

How Managed Workspaces Are Helping to Minimise Work-Life Stress? 
A notable shift in the CRE (Commercial Real Estate) sector in India has led businesses to implement advanced workplace solutions to support and empower their employees by providing an ideal work environment.  

Flexible and managed office space have gained significant traction in recent years. There are multiple factors that are assisting modern-day professionals in managing workplace stress, including IoT-enabled offices, touchless solutions, top-notch amenities, enhanced flexibility and much more. 

How Can Businesses Maintain a Sound Work-Life Balance? 
To build a workplace where employees may thrive, businesses must listen, understand, and acknowledge the sentiments of the employees. The need for companies to create a better work environment for their employees has surged in recent times.  

It is true that employers alone can’t provide a 100% work-life balance for their employees – employees need to take equal responsibility and make efforts to transform their approach. There are a number of things, including time management techniques and stress reduction strategies that a company can implement to create a sound and flexible work environment.   

Tips for a Better Work-Life Harmony for Working Mothers 
Traditionally, women were looked upon as caregivers and nurturers who were responsible for managing a family and men were perceived as breadwinners to earn and support the family. However, in urban India, the percentage of dual-earner couples has increased rapidly and for most of the women today, balancing motherhood and career have become the two prominent elements in life.  

The survival of a working mom is never easy, yet by embracing some routine strategies, they can not only survive but truly thrive in the demanding landscape of contemporary professional and personal responsibilities. 

5 Clear Signs of Unhealthy Work-Life Balance 
The responsibility for employees’ work-life harmony does not solely rest on the employers. Being a working professional, you should never take an unhealthy work environment for granted because it can create a direct impact on mental and physical health.  

In today’s competitive commercial landscape, stress management in the workplace has become an essential element to prevent any sort of lethargy and negativity. To achieve an ideal balance in work and personal life, one should be aware of his/her unhealthy work-life mix and take appropriate measures. 

10 Simple and Practical Tips to Improve Your Work-Life Balance 
Achieving work-life balance at work is crucial for professional success and personal satisfaction. In today’s fast-paced world, the line between work and personal life can be easily blurred.  

A well-managed work-life balance not only enhances mental and physical health but also contributes to job and personal life satisfaction. Striking the right balance allows individuals to recharge, maintain focus, and approach with renewed energy. But how can they achieve this work and personal life harmony? Well, there are 10 tips to ensure a healthy work-life balance at work with utmost efficiency. 


In conclusion, achieving a healthy work-life balance is a multifaceted endeavour. The emergence of managed workspaces as a solution to minimise work-life stress emphasises the significance of a conducive environment in fostering well-being.  

The tailored tips provided for working mothers offer practical insights to navigate the challenges they face. Also, identifying clear signs of an unhealthy work-life serves as a valuable self-awareness tool. By incorporating these insights and approaches, individuals and organisations alike can cultivate a more sustainable and fulfilling balance between their professional and personal lives. 

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