Sep 08, 2021

Monday Blues Ain’t Blue at Smartworks

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A Monday morning, 8 A.M., the alarm rings and you wake up to that nagging sound with an annoying and grumpy face. Your brain starts conspiring against going to work, and you almost lifelessly lie down on the bed without a pinch of inspiration. You suddenly remember that important morning meeting and the much-awaited appraisal, and you with an overwhelming feeling of anxiety, tiredness, or stress, sluggishly drag your body out of bed and get ready for the day to follow.

Does this above scenario ring a bell? Do you too experience similar Monday mornings when you feel terrible and hopeless merely at the thought of going to work? If your answer is affirmative, you have symptoms of Monday Blues which can create serious adverse effects on your career and life. Monday Blues is defined as a set of negative emotions that are invoked in an individual right at the beginning of the workweek. In the words of career coaches and motivational speakers, Monday Blues is not just passing tiredness or usual anxiety but is a serious sign which indicates that something is not right at work.

This condition is contagious and even a single employee suffering from the syndrome can conjure the whole nine yards of the office premises. Organisations should be careful that their employees stay motivated at work sans feeling any sort of negativity, which can enormously hamper their businesses in terms of productivity and profit.

It is a common notion that if you love your job and are passionate about what you do, there shouldn’t be any reason for you to despise going to work on a Monday morning.

If we go by this theory, the question that arises is:

1. What causes this Monday havoc?

Rigid office protocols, dreary and depressing office environment, minimal opportunities to learn and grow, lack of networking prospects, absence of adequate recreational spaces, and so on, the answer can be anything but has certainly to do something with your present workplace. If a workspace is not favorable for employees, it may hinder productivity and can cause businesses to experience serious financial burdens due to the diminishing productivity of the employees. Now that we know where the problem arises, the next question that needs an answer is:

2. Who can help to keep away the menace of Monday Blues?

With the changing times, the present-day work environment is going through a progressive transformation all around the globe. The Indian office ecosystem too is experiencing a paradigm shift in the recent past and coworking spaces, owing to their flexibility and vibrancy, have attracted numerous organisations of all sizes from diverse industries.

Smartworks, among others, with its innovative coworking solutions is adding various other spirited colors into Monday Blues to inspire employees to work relentlessly and ensure improved productivity. The company’s vibrant agile workspaces integrated with postmodern technology within community-driven environments instill a sense of enthusiasm and confidence in employees to keep them motivated and focused without having to bother about Monday Blues or any other workspace-related anxiety or stress.

At the moment, around 65% of the Indian workforce belongs to the millennial generation, out of which a huge chunk of the population have their offices in coworking spaces, making these places youthful and energetic. Since the Smartworks community also has a noticeable youth population, it stimulates a sense of enthusiasm and dynamism at the workspaces for employees to work with more efficiency. Moreover, being in a striving community of creative and talented professionals, employees get the chance to meet new people with similar mindsets and make useful connections.

If you have someone at your office with whom you can mentally connect and share ideas and thoughts, half of your Monday Blues fade away with it. With a mixed bag of clients, the shared office spaces at Smartworks provide an inerrant networking platform for organisations and individuals to connect, collaborate and create groundbreaking business solutions for the future.

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