Nov 25, 2022

Power Nap at Work: Benefits & Ways of Doing It

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A British author once quoted that “Bosses should sanction the nap rather than expect workers to power on all day without repose. They might even find that workers’ happiness – or what management types refer to as ‘employee satisfaction results’ - might improve.”

Today many employees can relate to this and believes that a power nap at work can create a significant impact on their overall performance and output. The ultimate objective of a snooze break is to reap all the benefits of sleep and relaxation in the workplace.

A study revealed that a 30-minute power nap boosts the performance and productivity of their employee and improves attentiveness within the team. 

The key to a successful 30-minute sleep break at work is to ignore using your digital devices, make a routine, and consume the right food. Before we speak about the ways of incorporating catnapping in the workplace, let's understand their benefits. 

5 Benefits of a 30-Minute Power Nap at the Work 

A 20-to-30-minute snooze breaks at work is indeed very beneficial for both employers and employees and it is also has been proven by many leading organizations in the world.

With the shift in trend, many corporate organizations are modernizing their workplace cultures and putting their attention on developing the most flexible office spaces to retain and attract the best talents. 

  1. Enhanced Alertness and Concentration  
  2. Minimizes the Stress Level 
  3. Increase Mental Capabilities 
  4. Reduces Physical Fatigue 
  5. Prevent the Chances of Major Mistakes 

Also referred to as catnapping, they are as important as any other element for the workforce to give the best outputs and help businesses to grow.

Moving further in the blog, we will demonstrate the ways of successfully implementing and achieving catnapping at the workplace. 

5 Ways of Getting Power Naps at Work

The magic of short naps at the workplace can be witnessed today in the corporate sector as it is no more a hidden element of the workforce.

Many large and medium enterprises followed by growing startups are shifting from traditional offices to fully-furnished tech-enabled flexible office spaces.

It is because Flexi spaces offer the exact work environment that the modern-day workforce is seeking today. Below are a few tips and ways to achieve power naps at work. 

  1. Ditch Your Mobile Phones 
  2. Eat Healthy Meals 
  3. Post-Lunch Nap 
  4. Make a Set Pattern 
  5. Limit Caffeine Consumption 

1. Ditch Your Mobile Phones

Ignoring the usage of your mobile devices is the initial step to achieving an effective nap at your workplace. It's not ideal to waste 20-30 valuable minutes while using your smartphones. In addition to that, the light coming out from your mobile phones can make it harder for you to fall asleep.  

2. Eat Healthy Meals

Consuming healthy food and meals during the official and unofficial hours can assist you to take naps at work. People constantly consume unhealthy food and it is not right at all for the physical and mental health of employees.

Avoiding oily and fast food will surely enhance your physical health and you will feel more energetic, fit, and productive at the workplace.  

3. Post-Lunch Nap

Post-lunch or the second half is the appropriate time to take a 30-minute power nap at the workplace. They are also referred to as a siesta, which typically means a post-lunch nap between 1 to 2 pm.

It has become unavoidable for companies to overlook the demands and needs of the workforce. This is why companies are acquiring flexible office spaces that come with multiple amenities like snooze rooms, gaming zones, pantries, cafeterias, and so on. 

4. Make a Set Pattern

Make a set routine for your daily activities to positively take a nap break at work. If you’re inconsistent in processing your regular tasks then you won’t be able to make time for your mid-day snooze breaks.

On the contrary, setting up a pattern will help you to accomplish the objectives even if you decide to miss your post-lunch naps at work.

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5. Limit Caffeine Consumption

If you want a peaceful nap to reboot yourself then you should avoid consuming energy drinks and coffee just before your afternoon meal. Caffeine is the most famous element that prevent one from falling asleep and fill that individual with sufficient energy to process further tasks without feeling tired. 

So, these are some methods to successfully achieve power naps at work. It is high time for business enterprises to consider and acknowledge the employee demands and revamp their office spaces to offer them utmost flexibility.

Many well-known and reputed business organizations have a dedicated area for their workforce where they can ultimately relax and take a nap before continuing their tasks.

We at Smartworks understands the needs of the modern-day workforce. Hence, we provide a dedicated area called as “snooze rooms" where your workforce can dilute their workload tension and reboot themselves before getting back to work. 

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