Aug 22, 2022

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There's been a rapid incline in the demand for managed office spaces in India since the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus. It is a complete outsourced workspace solution that is tailored to suit the expectations of the workforce. Managed office space is now being considered a new normal as every employer is focusing on the needs and requirements of the workforce. Employee retention and satisfaction are highly dependent upon the work environment and ecosystem of the company. Companies are re-shaping their working environment and ecosystem, keeping in mind that the employees are welcomed with ample opportunities and an impressive work environment. 

Considering the changes in the work industry, businesses are shifting from traditional office spaces to a hybrid working model, coworking spaces, Flexi, or shared office spaces. Managed office spaces are designed according to business needs and budgets which are suitable for the employees to perform their day-to-day operations.  

Businesses are desperately looking for the most suitable and tech-enabled office space for lease to minimize waste and maximize the productivity of their available resources. There are certain advantages of working in shared office spaces for both the employers and the employees, such as: 

Primary Pros Of Managed Ofice Spaces

Completely Customized: 

One of the major pros of moving into managed office spaces is that they are fully customized as per the requirements of the clients. They can choose the design, layout, furniture, and workstations to enhance the employee experience at the workplace. The workforce begins to perform more efficiently if their safety and comfort are considered by the companies. Customized office spaces are imperative for the business to increase the productivity of the workforce. 


Managed office space is an ideal choice for businesses that are dynamic in nature. Why pay for an entire floor, when you can design the layout as per the business's needs? Entrepreneurs can utilize the office spaces by acquiring them on lease for a brief period of time, which is perfect for seasonal businesses as well.  

Tech-Enabled Office Spaces:  

In this modern era, almost every company requires specific technological advancements to minimize the wastage of time. Concepts like hot desking and touchless solutions are the perfect examples of tech-enabled office spaces. Hot desking offers more flexibility to the workforce by restricting the traditional approach of fixed workstations. On the other hand, the touchless solution is just another step to prevent deadly viruses and diseases that may spread pretty quickly.  

Cost Effective:

There's no doubt that shared office space is more cost-effective if compared to traditional office spaces. Here, you're required to pay one fixed amount every month which includes all the services. 


One of the greatest advantages of acquiring shared office spaces that you don't get in a traditional office environment is Scalability. No need to worry if there’s a need for more space and equipment in the office because it can be modified in a shared office space as per the business requirements.  

Separate Brand Identity:  

Identity is one of the most crucial factors for the success of any business organization. Having an office space that tells the story is important for reflecting brand values and the vision of the company. You have the freedom to choose the color theme, design, decor, layout, and many other things in flexible office spaces. 

Facility Management Service Support:  

It's not just about the office spaces, you get effective IT, housekeeping, and maintenance support throughout without any additional overhead expenses. Having a professional staff to resolve minor technical and non-technical issues gives your business a professional image.  

Increased Productivity:  

Once you have opted for the Flexi-office space, you have the freedom to concentrate on your business productivity rather than the office. Productivity is significant for both employers and employees to fulfill organizational needs by focusing on daily business activities. Your workforce can have easy access to the cafeteria, gaming zone, meeting, and snooze rooms to reduce the pressure of workload and rejuvenate themselves. 

Confidentiality and Privacy:  

Managed office spaces are highly recommended for businesses that contain clients’ data and just can’t afford to let any information move out. Choosing a shared office space will allow you to plan and coordinate with the team members effectively because the entire space belongs to your brand only. There will be complete privacy in the office and the meetings will be free from any outsider interference.  

Considering the above-mentioned pros, setting up your business in a managed office space seems to be a beneficial idea for the businesses because it will allow them to save a lot of time, money, and energy.  

Many renowned and big enterprises are looking for shared office space for lease across different cities in India with the motive of expansion and growth. For them, WaaS (Workspace as a Service) is the best solution.  

Smartworks is India’s leading platform for managed or shared office spaces across 11 different cities. Smartworks is providing IT office space in Pune, Delhi-NCR, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Indore, Jaipur, Kolkata, and Mumbai as well. We don’t just focus on providing shared office spaces; our prime focus is on delivering the best services and value to the clients.

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