Sep 08, 2021

Return to Safety First Workspace| Smartworks

With nearly two years of remote work behind us, we can finally see the haze from the pandemic lifting. The return to work of employees is eagerly anticipated, and employers are on the lookout for effective ways to ensure employee safety.

Returning to work and dealing with reentry anxiety may be difficult for employees, going from the comfort and flexibility of home to diving right into “office life”. While employees prepare to return to work, businesses are looking for ways to implement some new adjustments that will help the transition go smoothly.

3 Things That Will Ease Reshifting Of Employees


As enterprises continue to evaluate the best work models, while many are adopting hybrid work models, many have extended work from home. But they have come to realize that office is the fabric that enables collaboration and creativity leading to innovation. Enterprises are looking up to managed office providers to help them set the course for the “new normal.”
Enterprises need to incorporate safety measures like sanitization facilities and day-to-day hygiene upkeep in addition to setting areas like breakout rooms or game arenas that can help employees set in and increase productivity.

Safety First

Employees must be made aware of the safety measures taken by the enterprise along with the new rules and regulations that are required to make the return as safe as possible. Concepts like work near home are setting in the trend of the “new normal” changing the outlook of workspaces to a more flexible one.

Additionally, employers should allow employees with young children or school-aged children enough time to find childcare, as jumping back into the workforce will not be as easy as it appears, given how long remote employees have been. Safety measures like a touchless Visitor Management system, sanitization, and regular temperature checks, will help employees feel safe at their workspace and give absolute focus to the core operations.

Digitally Updated Workspaces

Workplaces are re-designed to fit the new needs. Amenities like touchless pantries and digital meeting rooms are being incorporated to keep the employees at ease. The industry is also evolving towards allowing employees to work from different locations on the office premises, have relaxed rooms and sports arena to boost productivity, and reduce the stress of sudden changes due to work from the office Why go with these changes?

  • Nurture better inter-team communication
  • Build up team morale
  • Be able to keep up the motivation of your team
  • Engage employees effectively
  • Improve overall productivity

It is understood that enterprises want to dedicate their entire focus on their core operations and this is a major reason they are inclined towards managed workspace providers. These providers will not only cater to their needs but will also give them customized office spaces, management of the day-to-day jobs with the safety and sanitization of the best quality.?

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