Nov 22, 2022

Shaping the Future of Office Space Industry

Office Spaces

Work-life as we know it has changed and we are shifting towards a whole new paradigm that will shape the future of work in the coming years. Although new workplace trends are emerging, the tone of the upcoming ways of working is being set and the marks left by the pandemic-induced changes are being settled into the new normal.

Workplace trends of 2023 will set a new pace for the way we are working and the relationship employees have with the physical spaces. Enterprises are today shifting to more flexible work models like a hybrid, which enables employees to have a physical space to work from along with the days where they are simply working from the comfort of their homes.

A wave of change is about to enter the workspace with the Gen Z workforce coming into play to change the course of trends, ways of working, and much more.   

What are the new workplace trends of 2023, that will act as the building blocks for the coming year and the changes that will unravel?

If you think about it, it indicates that the solution isn't to send workers back to the office to work in separate cubicles or to conduct Zoom conversations in phone booths. Smartworks is the market leader in the managed office space segment and we believe in creating an office experience that can cater to the constantly evolving needs of the employees, especially the Gen Z workforce now entering the spaces

Evolving Role of Offices

Employees today want to come to office spaces, but with the flexibility to bring the ability to work on their terms as well. The way people view the office is evolving nowadays. Employees increasingly view offices as a tremendous benefit that provides them with a workspace that is far better than their home office.

They prefer to go to work because it offers a setting where they can be more productive than at home, interact with coworkers, and find a sense of belonging.  Smartworks focuses on creating office spaces that encourage an office experience, motivate employees to think outside the box and boost their productivity.   

Embrace Technology

Technology has become a more prominent part of the office ecosystem than ever before. Employees now need to make sure that they are safe when they come back to the workspaces. To enable the same, Smartworks has invested in upgrading all its office spaces to tech-enabled offices, where the tech journey of an employee or member starts right when they enter a Smartworks office space.

Starting with touchless access management, a digital pass allows the employee to enter the Smartworks facility. If it is a visitor, our touchless Visitor Management System does the mask and temperature checks, ensuring complete safety.

Moving on, the member can easily book meeting rooms, through the Smartworks Super App, which has easy check-ins and amenities control. The tech-enabled ecosystem is well integrated with the app, which generates digital passes, bookings, and visitor management seamlessly, making the office spaces seamless and safe.   

Sustainable Office Design

It's not enough to simply have a few recycle bins scattered around your floor plan and lights that switch off when you leave an area. Today, employees and job seekers want businesses to be sustainable.

Sustainability practices can be incorporated into the workplace in a variety of ways, both in terms of the policies you put in place and the actual architecture and interior design.

For instance, biophilic office design directly incorporates natural components into work environments, allowing employees to coexist with nature.

Value Wellness and Safety

In offices, people spend a lot of time. That is only a factual declaration. Since people spend so much time there, shouldn't it be relaxing and supportive of their well-being?

The solution must be quite simple! The future office must accomplish precisely that. Along with fostering a productive workplace, it must also provide comfort, well-being, and flexibility.  

Adding technology to the wellness equation, and following sanitization practices will help employees focus better on the core operations as they will be sure that they are working in a safe environment. Employee wellness is at the forefront for employers now, and safety assurance will also play a key role in bringing employees back to office spaces.  

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Closing Statement

The way your workers connect and engage with one another at work is fundamental to who you are as a business. You now have a special chance to advance your working style and embrace your corporate culture in new directions.  

At Smartworks, we believe in creating an office experience that can help companies foster a culture of collaboration and communication, along with all the safety measures in place. Our tech-enabled offices create an interactive experience for the members and employees, that increases engagement, creativity, and productivity.

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