Sep 26, 2022

Smart Office Spaces: The Future of Workspaces

Office Spaces

Imagine a workspace that enables you to do everything, just with a click! Yes, automation is to a level where you can do your day-to-day tasks seamlessly and safely. IoT-enabled workspaces are developing such that practically every part of an office environment is data-enabled and driven.

As a result, expenses will be reduced and businesses will be able to operate more effectively. A smart office comes with an array of benefits for employees as well as employers.  The offices of the future are built on improved productivity, enhanced collaboration, and better communication. Managed office space providers are becoming lifesavers for enterprises to help them turn their shared offices into more employee-centric spaces.  

A Sneak Peek into the Office Spaces for Tomorrow

Improved Visitor Management System  

The visitor Management system enables a secure workspace environment for our clients. We make sure that every visitor is carefully monitored and identified. With the shift of events, we have upgraded our Visitor Management systems, by enabling touchless temperature and mask checks. An Automated Visitor Management system helps us maintain a safe space for our employees and members.   

The Workspaces of tomorrow are now lining up to create systems that reduce the burden on the front staff by aligning and integrating Visitor Management. Every organization's use case and requirement differ from one visitor management system to the next. A contactless visitor management system makes visiting a pleasant experience, protects everyone in the workspace, handles  personal data, and streamlines team operations.  

Wayfinders around the Amenities

When one is looking for an office space for lease, amenities play a huge role in being the deciding factor. Managed office space platforms like Smartworks offer ample amenities like gyms, IoT meeting rooms, creche, gaming zone, sleeping pods and much more. In addition, these Smartworks have integrated the amenities provided in their shared office space into the SW Super app, which enables the members to check real-time availability.  

Workplaces Disrupted: The Office of The Future

The workspaces of tomorrow have been in formation for quite some time now which led to the integration of the whole workspace into one app. The Shared office space offered by Smartworks is digitally enabled, from the way you enter the building to the way you order food and beverages and much more.  

Smartworks managed office space solutions offer members an office experience by enabling a smooth booking for the amenities such as IoT enabled meeting rooms, locking the booking for game zone for the time you want to play in advance, reserving sleeping pods and much more, along with an easy check-in by scanning the QR code.   

Enhanced Employee Engagement

The future of workspaces is based on how happy your employees are. Social connection at work boosts engagement. A building's sense of belonging and community is definitely a benefit. It could be able to develop that sense of community within the smart office, digitally uniting many teams, departments, and organisations under the same structure.   

All of this is made possible by setting up forums where staff members may communicate, network, and collaborate with others from different working backgrounds. Employees are now looking for workspaces that are not just about working day in and day out on similar tasks, chained to their desks. Employees now seek flexibility; they seek personal and professional growth from the space that they are working in.  

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How will Smart offices enhance the office experience?

Organizations are warming up to the concept of recording all workplace-related data, including how staff members utilise the office infrastructure, setting the tone for future workplaces. IoT may be used more effectively to enhance how employees interact with their working environment if it is known how the workforce spends its time in the workplace.

This will eventually lead to the development of methodologies that will raise productivity, employee engagement, and cost-effectiveness. Collaboration and smooth communication are at the core of the workspaces of tomorrow, powered by managed workspace platform like Smartworks, which are enabling the enterprises to focus on their core operations and assisting them in creating spaces that will help them create an office space that will make the employees want to come to the office.  

Comfort is the key. Employees want the control of their workspaces from lighting to temperature, which is made possible by the app-based systems integrated by Smartworks.   


Managed Office space solution are making it possible for enterprises to be a part of an office experience that will enable better collaboration, boosted communication, interactive designs and technology as the key enabler, making day to day operations seamless and safe.

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