Sep 08, 2021

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With the workplace revolution coming in, there are questions like, why exactly do we need offices or workspaces? The office is not a set place today; it can be a café or a park, anything that has stable network connectivity. But still, there are offices, why? The answer to this is straightforward.

People need a place to belong, a place they can sit with a sense of ownership and belonging. Offices serve bigger purposes; they provide a place where employees can collaborate, ideate and innovate.

We believe that offices shouldn’t be a place where you have to go, but one where you would want to go. A place where we spend 9 hours of our day must have the amenities that can help us get through the day easily. Workspaces that work for you!

How Smartworks is Catering to the Evolving Needs of Businesses and Employees?

Designs That Boost creativity

“Plain walls with your brand logo and long rows with sitting arrangements.” Just imagining this brings the word dull to mind.

Our unique designs, along with just a dash of imagination, provide the aesthetically pleasing atmosphere that every employee desires. We create custom designs while maintaining the brand’s ethos across all workstations.

According to research, employees working in a well-designed workspace with ample fresh air and sunlight have shown more productivity, resulting in a healthier work environment. We make sure that the designs are not simply good to the eye but also benefit mental and physical health.

Bundle of Amenities

“All work and no play will make your work environment lethargic and boring!”

In addition to a beautiful and customized workspace, we provide ample amenities that boost employee engagement and productivity. Our managed office services have amenities like a games arena, relax zones, breakout rooms, anger management rooms, gymnasiums, nap rooms, and much more.

Many collaborations and open communications are possible because of these shared amenities. These facilities foster collaborative growth through interactive conversations in shared areas and knowledge exchange for problem-solving.

Digitally on Point!

Changing trends & changing technology demand quick decisions!

We have always been one step ahead when it comes to incorporating new changes in the workspaces. Since inception, we have been keeping up with the latest technology, making workspaces smarter. With some exciting new upgrades in the pipeline, we have incorporated some much-needed changes under the eye of the current pandemic.

We have incorporated Visitor Management System with touchless temperature checks and Masks detection entrance for the safety and well-being of all. To make the whole experience seamless, all the digital services, from entering the premises, booking meeting rooms, or ordering food and beverages from the meeting rooms, can be done from the Smartworks super app with a single click. Yes! It’s that easy.

As the biggest managed office provider with access to 9 key cities and more than 31 centres in the prime location, Smartworks is expanding and growing every day.

We turn your daily office routine into an amazing office experience!

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