Jul 30, 2022

Smartworks App | A Revolutionary Step Towards Tech-Enabled Office Spaces

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There has been a major shift in the work culture across the globe. While employers are planning to strengthen their core operations, employees are looking for a dynamic and flexible work culture to settle into the new normal. To cater to these unique requirements of both businesses and the workforce, Smartworks is offering a range of advanced workspace solutions. Being one of the leading platforms for managed and flexible office space, our workspaces are not just about chairs and desks as we integrate cutting-edge technology solutions. These include smart access control systems, IoT-enabled devices, visitor management systems, and robust cybersecurity measures. 

We believe that integrating technology is crucial to providing a safe work environment. Apart from all our advanced workspace solutions, there’s another factor that sets us apart in the realm of flexible and managed office spaces. Here, we are talking about our “Smartworks Mobile App”.

1. Smartworks Mobile Application

We at Smartworks aim to create a historical experience for all our occupiers and clients. To enable a unified tech experience, Smartworks has created a digital ecosystem that seamlessly integrates with the operations. Our workspace solutions give businesses the ability to allocate space more efficiently and improve the whole office environment for the occupiers.    

2. Book on the Go

Smartworks mobile app allows you to book any amenity that you need as you go. From providing you with real-time availability and flawless check-ins to utilising amenities, all through our app. 

3. IoT-Enabled Meeting Rooms

With our IoT-enabled meeting rooms, you can now book them in advance and manage them effectively. After checking in, you can manage interior amenities like lights, projectors, and temperature, and order your favorite cup of beverage from the tablet’s built-in menu. 

4. Gaming and Collaboration Zones

At Smartworks, we understand the importance of employee engagement. We have enabled game booking through the app to ensure a proper system. So, just check the availability, reserve it, scan the QR code to check in and have fun!  

5.Sleeping Pods

For those midday power naps; we have sleeping pods for all our occupiers and employees. All you had to do to get the much-needed power nap would be to check the pod's availability, reserve it as per your need, and quickly check in using the app.    

6.Order Food & Beverages

You can place digital orders for food and beverages using the Smartworks app. It is integrated with our digital cafeterias, enabling you to scan the QR code and order the beverage of your choice. Cut the Que with our Smart app. It works with the menus provided by our food partners. Simply, place an online order for food, pay using the secure payment gateways, and then all that's left for you to do is pick up your meal.

7.Raise Tickets

With Smartworks mobile app, you can instantly raise a ticket and select from a list of issues. Our team is always there to assist you by fixing all the issues and you can see the status of your issues in real time.

8.Access Control and Visitor Management

The need for security and safety of people and all your assets and data is very important. Smartworks mobile app provides robust access control for a seamless entry. Also, you can easily invite your guests, and a digital pass will be automatically generated for them, enabling a smooth entry and exit into the Smartworks facility. 

9. Automated Parking System

Our automated parking system has taken the trouble out of locating the right spot to park your car. You can reserve a parking space for yourself without any help. The entire system is digitally enabled, with your parking passes available on your Smartworks App. No wait time. No hassle.

In conclusion, tech-enabled offices are no longer just an option for enterprises, it has now become a need to make sure that your employees feel safe and at the same time, they are engaged. Smartworks managed and flexible office space is a combination of well-designed spaces, with ample amenities and a digitally enabled ecosystem helping employees deliver value. 

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