Sep 28, 2022

Sustainable Office Spaces: A Move Towards Eco-friendly Office Spaces| Smartworks

Sustainability has become more than just a trend today. The significance of sustainable office spaces has been brought to light by the increase in environmentally concerned office workers and office-goers. The concept of "sustainability" has emerged as the standard, and businesses firmly think that green workspaces are the way of the future.  

The office developers are continually providing climate-friendly spaces that provide a serene environment that supports greater mental health, sustainability, and well-being, realising the need to taking immediate efforts for a sustainable future. 

A JLL survey found that location and rent were the other two top factors for occupiers to take into account when leasing real estate. Sustainability is becoming a major factor for companies while deciding which office space to choose, that will be more beneficial to them in the longer run.  

Why Sustainable Office Spaces? 

Sustainable practices are crucial for the environment and your company. A more sustainable office can offer certain benefits in the long run when energy and materials are used more intelligently. 

Positive Public Relations  

Companies have a responsibility towards the environment and the society that they live in. When companies take an initiative to make sure that they are making the world a better place to live in, their different initiatives pave the way to public recognition. People want to be associated with brands which are environment sensitive and bringing in sustainable office spaces can have a positive on your business. 

Cost Cutting

It is always a good idea to save some costs while also saving the environment. Shared office spaces have been the hub for the companies to shift their business to the new normal. The fact that you will undoubtedly save money is one of the finest aspects of having sustainable office spaces. Going green reduces the cost of office supplies as well as energy costs. 

Positive Environmental Impact 

Of course, the good effects on the environment are the most obvious advantage of a sustainable work environment. Being environmentally conscious is the proper thing to do, and any efforts your business makes to lessen its carbon footprint will help to preserve the environment. The steps your company takes might encourage other businesses to follow suit. 

How Can Shared Office Spaces Create Sustainable Office Spaces? 

There are several ways big and small to turn your shared office space into a sustainable office spaces. Here are some ways to make sustainable office choices.  

Eliminate Paper 

How much workplace paper consumption is truly essential in the current digital era? Most files can be shared through email or stored in company databases, so becoming paperless is a simple approach to save printing expenses and prevent deforestation. 
Despite this, most offices continue to utilise paper in some capacity for crucial papers like agendas and invoices. Reduce your company's environmental impact by using recycled paper whenever possible instead of virgin paper. 

Shift To Renewable Energy Sources 

It is time for the enterprises to bring the much-needed change in their operating strategy and that can begin with shifting to the use of renewable energy sources. Long-term financial gains resulting from investing in renewable energy are just one aspect of the equation.   

First and foremost, switching to solar energy will result in much lower energy costs. Additionally, if you manage your energy properly, you may completely do away with your energy expenses! Using solar energy will increase the value of your property. 

You could think about researching green options off-site if installing solar panels in your building is not an option. In other words, you may create energy for your workplace using sustainable resources like wind, solar, or biofuels. These programs frequently cost the same as regular energy options, and in some cases even less. 

Go Green on Office Supplies 

Instead of filling your supply cabinet with standard office supplies, consider upgrading to environmentally friendly options. Choose recycled paper goods wherever possible, including tissues, paper towels, and printer paper. For coffee and water, think about using biodegradable cups, and use 100% recyclable binders without dangerous plastic. 

Reusing existing materials will also help your office supplies be more environmentally friendly. Employees can be encouraged to put used file folders back in the supply closet. The file folder labels can be modified by others so they can use them for their projects. 

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There are several strategies to increase the sustainability of your shared office space. The fact that you comprehend how being green benefits your company, your staff, and obviously the entire globe is more crucial. Any effort you make to reduce waste and increase energy efficiency in your workplace, no matter how minor, is a step in the right direction. You can contribute to environmental preservation by using environmentally friendly office spaces. 

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