Mar 24, 2023

Tips for Designing an Ergonomic and Productive Workspaces

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“Creativity is putting your imagination to work, and it’s produced the most extraordinary results in human culture.” - Ken Robinson

Workspace design and ergonomics have always been the most prominent elements which create a spacious and luxurious indoor environment for the workforce. Ergonomics is the art and science of designing and projecting the spaces around human needs and constraints. 

The term “ergonomic design” is primarily associated with desks, chairs, and other furniture but it's meaning and relevancy extend when it gets associated with the working environment.  

In recent times, the focus has shifted towards ergonomically designed workspaces to maximize the productivity, health, morale, and presence of the workforce. Today, many companies are shifting from conventional office spaces to fully furnished, technically sound, and managed spaces. 

Offices in 2023 are now looking beyond productivity. Companies are moving into managed office spaces because they don’t only ensure ergonomic workspace designs but also provide world-class amenities.  

There are several elements that can bring down employee output and create a distressing work environment. We spend a significant proportion as working professionals, and even the smallest workspace features help us to enhance our productivity. And in this blog, we discuss some of the ideal ways to ensure and intensify the ergonomic design of the workplace.  

9 Key Tips for Ergonomic Office Designs

There’s no doubt that ergonomic design can ensure flawless movement and a clutter-free environment, and it also minimizes the chances of workplace disruption. The absolute need of the hour is to switch the methods of working by moving into flexible workspaces. It is because they are ergonomically sounder and more productive than the traditional ones. Below are the 9 key elements that are crucial to creating an ergonomic design.  

Start Investing in Ergonomic Tools and Equipment

Investing in ergonomic things such as adjustable desks and chairs, and workstations can cut down the chances of workplace injuries and dissatisfaction. This is the very initial step that can ultimately allow and motivate you to magnify your workspaces.  

Assess the Entire Workplace

Before incorporating any modification to the workspace, it’s a must to assess your current setup. Understanding the needs and requirements of your business operations and other physical limitations is indeed very helpful when you’re creating workspace design.  

Make Gradual Changes

If you really want to create an ergonomic office design, then you can do that by following a step-by-step approach. Gradual implementation is indeed a wise strategy because sudden changes can sometimes distress the workforce and create internal chaos.  

Workstation Aesthetics

Engaging, clutter-free, and clean workstations are one of the most influential elements for the workforce. All the components of a workstation including a chair, monitor, and desk play a major role in designing an eye-catchy workstation.  

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Perfect Lighting

Improper lighting can create a significant impact on the mood of the workforce which can ultimately influence their productivity. The lighting should never be excessively bright or too dim because it will have a direct effect on the eyes of the workforce. Hence, proper lighting is required in order to reduce eye strain and magnify the overall comfort level at the workplace, which directly boosts employee output. 

Ventilation and Temperature

Decent ventilation is vital to ensure a healthy and comfortable indoor environment at the workplace. In addition to that, ensuring the right indoor temperature according to the outdoor scenario reduces the chances of physical illness and mental fatigue. It is not only about eye-catchy workspaces, but it is also about employee well-being and health.  

Right Acoustics

Eliminating the background noise helps in strengthenxing the concentration level by reducing all sound-related distractions. When we speak of ergonomic design, restricting physical disturbances to the maximum extent is indeed a tedious yet achievable task.   

Space Optimization

Space Optimization is also one of the key elements of ergonomic office designs. It is all about making the most and best use of available space. A well-organized and clutter-free environment helps in removing distractions to a certain extent and it also improves efficiency. Today, space optimization can be achieved by placing Phonebooths and Common Meeting Rooms as well.


Evaluate the Results

Comparing the actual output with the predetermined results allows businesses to take corrective measures. It is beneficial to assess whether the expectations of the workforce are being met or not.  

Here, getting employee feedback is also a considerable option because it can help them to proceed further and make changes accordingly to ultimately improve the ergonomic design of the office.  

In short, these modifications can help businesses to empower the workforce and ultimately retain the best talents. Enterprises often underestimate the power and influence of workspace design and ergonomics. There’s no doubt that workplace design can create a real-time influence on performance and ultimately satisfy the workforce.   

So, if you’re really looking for an ergonomic office design, then Smartworks is here to assist you. Being India’s largest platform for managed office spaces, our focus is to keep on enhancing the work environment with greater efficiency. 

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