Nov 11, 2022

What does Gen Z expect from their jobs?

The Gen Z workforce is here!   

It was just a couple of years ago when the whole workforce paradigm shifted to cater to the changing needs of the millennial workforce. Receiving praise for one's work was the one thing that millennials took seriously. Organizations have to change their work cultures and aim to align with the evolving global financial system to attract and keep top personnel. A new generation of job hunters, known as Gen Z or the iGens, has now formed as these developments began to take the intended shape.   

Due to the thin line of distinction between millennials and Gen Z'ers, many people lump them together. The latter, however, is more demanding and significantly more advanced in terms of embracing new technologies.  

Gen Z is more unique and impressive due to its open outlook, willingness to learn new things, and the ongoing hunt for challenges. As a result, they have more expectations than previous generations, particularly in terms of their careers. Because of this, as an employer, if you can recognise and meet their expectations, you can get the most out of this tech-savvy generation of employees and work together to reach your objectives.  

Here’s What the Future of Work should Look Like to Accommodate Gen Z!  

Freedom of Thoughts  

Generation Z has a distinct viewpoint on everything they encounter. They always consider the future while making big decisions since they were born and raised in an age of technological growth. More often than not, their opinions are overlooked considering their inexperience and young age. However, the same could aid the organization's long-term success and competitiveness.   

Gen Z is constantly in contact with the latest of everything that is happening in the world. They have plenty of opportunities to develop original answers to a variety of issues thanks to this and their high levels of passion.  

Flexible Work Environment  

Now that cloud computing has been developed, anyone may work from any location at any time. The previous generations of workers didn't appreciate this as much, but it is now at the top of Gen Z's list of demands.  

Gen Z workforce values both their personal and professional life equally. They eagerly await chances to provide their best work while maintaining their freedom. And as an employer, you may address this by enabling employees to work from home whenever they'd like or introducing flexible work schedules at the office.

When compared to their seniors, Gen Zs have unmatched energy and drive levels. Therefore, companies should aim to redirect Gen Zs' enthusiasm toward shared goals by nourishing them sometimes with constructive criticism rather than constraining them through the bureaucracy.  

Gen Z Want Leaders Who Support a Diverse and Inclusive Workplace

Younger generations were raised in a far more diversified world than older generations. They demand respect, equality, and inclusion, and they are voting with their consumers and employment choices. For this generation, diversity, equality, and inclusion are not just "nice to haves"; they are fundamental to their sense of individuality.  

The Gen Z workforce wants to work in a workplace that supports their inclusive thought process and respects it. While the primary concern for the previous generation was job security and salary, in addition to this Gen Z also wants an environment where they can keep growing and learning. The Gen Z expectation at work is to be coached and developed, along with doing what they love.

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Corporate Values

The Gen Z workforce is wanting to work at places whose core values align with their ethics as well. This generation is willing to leave the job if it does not align with their ethics. The kind of values you work with and the contribution you make to society, matter to the Gen Z workforce. Gen Z's expectation at work is simple, to be associated with a company that is bringing more than money to the table for them.   

If you micromanage these employees, they could become irritated with you. If your office climate becomes toxic—think of bullies as managers and workers who are reluctant to raise questions—you'll also make them feel unwanted. You'll almost certainly push Gen Z employees out the door under these circumstances.  

Gen Z and the future of work!

It is not wrong to say that Gen Z occupy the major percentage of the workforce in the coming future. To retain this workforce, it is important to give flexibility and be open to the major changes that will come with a changing workforce. Gen Zs is the future of the workforce since they can innovate and take initiative.

These young people who are self-motivated and constantly willing to take on challenges may be very beneficial to employers. The only way to attract and keep these bright people on board is to pay them well and meet some of their expectations. 

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