Aug 29, 2022

Smartworks: Where Technology Meets Office Space

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In 2016, Smartworks began its journey by acquiring 9.800 sq. ft. in the Delhi NCR region. The idea was to evolve the traditional working environment by introducing technology, hospitality, impressive design, and employee experience by presenting flexible and affordable workspaces to large enterprises, SMEs, and well-established start-ups.

Smartworks is a prominent, agile, and leading workspace platform for managed office spaces in India. Intending to provide tech-enabled office space, we have recently acquired 7 lakh sq ft office space in Bengaluru. The acquisition of the single largest flex space campus in the world, adding Vaishnavi Tech Park (VTP) to the portfolio will allow the corporate entities to move in and begin their day-to-day operations by the final quarter of the year with the help of advanced technology and an exceptional working environment. 

Smartworks is the best platform for PAN India when it comes to acquiring the most affordable office spaces on lease. Apart from providing flexible and tidy workspaces, Smartworks also focuses on continuous technological advancements that can significantly create an impact on employee satisfaction and experience at the workplace.

How Smartworks Technology is Making a Difference for the Workforce? 

The future of the corporate sector and its growth is indeed highly dependent upon tech upgradation. Smartworks focal point is to provide safe, eye-catchy, tech-enabled and managed office workspaces for businesses at an affordable price.

Technology is the center of attraction for the workforce these days and we've successfully fulfilled some of their expectations by providing a smart application that is functional for various tasks that take place from entering the office premises till the time leaving it. Some of the tech evolutions that are creating a direct impact on employee experience are stated below. 

Office Management System

Office Management System through “Smartworks Mobile App” is creating a whole new experience for the workforce. This application has successfully ended the traditional ways of entering the office premises which implies that now you won’t need an ID card or biometric access to get to your office premises. Focusing on the touchless solutions, you now need just a single tap on your smart device which is enough to get access. 

Hot Desking

Hot Desking is one of the best concepts that is focused on shared office environments. Your workstation plays a vital role in your overall performance, and if you're late, there are chances that someone else can take up your seat. Now, you no longer need to worry about your workstation because the concept of hot desking is here to help you in prior. You can actually book your seat in advance even before entering the office campus. 

We are promoting and implementing more innovative approaches to provide managed office spaces in PAN India. Being an employee, you will no longer have to wait for your team meetings just because there's another meeting going on. Book the meeting room ahead of time to minimize the wastage of time and energy.

The meeting rooms are equipped with tech tools that offer great experience and value to the employees as well as to the employers. You have more control over your fingertips now than ever, and concepts like smart lighting, temperature setting, and door access can be implemented successfully.  

Just like your workstation, employees can book their parking spaces as well. This concept again focuses on minimizing the time and hustle required to park your vehicles. Empowering the workforce is our prime focus, and we keep on finding ways to offer a sense of value and satisfaction to the workforce. 

The modern workforce expects an attractive and impressive work environment from their companies. The young blokes are highly interested in tech upgradation, and we've been quite successful in offering them what they've been seeking.

With the aim of ending the traditional work approach and methods, Smartworks have come up with a modern approach backed up by extensive technology at the workplace. Investing in affordable office spaces has become significantly important for business enterprises to provide a safe and tech-enabled working environment to their workforce. 

Understanding the employees' needs and expectations from their point of view allows us to provide them with the utmost facilities and advanced amenities for a delightful experience. The expectations of employees and employers have escalated quite exceptionally post Covid-19 pandemic. Smartworks is well aware of this fact, and will keep introducing more technological surprises in the coming years. 

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