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One of the most rational options for commencing your work smoothly, the coworking spaces have regarded as an asset for the startups. Following a modernized work approach, functioning in a community that allows you to grow is something all professionals wish for. Check out our blog to know more about how our coworking spaces have modernized the work structure. And if you are a freelancer looking for a dedicated desk, an entrepreneur wishing to get ahead in your startup or a fully-fledged organization looking for a perfect place to work, the flexible and independent work environment of the coworking spaces is the practicality you need in your life. You can also check out our blog to learn more about the benefits of coworking spaces in India.


4 Point Checklist – Renting an Office Space in India!

Office layouts, blueprints, cost-per-square feet, lease agreements are concepts alien to you? Increasing the number of employees is a part of the plan when your firm is flourishing. With the passage of time, having a suitable place to operate operations from, adequate facilities, and a good employee engagement plan becomes increasingly vital. Managed office spaces take care of all your requirements and more. Office spaces are one of the most important aspects of your business, they can disrupt your business for a little while but why not get it right from the get-go!

Workspaces in India play a key role to give your business a flight especially if your business’s key role is client-facing. Your office space, location to how your office space is managed, plays a key role in retaining employees, attracting potential talent and clients. Here are some key points to keep in mind while you plan to rent a workspace in India-

Strategically located offices can do wonders for your business.
About a century back, Ellsworth Statler, father of the modern hotel industry, said “There are three things that make a hotel famous – location, location, location.”
The use of good location applies to everyone and every business from small to large, and to every industry. Whenever you decide to scout for the new spaces, check the way it’s connected. Your workplace should be accessible by public transport as well as by car. Depending on your needs, choose the perfect workplace for you, that boosts your reach and enables growth.

2.Digitally Enabled Office Spaces
Digitally enabled office space is the primary need in the current scenario, which can continually cater to the needs of enterprises despite the changing environment. The workspace is undergoing a tremendous change, and digital needs are more important than ever. The implementation of digital facilities can make everyday operations seamless and safe, allowing enterprises to focus on their core businesses. Your workspace must move along with the digital revolution.

3.Parking Facilities
As little as the need appears, it is far more vital than most people think. The attitude of your employees and the image your visitors have of your organisation may both be affected by parking facilities you have at your workspace in India. Always check to see if the new place you’re considering has enough parking and the ability to scale up or down based on your requirements. You don’t want your employees to park in unsafe or poorly lit lots. Assure that the security procedures are in place to keep both cars and their drivers safe.

4.Value-added services and Amenities
Amenities have become a vital component of the corporate culture as the workplace revolution continues. The borders between work and personal life have blurred as millennials redefine workplace culture, and Gen Z – the next entrants into the workforce – is distinctive in their methods of working. Workspaces in India are realizing that amenities are a significant element of workplace spaces these days. These Amenities brighten workspaces up, making them more engaging and creative, boosting way up towards productivity.

While the demands of various entrepreneurs and firms vary, the elements listed above can be used as a checklist when looking to lease or rent office space in India. Leasing office space is not just a time and money commitment, but it will also define your firm and its work culture, and it is difficult to modify afterwards. The experience that you are striving to create takes a lot of effort and it is important that your workspace aligns with the vision you have for your company.


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Workplace design

3 Things that will Reset your Broken Schedule

Habits are simply patterns that have been a part of our life for a long time, and these habits establish a subconscious pattern. Although! Not every habit is ours to keep.

In the eye of the current pandemic, everyone developed their own quirky habits to settle in the new experiment of work from home. However, with time work from home became overwhelming and fatigue kicked in, employees feel stuck and always at work. Now that things are looking better, enterprises are all set to call their employees back.

Work from the office can be overwhelming suddenly and employees might need some time to reset their broken schedule and drop some quirky habits they picked up from the work from home cycle.

Here are some ways to make the most from resetting your habits!!

1. Plan your Day- Hardest task first or easiest first! Anything that works for you. Your first 30 mins decide how your day is going to be. Start your day by simply settling in, talking to your colleagues and relaxing. Make sure you plan your day with a priority list so that you don’t miss out on anything important. Too much work can get overwhelming, the best way out is to make sure that your box your time. Set time for your tasks and breaks.

2. Prevent interruptions- Social Media can be a toxic distraction. Work from home- recorded the highest use of digital media and with offices back in the swing, employees must not dwell on the unending scrolling. Simple tricks like blocking push notifications, setting priorities, can do wonders. While coming back to the office means socializing that was missed by many these past years but making sure that the tasks at hand are not compromised is also a priority.

3. Declutter and Organize- Too much mess can make you feel overloaded and the overwhelm creeps in. Take some time out to declutter your space and organize your desk. Apart from that organize your desktop screen as well. Put the folders in designated files, these small steps will reduce the feeling of being overloaded and help you block your task smore efficiently.

Don’t turn yourself into a crazy hustler, work smartly, manage your work, and don’t forget to take short breaks to keep yourself charged and boosted. You are more than just your work, take time for other activities that are essential for your physical and mental well-being. You will feel more productive at work if you don’t keep your personal life in the back seat and take your time to rejuvenate.


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Employees thrive in Managed flexible spaces.

Tips to Handle Annoying Things that Coworkers Do!

Working in a collaborative environment brings out the most innovative ideas, that help teams take the most innovative approaches. However, each one of us has our own quirky habits that can be irritating for the other person. There are certain things that your co-workers might do that won’t let you concentrate on the task at hand or become a trigger to lose your cool. Here are some annoying habits that are usually seen at the workplaces and some tips to handle them (without being rude) and keep the healthy collaborations going-

1. Give them the Benefit of Doubt- you need to remember that an office is a competitive space, and your fellow colleagues can always have their own issues going on. Giving the benefit of doubt at times can avoid conflicts and arguments. Start by not taking everything personally and move past small things that can get escalated in the moment.

2. Be Diplomatic- Although being upfront and straight is appreciated, being diplomatic can save you a lot of energy as well. Instead of behaving rudely or completely shutting all communication with that colleague, try to be a little diplomatic and don’t strain your relationship.

3. Do “The Talk” when Needed- Taking the high road can always be your first approach but you are still getting annoyed with the things they do, it’s time to talk to the person personally. Explain that you both must co-exist at the same place and politely explain exactly what bothers you. Be open to receiving feedback from the colleague and you both can set some mutually amicable boundaries to fix the situation.

4. Final Call- If nothing is working out or the annoyance is affecting your work don’t hesitate to talk to the manager concerned or HR. Be sure to be clear about exactly what is bothering you and try not to exaggerate it. Let the manager or HR take the call on how to resolve the matter. Your work here is done!

Whichever way you choose to deal with the annoyance you are facing, make sure that you are creating a negative working environment. You must contribute to a healthy and positive working environment. Don’t let your annoying co-workers bring you down at work. If you have to cope with someone who drives you nuts, remember, it’s all about how you react to the situation.


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What Millennials Want to See in Their Workplace?

Millennials and Gen z are becoming a big part of the workforce now. With the massive shift coming in the work culture, workplaces have to bring in some changes in the work environment as well to make sure that the new generations fit right in and thrive as well.

The first digitally native generation to enter the workplace, and in some numbers too.

They want equity, transparency, flexibility, and purpose more than any other generation. For the new generation, work is more than just a job; they want real growth, not just professionally, but also personally, as well as a healthy work environment, an interactive culture, and, most importantly, a healthy work-life balance.

Ability to Network

Millennials depend largely on networking and good communication. Gone are the days when meetings would just happen between the managers behind closed doors and filtered information will be passed on. Today, millennials seek constructive feedback and transparency. This brings out the best ideas and increases teamwork efficiency.


The new generation workforce cannot work from the confined cubicle or chained to a single assigned desk; they need the flexibility to work from anywhere. Fixed spaces cannot help them expand their creative horizons and innovation.

Being able to have the right work and life balance is also part of the flexibility that employees of the new generation count in the must-haves. They expect the enterprises to provide enough flexibility that they can devote time towards their personal growth, hobbies, and social circles.

Rising through Ranks and Recognitions

This story has been told many times, how recognizing hard work and ideas goes a long way. To retain any talent, recognizing the work done is important. Timely and regular feedback improve productivity, while on the other hand, it is equally important to include the positives in the feedback.

Millennials seek a positive push that can come from any direction regardless of the ranks. A confidence boost goes a long way and motivates one to bring more to the table. While Gen z moves towards professional growth, enterprises have a positive work environment and fresh ideas on the table. It is a win-win situation.

Millennials possess excellent qualities that can have a positive impact on a company’s values and culture. Giving them a congenial environment through which they can maximize their skills and discover their potential encourages them to stay longer and contribute to your company’s success.


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Return to Safety First Workspace

What to expect from Post-Pandemic Workplace?

Consistent work routines are no more; once bustling workplaces of innovation and collaboration have sat empty for more than a year, some abandoned entirely. Now as the world shifts away from work from home and back into the office, employers and employees alike are asking: Where do we go from here? What does the post-pandemic workplace look like?

Employees are yearning to return to workplaces and come out of the screen locked offices. After a touchdown of almost 2 years in the home offices the fatigue has kicked in, creating frustration and lack of socilising is making employees anxious now.

Digital Transformation

Workspaces in India are undergoing a digital transformation, working towards making workspaces safer as employees are all set to come back to offices. The technology at the workplace needed an overhaul. And with new challenges in workplace safety urgently needing to be addressed as we return to the office, it is time to finally use technology to make our workplaces smarter, safer, and more efficient.

Technological advancements like touchless temperature check, automated parking systems with no human contact, mask checks and digital passes for entry and exit. These incorporations at the workspaces in India are making sure that employees feel safe when they return to the workspaces.

Design Upgrades

As we are entering the Post pandemic era, enterprises are reevaluating their space needs and leaning towards more flexible approaches. While the influence of colour in a place may appear to be insignificant, it is a distinguishing feature of employee productivity. Beyond mood-setting, incorporating the right colours has an indirect impact on a person’s physical wellbeing; with this in mind, offices should reconsider their colour palettes and incorporate brighter colours that bring a surge of energy and vibrancy to the space, rather than the traditional neutral shades.

Workspaces are taking approaches that create a balance of indoor and outdoor working, making it easier for employees to settle back in, keeping their physical and mental wellbeing a top priority.


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Workplace Trends in the Dream City-

Workplace Trends in the Dream City- Mumbai

Workplace patterns are shifting at a far faster rate than was anticipated before to the epidemic. Changes predicted for the next years occurred in a matter of months, ranging from businesses reevaluating their space requirements to flexibility becoming a significant element of the global work culture, and much more.

Mumbai is known for being the trendsetter from time to time and it comes as no surprise that Mumbai is setting workplace trends as well. Office spaces in Mumbai are transitioning from traditional to managed, offering a more flexible workspace for the employees. Here are some of the workplace trends at the office space in Mumbai that are helping enterprises create their dream office with a perfect blend of contemporary trends.

Getting Workspaces Future Ready

Mumbaikars are all set to step into the “new normal” with technology by their side. In the Post Pandemic era, there’s been a surge in the demand for IoT-based amenities. Office spaces for rent in Mumbai or the managed office spaces are trending in frontline conversations. Smartworks, the leading office space in Mumbai with a PAN India presence provides enterprises with state-of-the-art amenities, and digitally enabled workspaces.

Right Location

Mumbai and space don’t go very well, and it’s not a new story. As the commercial capital of the country, Mumbai has much appeal to anyone in search of work and better career prospects. Migrants from every part of the country move to the city every day in search of a better life. The right location is a huge challenge for every enterprise. With workspace re-evaluating their space needs they are moving out from the traditional spaces and towards more flexible approaches. Finding Office spaces in Mumbai can come across as a big challenge. At Smartworks we understand the importance of strategically located office spaces in Mumbai. We provide managed office spaces at prime locations with a bundle of amenities and flexibility.

“Creating your dream office in the city of dreams made simpler by Smartworks!”


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Biophilic Designs in Workspaces

Biophilic Designs in Workspaces

The pandemic has pushed an entire generation to work from home and get stuck in an endless cycle of work. The changes that will have taken place in the coming 5-10 years happened in the timeline of a few months.

As enterprises are ready to recall employees back to workspaces, this offers a unique opportunity for employers to rethink their office needs and create something that is both friendlier and more productive. This is where biophilic design comes in.

Biophilic design involves incorporating the natural world into a built environment. More and more businesses are opting for open office spaces so that employees may easily connect and benefit from nature’s healing properties. There has been a surge in demand for biophilic workplace design in recent years. With a combination of natural beautiful colours and patterns, indoor plants, and even plant walls, coworking space providers are continuously inventing and constructing offices that help us feel closer to nature.

Biophilic designs not only give a boost to your productivity but also make sure that your physical and mental health is balanced. While chasing the deadlines and the stress of personal lives a soothing workplace can help in maintaining good mental wellbeing.

The aftermath of the current pandemic is bringing the hybrid work model back in trend and flexibility is set to become a huge part of the work culture. At Smartworks we believe in creating spaces that employees want to go to and not just have to go. Some natural lighting, green views, and calm colours can boost creativity, improve mental wellbeing and physical health.


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Managed Office

What is a Managed Office?

When your business is booming and the number of employees is increasing, it is time to get your brand name on the wall, for your own private meeting space, and a workspace that reflects where your business ethos.

However, when a company grows, focusing on core operations becomes even more crucial. Renting a workspace comes with a whole new set of obligations, such as daily management and administrative duties, which may quickly divert your attention away from core operations and into day-to-day upkeep.

What if there was a solution that could lighten the burden of operating?

Managed office spaces are made and designed for your business. You decide the layout, the look and feel, colours, how many and what kind of desks do you need, to how many meetings rooms, and how many breakout areas will be like.

Managed workspaces manage the day-to-day upkeep of your workplace, employee engagement activities, provide you with a bundle of amenities, digital assistance, and much more. A managed office space keeps your needs front and center making sure that you can entirely focus on your core operations.

Difference Between Managed and Services Office spaces

What is a managed office space and serviced spaces? Yes, they sound similar in many respects, but the services and perks they provide are slightly different. A managed office is best thought of as a blend between a serviced office and a conventional office, with more flexibility than a traditional office but not the same ‘space-as-a-service’ option as a serviced office. Another significant distinction is that, unlike a serviced office, where it is normal to pay per desk, when a managed office space for rent is occupied by any organization, the tenant typically pays for the space that their business occupies.

Managed office spaces offer perks like office amenities, flexible leases, customized office solutions and so much more. Managed offices and serviced offices are both flexible workspace solutions that are well suited to companies looking for cost-effective, agile alternatives to conventional, leased office space.

The ‘right’ office space looks and feels different for every business. We at Smartworks help you find “your right” space that aligns with your business ethos and pathos, creating an office experience.


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Workplace Trends

Workplace Trends at the Silicon Valley of India- Bangalore

Bangalore, widely known as India’s IT capital and Silicon Valley, is home to a slew of major corporations from a wide range of industries. With a talent pool and possibilities on the horizon, Bangalore is a great place to start or expand your business. There are numerous elements that play a significant part in making your new workspace a success when it comes to setting up an office in Bangalore. While scouting for the perfect office space location, knowing about the trends and culture of the city always comes in handy. Managed office spaces make sure that they cater to all your needs, a bundle of amenities and a workspace in the prime locations of Bangalore.

Smartworks is the largest managed office space provider with more than 31 centers, spread across 9 key locations. These centers are strategically located with ample connectivity options, a bundle of amenities and digitally optimized workspaces.

Managed office spaces check a lot of pointers off your list when it comes to setting up a new workspace in the industrial hubs like Bangalore.

Strategically located

The first impression your company makes is largely determined by its location. Employees are upset by their travel times, and clients avoid contacting you since getting to the location is a burden.

Smartworks managed office spaces in Bangalore are strategically placed and convenient for both your employees and clients. A good location helps your employees come in with a light mood and location becomes a prime factor in helping you retain talent.

Digital Safety

In light of the present epidemic, it is even more critical that workplace safety is prioritized. Smartworks managed workspaces in Bangalore are technologically optimized, ensuring a smooth and secure day-to-day experience.

With mask and touchless temperature checks, Smartworks Visitor Management System ensures that every visitor, employee, and client follow all safety procedures. Touchless entrance systems, IoT-enabled meeting rooms, digital meeting room control, and other features are accessible in managed office spaces in Bangalore. Managed workspaces in Bangalore provide clients with cutting-edge technology that makes day-to-day operations much safer and relieves management’s burden as well.

Smartworks is making it easier for you to set up or expand your business in Bangalore. Managed workspaces in Bangalore are well equipped with a bundle of amenities, customized designs that align with your brand ethos and boosts employee productivity.


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Workplace design

How Office Design Impacts Employees’ Work-life?

Workplace design can often be overlooked as an ideal and not a necessity. Every employee from a startup to MNC craves a work-life balance, and this need is now understood and addressed by incorporating a social life in the professional setting. Aesthetics are now becoming a big part of office space designs.

People want to work for organizations that are a good fit for their lifestyle. While the conventional open-plan office structure has several downsides that frequently result in a dissatisfied workforce, the latest office design trends are attempting to solve the work-life balance qualm. Now with Gen-x and Millennials becoming a big part of the workforce all the businesses ranging from startups to big conglomerates have understood that a traditional office setting is no longer an effective plan for the new workforce to excel.

It is more than just a job!!

An office experience that understands that it is more than just a job!

With shifting workplace dynamics, it’s more vital than ever to establish an environment that motivates you to come to work every day and frees you from the structural lunacy of a little cubicle. Instead of focusing on a mechanical job, workplaces are shifting their attention to creating an atmosphere that may encourage an individual’s desire to work. Interactive designs and the freedom to work on your own inspire creativity and teamwork.

Employee Centric Design Approach

The design is not just visuals, it cultivates a whole thought process and mood.

Employees’ mental health is also aided by workplace design. A mechanical atmosphere with boring walls and a lack of interaction, resulting in drowsy and repetitive work routines. When employees are provided with a flexible and engaging work environment, they feel more at ease and committed to their jobs.

Biophilic design is now being included in office designs, which will improve employee happiness and creativity. Office environments have evolved into a place where workers aren’t chained to a desk, have a lot of freedom, interact in creative & colorful breakout areas and a regular flow of coffee. This makes you want to come to work every day!

Attractive office designs modernize and reinvigorate a company’s employees, resulting in a more productive workplace.


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