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The launch event of our largest co-working space in the Silicon Valley of India, Bengaluru was a happening one. Our office space apart from being spread over 3 lakh sq ft, is also packed with facilities that make it one of a kind. The launch event was graced by our ennoble members and the prodigious Mitri, India’s first AI-based ‘she’ robot. We hosted a number of funfilled activities along with a social media contest. Drop into our recent blog to know more details of the event and about Mitri.

Digitally enabled workspace.

Smartworks – A Digitally Enabled Workspace

The workspaces have to undergo a sea of changes and adaptations to fly in sync with the new requirements of the time. The workplace is one of the primary arenas for social interaction.  

The old-school innovations and the upgraded technology are all contributing towards a workspace of the future, one that is safe for everyone and can help the employees and the employers alike. 

Digitization @ Smartworks 

Given the heightened need for flexibility and the need to adhere to no-contact rules, workspaces are undergoing a radical transformation. Smartworks is looking at the next step in the evolution of the workspace and is creating spaces that are safe for all. 

Digital Access 

Our digital token on the smartworks app has eradicated the need for physical access. This helps us keep a check on the occupancy of the building at a given time which in turn reduces the carbon footprint.  

Automated Coffee Vending Machines 

Our clients and workers have access to no-touch coffee machines. Smartworks places a high value on the safety of its members and staff. These coffee machines are simple to operate and digitally optimized, making them accessible to everyone. 

Digital Pantry 

Smartwork’s Digital Pantry enables users to order meals on the go, not just from our cafeteria but also from nearby eateries. Digital feedback is also available for users to share their experiences. We make every effort to improve based on the input we receive.  

Visitor Management System 

The visitor Management system enables a secure workspace environment for our clients. We make sure that every visitor is carefully monitored and identified. With the shift of events, we have upgraded our VMS (Visitor Management System) to make sure that all the visitors get a temperature & mask check digitally and safely.  

IOT Enable Meeting Rooms 

Our IoT-enabled offerings help to improve the Member/Visitor experience by providing end-to-end support with Booking Meeting rooms with the click of a button to giving easy to control access to meeting room facilities.   

Automated Parking System 

The hassle of finding the proper parking location for your vehicle was eliminated by our automatic parking technology. Without any personal assistance from the personnel, you can easily book a parking spot for yourself. The entire system is digitally enabled, making it a safer experience, especially during these asymmetrical times.  

Virtual Tours 

The world didn’t stop it just became digital!
Virtual Reality turned out to be a blessing in disguise. We’ve been employing virtual reality technology to provide clients with highly immersive 3D extended reality tours of workplace premises at any time from anywhere.  

All the digital services can be easily accessed through the Smartworks app. One can have all the digital benefits offered by smart works anytime in the premises just with the clicks of their phone. This has made working in the office much safer as we stand in face of a global pandemic.  

Work today is more flexible, collaborative, and creative than ever before. Workplaces with digital enhancements make coming to work more exciting. Traditional workplace surroundings are being phased out in favor of facilities that reflect how we actually work and live.


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Coworking Spaces in India

Design, Technology and Productivity

People crave social interaction after being trapped in a loop of endless days at home, yet an irrefutable fact is that a large part of the shift in the work cycle has also made the comfort of home regular. Employees are expected to arrive at work and integrate into the company culture because many businesses have begun the unlocking process. Companies are emphasizing the importance of a good work-life balance and adjusting their culture to meet shifting needs. 

Everything is changing at a rapid pace, from how the workplace looks to how it performs. COVID-19 has pushed enterprises to become more technologically advanced and employee-focused workplaces.

 Smart Work Points

With the rise of flexible workspaces, businesses are turning to managed office spaces to provide an employee-centric environment that can boost productivity while also removing a sluggish mindset. Digitization developments are also swooping in rapidly to make workplaces more interactive while maintaining a high level of safety.

 ‘Purpose-led offices’ are the new future and is the best way to engage your employees.

 Going Hands-free

Everything today is about contact and command, while touching makes one feel cautious is no longer news. Businesses are embracing technologies that allow them to complete tasks without having to touch them. With Employee health and well-being taking center stage, all amenities and services have become touchless and controlled by apps. It will further enhance the user experience and transform workspaces into intelligent spaces.

Designing Aesthetics and Interaction

Workplace designs are likewise moving in favor of maximizing employee productivity. Employees are more productive when offices are designed to be aesthetically beautiful and have a calm vibe. With changing needs coming in, enterprises are shifting from traditional to managed office spaces that can cater to these needs. To make workspaces more employee-centric and engaging, enterprises are incorporating collaboration rooms, anger management rooms, and recreational spaces dedicated to improving interaction.

We have the chance to build a “new normal” that is far more thoughtful than the existing distant workforce. It’s time to go outside the box and establish a dynamic, supportive work atmosphere.


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Managed Workspaces of Future

With the pandemic’s haze dissipating, it’s safe to assume that businesses are considering the kind of offices that will emerge as soon as employees are recalled back to the office in core operations in full force.

With so much newness on the horizon, management is looking for ways to boost efficiency while also boosting the workplace’s aesthetics. With all of the commotion comes a slew of “new normal” changes for both employees and employers.

Focus on Wellness

Following the COVID waves, people are taking a significant danger by being irresponsible with their surroundings. With people’s needs and worries about safety, hygiene, and wellness standards shifting, corporate offices will focus on health-conscious design changes, mindful spacing, and cabin de-densification. 

The need of the hour is for an environment that promotes a more wellness-focused attitude. Having health checks and wellness-based designs in place will ensure that all employees are focused on the main operations rather than health concerns.

Flexibility is the new bling 

Flexibility is desired by both employees and businesses. Given the unpredictability of current times, employees in terms of work culture, schedules, and projects, while enterprises in terms of leases, office spaces, rent tenure, and expenses.

Employees are looking forward to working closer to home and reducing their daily commute. Enterprises are also going to the Hub and Spoke structure to make more flexible choices in the early stages of being in the same predicament.

Communication Friendly workspaces

People have genuinely missed face-to-face conversations and casual chats near their desks, due to the largest work from home experiment spurred by the pandemic.

When the world reopens, the way individuals communicate and share ideas will undoubtedly alter as well. Employees want a flexible work environment, and businesses are looking for new ways to grow and innovate. These forces are bound to collide, bringing forth the best in each other.

Inflow with this thought, managed office spaces enter the picture to ensure that firms’ operations run smoothly and that employees feel comfortable and safe in their working environment. Managed office spaces have lifted the burden off management’s shoulders by looking after every part of the office and ensuring that all safety procedures are followed to the best of their abilities. These office suppliers offer a 360-degree adaptable approach to businesses, from cost-cutting alternatives to powerful and modern amenities.


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best Coworking spaces

Nucleus of a ‘New- Digitally-Enabled’ Managed Workspace

COVID-19 may have disrupted working, but businesses worldwide have learned to adapt to the new normal. This new normal is evident in the way people work, more aptly called “Work from Anywhere”. It is here that flex spaces and workspaces, in general, assume new meaning. Outsourcing office spaces to managed workspace providers could substantially ease the burden associated with an organisation’s employees, ensuring social distancing guidelines, sanitation, and safe hygiene within the premises.

The nucleus of a workspace at Smartworks is the cornerstone of an organization’s digital workplace infrastructure.

In line with this thought, to create office spaces for the future, Smartworks has introduced several game-changing innovations to enable a ‘smart and connected workspace. Our digitally-enabled flexible workspaces focus on delivering a seamless user experience to promote efficiency, productivity and growth.

1.Smart Meeting Rooms 

Book Meeting Rooms using smartphones and check-in digitally to control the amenities such as light, TV, power etc. Through our Internet of Things (IoT) enabled Booking Platform, you can reserve space without the hassle of communicating to and fro.

2. Digital Access 

Our digital platform has eradicated the need for physical access. Not only does it reduce the carbon footprint, but it also helps us track the real-time occupancy of the building.

3. Touchless Coffee Vending Machines 

Contactless menu and beverage selection to promote hygiene and safety. Members choose from a wide range of hot beverages available without making contact with others, thereby eliminating the need to physically touch the machines.

4. Smart Cafeteria 

Order food on the go. Digital solutions for a digital generation! Our Smart Cafeteria enables seamless food ordering from various options, making it a frictionless digital experience.

5. Visitor Management System

Our intelligent Visitor Management Systems ensure adequate processing and tracking of guests. Whether it is touchless body temperature screening, facial recognition, or mask detection, the device amps up the safety of the workspaces.

6. Automated Parking System 

Our next-gen parking solution helps automate parking allocation and manage seamless entry and exit of vehicles in and out of the premises. It also helps save time by showing the available parking slots in real-time.

Smartworks is continuously coming up with innovative solutions to provide clients with advanced state-of-the-art technologies to help them maximize their productivity and ensure seamless operations. Our roadmap for a digital workplace is becoming robust than ever – and we already have the ingredients and will to make it happen!


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Coworking spaces India

Flexible & Scalable Managed Workspace for Enterprises

Ideal office space goes a long way in attracting the best talent, keeping employees happy, retaining employees, and boosting company growth. Given the current environment, the focus of Enterprises is shifting from traditional offices to completely managed spaces that enable load shedding of managing office spaces, cost-savings, productivity, efficiency, and flexibility, among other things.

Smartworks, India’s leading and largest managed office space provider for Enterprises with its campus-like infrastructure, is well-positioned to cater to office demand coming from large corporations.

Customized as Per Your Needs!

Smartworks recognizes that the workspace requirements change when businesses grow, empowering enterprises to be anything they want. We configure office spaces per their brand ethos and values. They can easily modify a workspace according to the needs of the employees. This flexibility of workspace design allows employees to work in an environment most suited to their work demands.

 Speed to Market

Enterprises are always looking to expand their businesses. With the industry’s rapid expansion and changes, companies are looking to tap into new territories for existing, new talent and opportunities or expand in the existing locations. Our bespoke managed office solutions and faster office setup across nine key cities of our presence and over 30 centers offer the desired scalability options to support Enterprise requirements.

 Your Models, Our Solutions!

Whether it is the hub-and-spoke model, a satellite office or regional headquarters, we offer cost-effective office solutions for large teams in a digitally-enabled work environment to accommodate changing workplace cultures and keep operations running smoothly.

In addition to lowering the real estate cost, enterprises have realized that collaborative environments fuel creativity among their employees. Our managed office spaces combine technology, brilliant designs, top-notch amenities, and a sense of community, which are precisely the kind of unique spaces that employees today look forward to.


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Social Distancing

How to Practice Social Distancing at Work

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought forth a paradigm shift in the way we work, interact and communicate with each other. As the lockdowns world over get lifted and staggered workspace resumption becomes the new normal, social distancing has become overtly critical for curbing the spread and transmission of the COVID-19 virus.

Why is social distancing important?

Social distancing is a precautionary measure which has been designed to help curb the spread of COVID-19 virus by minimizing physical contact. Maintaining a distance of at least six feet has become an integral part of the new normal. Social distancing is recommended because it creates a personal-safety zone for an individual, lowering the risk of contracting the virus.Even though the world is slowly flickering back to normal, it is recommended to avoid crowded spaces and limit travelling as much as possible.

Below are some tips for ensuring proper social distancing at work:

1. Follow the six feet rule

This is the most important rule of social distancing. Ensure that you maintain a distance of six feet (two meters) from your coworkers at all times. Avoid hugging, handshakes and sitting in close proximity to one another.

To help members easily maintain social distancing, Smartworks has de-densified common rooms, pantries, lounges and even workspaces by designing indicative distancing mark-ups and signages.

2. Re-arrange workspaces and modify the seating arrangement

Sitting and working in close proximity with your colleagues is a big no. Ensure that you come in to work only when necessary and maintain buffer seating at all times. Follow spatial distancing while having lunch, using the washrooms or even in the break rooms. Consider eating or having coffee at your desk rather than using the communal lunch area.

3. Host online meetings

It is absolutely necessary to reduce the frequency of in-person meetings as much as possible. Organize brain storming sessions, meetings and one-to-one conversations using collaborative online meeting apps for a seamless experience. Smartworks has reconfigured all our meeting rooms for social distancing. We have minimized the total number of attendees in a meeting room using our in-house smartworks app.

4. Avoid sharing stationeries and documents

Experts indicate that the COVID-19 virus can linger on surfaces for hours even days, therefore, it is a good idea to avoid sharing stationeries and documents in person. It is always recommended to use online tools and shared resources/ documents for easier communication and collaboration.

5. Avoid elevators and use the stairs

Elevators are confined spaces which are often overcrowded. Smartworks has deployed social distancing markups inside the elevators and reduced the allowed occupancy by less than 50 percent to ensure proper distancing is maintained. However, we suggest members and employees to take the stairs as much as possible as it is the safest practice to follow.

If you encounter areas in the office where you feel you’re unable to safely socially distance, please raise your concern and discuss the problem with your team and office manager. In these uncertain times, communal solidarity is of paramount importance. While most of the measures have been designed keeping in mind the safety and overall hygiene of all, it is necessary to remain vigilant and act responsibly for the collective benefit of the community at large.


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The 5 Pillars for a Modern Workspace

The Covid-19 disruption has altered the way we work, making conventional office spaces redundant and obsolete with the current workspace demands of enterprises. Businesses in the new normal are looking for flexible workspace solutions that are tech-enabled and driven to provide a safe and healthy working environment.

The workforce of today aspires to work from a collaborative work environment that provides ample of networking and growth opportunities besides excellent work-life balance. Designing a modern workspace that induces productivity and gives the maximum real estate efficiency is a combustive task, but coworking spaces help their members design flexible and modern workspaces.
Below are the 5 pillars that help design a modern workspace:

1. Location and Connectivity

Location and connectivity has always been a vital factor while choosing a workspace. All employees prefer to work out of an office space that is strategically-located and well-connected with all the prominent landmarks, housing societies and marketspaces of the city.

2. Enhanced Networking Opportunities

Coworking spaces are a powerhouse of ideas and experiences, with people from different companies and walks of life working together within the same office premises. Sharing an office space with different professionals unlocks a wide range of possibilities for growing a professional network as well as venturing into newer partnerships and collaborations for mutual benefits. Most coworking spaces organize fun activities and training sessions to allow their members and employees interact and brainstorm together. Working in such a collaborative environment not only boosts employee morale but also maximizes productivity.

3. Tech-enabled Working Environment

The pandemic has accelerated the demand for tech-enabled workspaces. Every enterprise seeks a workspace that offers seamless technology integration to simplify day-to-day operations and workflows. Coworking spaces aim to provide innovative mobile technologies, collaborative tools, cloud services, IoT-technology, VR to redefine the workspace experience without compromising quality and productivity.

4. Amenities and Work-life balance

Coworking spaces generally provide state-of-the-art workspaces with innovative designs and greater flexibility but most enterprises choose coworking space providers due to the huge gamut of additional amenities that they offer. A conventional workspace provider does not give its members access to amenities like housekeeping and security services, ancillary services, crèche facilities, locker rooms or even courier services.Some coworking spaces form partnerships and alliances with various service providers to give exclusive deals and exciting offers to their members and employees.

Most coworking spaces also conduct events to keep their members and employees strike the perfect work life balance. Events like DIY workshops, cultural competitions, business related seminars, corporate grooming sessions etc, provide employees the chance to not only have fun but also learn a thing or two while at work. Such recreational exposure helps companies to keep the employees motivated and engaged while also increasing their productivity.

5. Accessibility and Flexibility

Workspace flexibity and easy accessibility has become a growing demand in the new-normal world. The pandemic has made it clear that businesses should be ready to upsize and downsize efficiently, conventional workspace providers do not provide such workspace design flexibility to their members. Most conventional office spaces are inflexible, they generally require hefty CAPEX investments and provide one-size-fits-all office spaces. Coworking spaces, on the other hand provide plug and play workspaces and configurable working solutions for their members.


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Ways to Utilize Your Office Space

Three Ways to Utilize Your Office Space in the New Normal

The pandemic has disrupted the world economy, business and even the way we work. While work from home was a temporary makeshift solution to curb the spread, there is no denying that it is not the future of work. Remote working, not only multiplies working hours, it also brings forth a feeling of isolation owing to the lack of communications and shared experiences between colleagues. Home offices do not provide the necessary infrastructural and technological support required by employees to conduct business operations. As businesses consider workspace resumption, workspace strategies in the new normal would revolve around de-densifying office spaces, physical distancing and greater emphasis on personal hygiene for promoting a safe and healthy work environment for employees.

Workspace experience in the New Normal would be nothing like we have known before, it would be driven by contactless technology and focus on a holistic approach towards employee wellbeing. Shared workspace providers are incorporating touchless technology and deploying in-house apps for greater networking and collaboration. Here are three ways to utilize your office space in the New Normal:

1. Distributed Workspace Solutions

While the thought of resuming workspace operations is exciting, it does bring forth a huge gamut of challenges. Workspace resumption in the new normal calls for various flexible solutions to cater to the new employee needs and safety best practices.

With social distancing being the new pre-requisite to resuming workspaces, spreading out in the same office space is giving a rise to statistical issues due to the limited availability of space with traditional workspace providers.

Coworking spaces help businesses resolve this problem by providing flexible distributed workspaces across multiple locations and letting them lease more office space as per their unique workforce and business requirements. These distributed workspace solutions do not require any additional CAPEX investment from businesses, as their coworking space partners provide completely equipped ready-to-move in office spaces to their members on flexible lease options to help them function and resume operations in full swing.

2. Work Near Home

Owing to the current scenario, commuting to and from work using the public transport is maximizing the risk of being exposed to the Coronavirus. Most employees wish to minimize their commute to work and work near their homes. This work near home phenomenon has become a recurring demand by employees, flexible space providers are helping businesses combat this problem by allowing their member employees access coworking spaces/centres closest to their homes. Such flexible solutions offered by coworking spaces are allowing businesses de-densify their office spaces by working across satellite hubs while distributing their workforce and resuming work with their full strength.

3. Leveraging the Coworking Community

Now more than ever, startups and entrepreneurs can collaborate and network within the coworking community to open new avenues for business growth and regain their footing. The coworking community acts as a steady network for businesses to support each other and grow, while recovering from the pandemic.

Conventional workspace providers have rigid mobility and agility. They do not offer the necessary infrastructural accessibility and support for growth and downsizing options. They also have limited facilities and amenities. They do not possess sufficient capabilities to accommodate the current requirements of businesses.

However, coworking spaces provide businesses the opportunity to maximize/minimize their geographical footprint as per their business needs while providing a tech-enabled working environment for their employees to maximize their productivity and efficiency. As the world of work is continuously evolving, coworking spaces provide all the necessary infrastructural and technological support to businesses for a safe and healthy work experience.


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Reasons to Move From a Traditional Office to Coworking Space

Gone are the days when coworking spaces were only occupied by freelancers and startups. Owing to the agility and flexibility offered by shared workspace providers, large enterprises and MNCs have started selecting coworking spaces over private offices.

Most flexible workspace providers offer abundant networking opportunities and a wide range of amenities to provide a seamless working experience to their members and employees.

5 reasons to move from a conventional office space to a coworking space are:

Customizable Office Spaces

Conventional office space providers swear by the ‘One Size Fits All’ concept, while in reality, it turns out to be a big hoax. Different businesses have different infrastructural needs, be it in design or fit-outs that must be catered to. Most flexible workspace providers design private office spaces as per the business’ infrastructural needs and brand ethos to give an office environment best suited for the employees. Apart from real-estate design, most workspace providers offer added amenities like hospitality, gyms, creche, concierge services etc for an exemplary work experience.

Real-estate Efficiency

Most conventional office spaces are rigid and inflexible, they mostly offer standardized office spaces that require hefty CAPEX investments. Coworking spaces, on the other hand provide plug-and-play offices that require no CAPEX investments while maximizing real-estate efficiency. They provide flexible workspace solutions to businesses with the provision to maximize their workspace requirements. Coworking spaces have centres across different cities, businesses can utilize this as an opportunity to expand their geographical footprint and business avenues.

Employee Engagement Events

As the famous adage goes, ‘All work no play, makes Jack a dull boy’, the workforce of today demands a healthy work-life balance which helps them reduce stress and prevent a workspace burnout. Coworking spaces organize a myriad of events to keep their members and employees engaged. Some of these events include sports competitions, DIY workshops, corporate grooming seminars, business related workshops etc, giving employees the chance to have fun while learning something new. Managed workspaces have dedicated spaces for recreation, gaming and skill-building activities. Such recreational exposure helps in keeping the employees motivated and increases their productivity.

Community and Networking Opportunities

Coworking spaces are a powerhouse of ideas and experiences, with people from different companies and walks of life working together within the same office premises. Sharing an office space with different professionals unlocks a wide range of possibilities for growing a professional network as well as venturing into newer partnerships and collaborations for mutual benefits. Most coworking spaces organize fun activities and training sessions to allow their members and employees interact and brainstorm together. Working in such a collaborative environment not only boosts employee morale but also maximizes productivity.

Access To Amenities

Apart from providing configurable workspaces and top-notch office designs, coworking space providers offer a huge gamut of amenities including housekeeping and security services, ancillary services, crèche facilities, locker rooms, courier services, gaming zones, gyms among others to their members. Most coworking spaces have also formed exclusive alliances with various brands and service providers to give exclusive discounts and offers to their members. Such amenities help enterprises in keeping their employees motivated and engaged, thereby increasing their productivity.

Coworking spaces provide workstations and desk spaces with unique benefits of both a private office and a coworking community. They allow businesses the liberty to work independently within their private enterprise-centric offices while also giving them the opportunity to interact and collaborate with other members of the coworking community.


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coworking and the digital workforce

Coworking and the Digital Workforce Revolution

The ongoing pandemic has accelerated our dependence on technology. The technology transitions in the workspace that were reserved for the future are now being considered and deployed for providing a contactless and safe working environment for employees. The coworking industry is inching towards the adaptation of new digital applications to create future-ready workspaces that enhance employee productivity. Technology plays a crucial role in creating a gratifying work experience and defining how employees interact with each other.

Here is how coworking players are enabling the digital workforce revolution for their members:

Complimentary access to advanced applications

Businesses can eradicate their overheads for connectivity and communications by utilizing the state-of-the-art technologies available in the co-working spaces. Some of the proprietary tech solutions deployed are smart video conferencing and networking equipment, uninterrupted super-fast WiFi, cyber security solutions, and enterprise security tools. Some agile workspaces have already begun offering easy-to-use mobile applications to accentuate better problem solving and issue resolving for their community members. These facilities are equipped with single interface dashboard systems that enable them to identify available workspaces or book meeting rooms, thereby enhancing their experience.

In-house Smartphone Applications

In-house mobile applications have become a necessity for real estate providers to integrate workspace functions and reduce the dependency on manpower. These mobile applications enable members and employees navigate through their day effortlessly. IoT-enabled meeting rooms, motion-activated lighting, food, and beverage orders from inside the conference rooms, a smart mobile pas to enter the premises, coworking space providers are investing in technology for a seamless experience. These technologies are only some examples of contactless features that some of the coworking players have implemented to change the way we move and behave.

Touchless Building Access

Security card swipes and biometrics for office space access have been the workspace normal for over a decade. The COVID-19 pandemic has hastened the switch to contactless technology. Workspace providers are deploying visitor management systems and leveraging touch-free facial recognition tools for allowing a seamless building access for their members.

Advanced Security Solutions

Tech is playing a key role in ensuring security and enhancing the safety of the people in the coworking spaces. For instance, HID Mobile access which works on BLE (Bluetooth low energy) enables secured access management through smartphone. Wireless IP smart security cameras help business owners to monitor the workplace activities and can control unauthorized access as well. With modern keyless access technology, members and clients can quickly enter their co-working spaces without needing to look for a key.

AI powered solution can read feed from IP cameras and can alert security for unwanted/unauthorized moment in a closed area, it can also monitor count of people moving in & out of the facility. Facial recognition is another technology that is playing key role, by knowing and checking people.

Employee engagement and support

The pandemic has caused mental anxiety and stress to people across the globe. Coworking spaces are conducting online events to boost employee morale and reduce their stress levels.
Virtual meetings on stress management, managing finances, and conducting recreational activities online like yoga and Zumba classes, mandala and doodle workshops, music concerts, and mentoring sessions are being conducted to support the employees/members and keep their spirits high.

Technology is constantly enabling businesses transform their workspaces into a dynamic and interactive space for brainstorming and inducing a productive work environment. With employee health and wellbeing, emerging as the key focus area in the new normal, touchless technology integration in workspaces has emerged as a necessity. Coworking companies are continuously coming up with innovative solutions to provide businesses with advanced state-of-the-art technologies to help them maximize their productivity and ensure seamless operations.


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