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The new organisations that are on a hunt to find the best co-working space product and are unknown about Smartworks, can easily reach out to us and check out our ‘Experience Pass’ offer. Our teams at Smartworks look forward to not just providing the best services to our current members but also build a sense of trust and reliance with our new clients. Hence, we have come up with an out of box offer which says,’try before you buy’. Drop into our blog to know more.

How an ‘experience’ can change your office

Hurry up – free trial at Smartworks !! That navy blue suit or the grey pinstripe one? Black pumps or tan ballet flats? Cat-eyed frames or rectangle up frames? The more choices you have, the harder it gets to decide.

Simply put, if options are overwhelming then picking one is baffling. These options assert a certain level of stress on the buyer to select the ‘perfect’ item. Questions such as, ‘what if I don’t choose correctly? How can I know for sure that what I’m buying is right for me?– wreak havoc on our minds. Nevertheless, we comb through all the options before choosing the one that best fits us.

Thanks to the 21st-century marketing approach, companies nowadays offer an ideal solution to this collective angst – try before buying! If the trial run is satisfactory, then the subscription is taken.

While most of you are familiar with trials for apparel, footwear, car, how about getting a trial for an office where you can seed your ideas and watch them take off? Let us answer this for you- why not!

At Smartworks, we believe in providing office spaces that reflect the brand personality, which is why we have come up with our brand new offering- ‘Experience Pass,’ for entrepreneurs. It is our version of ‘try before you buy.’

With the Experience Pass, our potential customers can get a taste of our world-class facilities. They can access all common areas, breakout zones and avail all paid services as per the service price guide of that particular centre. Other perks include unlimited tea/coffee and WiFi services. To top it all, it’s free! We are offering a free trial at Smartworks to ensure that your choice is the best choice.

So, if an ideal office is on your radar, then you’ve struck gold!

Grab your Experience Pass today!


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How to Transform your Work Life in just Three Minutes!

Work-life balance plays a significant role in an individual’s life. You’re snug in bed. Your alarm rings, you hit snooze. After a few snoozes, you realize you’ll be late if you don’t leave immediately. You reach office in the nick of time dressed in any attire you can lay your hands on! You reach the office disheveled and find a pile of paperwork on your desk. You count down the seconds until it’s time to leave.

Does this sound like the story of your life?

The first impression is the last, but with so much already on, where do you find time to take care of your personal grooming or imbibing appropriate work etiquettes?

#Smartbytes is the answer to all your workspace etiquettes woes.

Workplace ethics and etiquette have always been a nebulous social territory where the fear of messing up can be daunting. Instead of initiating a flight response or sweeping it under the carpet, the best bet is to face them. The question often remains how?

The answer is simple, investing in the most important person in your life-YOU!

This self-love has in fact proven beneficial for many office-goers. For instance, 48% of US employees combat stress by investing in professional development, according to a report by Udemy.

Another interesting report by the American Psychological Association revealed that 91% of workers at companies that support well-being efforts feel motivated to do their best.

Keeping the idea of professional development and well-being in mind, we came up with ‘Smartbytes’- A crisp, no-fuss and informative route to help you up the corporate ladder. Consisting of a series of videos anchored by the best experts in the field, Smartbytes is our take on everything professional. From power dressing to conversation etiquettes, we’ve got everything covered.

Our first series is on ‘Corporate Grooming’ and features Babita Jaishankar. She is the dynamic force behind Wsol, a consultancy that offers image management expertise to individuals and corporate entities. With her image management prowess and expertise, we have covered a variety of themes.

For our future video series, we plan to include topics such as rediscovering joy at work, balancing work and family life, time management. The video series will feature experts from different fields offering top-notch tips and hacks for a smooth sail in your corporate life.

If you still haven’t seen a Smartbytes video, then it’s time you catch up! Watch the first video here


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Smartworks cuts the ribbon on its first center in Chennai

Smartworks kicked off the new year by inaugurating its very first office space in Chennai. Being India’s largest provider of shared workspaces, Smartworks decided to launch its first bespoke shared workspace centre in Guindy, Chennai.

“Guindy is the hub for small and medium-sized companies and is extremely well connected through all modes of transport, making it one of the most desired locations for setting up a serviced office space,” said Neetish Sarda – Founder Smartworks.

It’s the strategic location in Guindy, proximity to CBD, and excellent connectivity through all modes of transport, making it an ideal location for an office space. But, seamless connectivity is not the only thing this office space has to offer. The 45,000 square feet state-of-the-art center with 900+ seats, offers world-class workspace design. A workspace that is adaptable and ergonomically sound is the sign of a great modern workspace and Smartworks Chennai does just that. Vibrant colors like red and orange line the walls, while cooler colors like green and blue evoke feelings of tranquillity and steadiness.

It also boasts of a host of amenities such as cafeteria cum lounge serving healthy food options, gaming room, gym, medical room, meeting rooms, conference rooms, AV lounge, concierge services, fortnightly community events and many other facilities to make workspaces hassle-free and aid in improving the productivity of its members. The cafe has a charm of its own. With an overall color scheme of blue and white, it brings out the aquatic theme, while inevitably promoting a peaceful and calm atmosphere. Complementing is the colorful chairs and the hand-painted wall art. Such an exquisite combination of different materials and elements makes this cafe one of a kind.

Smartworks made its pan India foray in April 2016 and in a short span of 16 months, has emerged as India’s largest and fastest-growing player in the shared office space and co-working segment. Smartworks presently has 16 centers across nine cities covering more than 900,000 sq. ft. space and plans to expand to 3 million square feet, in over 20 Tier 1 and 2 cities, pan-India by the year 2020.

“We aspire to reinvent India’s workspaces with a simple motto – ‘Create office spaces where people ‘want’ to go, not just ‘have’ to go!’. Smartworks’ newly launched center in Guindy offers affordability, accessibility, tailor-made office spaces and access to various community events, workshops, and seminars.

In today’s world, rich technology infrastructure is a major business driver and is one of our major offerings in all our centers. Smartworks offers a ‘futuristic workplace’ that not only offers best in class technical support to its clients, it even offers fantastic designs and personalized value-added services.” said Harsh Binani – Co-Founder of Smartworks

Another advantage of the Smartworks Chennai Office was that even before the launch, the Chennai center already had a strong client base of companies such as Redington India Limited, Morgan Advanced Materials India Pvt Limited, Greaves Cotton Limited amongst others. Riding on this accelerating growth and demand from a strong client base, Smartworks is planning to further expand its operations in OMR, Chennai. Apart from Chennai, Smartworks also plans to expand to other parts of Tamil Nadu in the near future particularly Madurai and Coimbatore.

Here’s a sneak peek into our Guindy, Chennai office:

Inspiring Office Interior In Guindy Center

Smartworks Center In Guindy

Modern Office Space

Smart Meeting Rooms

Experience the convenience we bring with our offices with the drone shot from Smartworks, Guindy, Chennai



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Inside Smartworks Smartcafe: A Place to Unwind, Reinvent and Recharge

If there’s one thing that has been a staple of the workplace, since the early days of modern office spaces, it’s the ‘coffee break.’ Considered as one of the potent parts of an employee’s day, automated coffee machines and afternoon coffee orders are a daily ritual.

And why not, after several hours beavering away to either reach a target or just keeping things running smoothly, the employees deserve a good time to relax and recharge.

With this as a thought, we decided to reinvent our cafeteria in Pune. Branded as ‘Smartcafe’, the café is reminiscent of a comfortable coffee shop, with warm, welcoming interiors, plush and cosy seating and bright lights that radiate energy.

With a capacity to host 75 people, Smartcafe has become a place that encourages both social interaction and productivity of our employees through its architectural diversity and, of course, lip-smacking food.

Enough said, here’s a sneak peek into Smartworks Smartcafe to leave you green with envy.


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These offices in Gurgaon are stealing the show

It has emerged as one of the fastest growing business hubs in the country. With more and more organisations showing interest in Gurgaon, the stock of offices in Gurgaon too is surging. In case you too are looking for an office space on rent in Gurgaon, then take a look at these amazing spaces before taking any decision:

    1. Experia Media
      This office space is located in Jacaranda Marg in Gurgaon. This office space is apt for young entrepreneurs, start-ups and freelancers who are looking for a convenient and affordable space with all kind of amenities. This is a home-style studio with ample seating arrangements. Also, it comes with all modern amenities such as kitchen, high-speed internet, parking area, and air conditioner. Apart from that, it also has a garden area where you can take breaks in between hectic work hours. In case you are looking forward to taking an office space on rent in Gurgaon, get in touch with us at


    1. CoworkIn
      Located in GK1, Gurgaon, this is an ideal space in case you have a small team or you are working solo. This informal office space is best for both small-term and long-term use. In case you do not like a traditional office setting and is looking for a more informal setting, this is the ideal space for you. CoworkIn offers shared workspaces complete with desks, chairs, private rooms for team meetings and a resting area for breakout sessions. Also, it comes with a cooking space in case you want to prepare meals.


    1. 91 Springboard
      This office space is located in Maruti Industrial Area in Gurgaon. This is an office space that not only provides access to shared working space, internet facilities but also provides an access to a network of mentors who are there to guide you with your business venture. This office space has 24X7 infrastructures that facilitate knowledge sharing, networking, and collaboration opportunities.


  1. Investopad
    Investopad provides great co-working spaces complete with an access to digital marketing, design and technical experts to help you with your business efforts.
    Hopefully, these pointers will give you an idea about amazing workspaces in Gurgaon that are stealing the show.


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