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10 Tips to Improve Work-Life Balance

10 Tips to Improve Work-Life Balance

As life goes on under the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses have to factor in a lot of new realities. This also means having to maintain a work-life balance for employees when it comes to working from home. Did you know, according to a recent survey, 62% of employees are connected to their work every week! Many do not even believe in having some personal time and a healthy work routine. This in the long run will affect their productivity and increase burn-out rates for businesses.

The erosion of work-life balance can be blamed for many factors, avoidable and unavoidable, such as long hours or urgent deadlines. However, it is also more complex than that, for productivity should also be factored in. Productivity can only be achieved if employees are motivated and satisfied with their job. Factors that can help in improving productivity can be the type of peers/colleagues, work environment, and meeting their basic requirements.

When it comes to the work environment, the traditional silo workspace is increasingly being replaced by open desks and collaborative space. Coworking space like Smartworks goes beyond and provides for an agile workspace that reflects the company and its people.

Here are 10 Tips to Improve Work Life Balance:

1. Prioritise Most Important Task First

For any work, it is important to make a list of your task load and then prioritise them from the importance. Some can be urgent and those need to be tackled first too. Making a priority list will help in knowing the amount of work and the actual time it will take. This will ensure you can schedule your work time accordingly.

2. Learn To Say No

Often, one gets bogged by too much work. Is it possible that you have taken tasks that belong to some other department just because you wished your superiors? For a new employee this can be tricky, however, no matter how much experience you have, learn to say no to work that does not belong to you. There’s no need to take extra work when you are already inundated with your own. Only when you have some free time should you check up on your colleagues to assist them in their tasks.

3. Take Your Designated Breaks

It is quite easy to lose yourself in your work. But do not become a person who ‘forgets’ or skips their lunch break. Replenishing your body with sustenance is required to make you productive. Skipping lunch and taking up unhealthy eating habits will have a long term effect on your health. Take the time to replenish your body with food and drinks.

4. Be Part Of A Community

Working in an office environment doesn’t mean to be sitting at your desk the entire day. Many companies work out from coworking space and one should take advantage to interact with the diversity of people. Being part of a community, hobby, or career networking, helps in uplifting the mood and boosting productivity.

5. Keep Multi-Tasking To A Minimum

Multi-tasking is both a boon and a bane. Some can do it efficiently, some cannot. However, the majority of corporate leaders agree, multi-tasking often reduces productivity as it stretches our focus and multiple works can be distracting thereby affecting the simplest of tasks. Focus on one thing and get it done quickly and move to the next task.

6. Face-time

Spend some time in direct interaction with your boss or team. As a junior hire, one can schedule weekly or daily interaction with your boss, alternatively, if you’re a team leader set some time for your team. In both instances, it helps in giving and receiving feedback, set up the journey for the week which helps improve the work-life balance.

7. Unplug

Self-care is critical in being successful in your work. Unplug from your mobile and desktop, take at least half-hour or an hour for yourself. This helps in not only resting your mind but also recharging yourself. Make up for the lost time by fully focusing at your tasks at hand. Utilise this short break for self-improvement.

8. Pick Up A Hobby

Picking up a hobby outside of work can help improve your body and mind. Hit the gym or take up trekking. Various researches have shown that people who take leisure time helps them become a better leader.

9. Seek Assistant

If your work is becoming tiresome and making your unproductive, there’s nothing wrong in seeking assistance or help from your boss or colleagues. Sometimes work pressure can spill over your personal life but taking positive action by reaching out and talking about your feelings can help alleviate unwanted stress.

10. Change Is Good

This point is not about changing your job, rather, changing your daily routine. Ask yourself what changes can help improve your work-life balance. Can you purchase groceries over the weekend or online? Can a client meeting be scheduled when there’s less traffic on the road? Build systems within your day to help you become more productive and maintain the work-life balance.

Working in any corporate space can be tiring and stressful, however, work-life balance can be maintained and it all depends on the individual. Taking necessary proactive steps and measures can help a person improve their confidence, maintain work during office hours and be able to provide the necessary time for the family, be it helping around the house or assisting in their kid’s homework. Work-life balance is important from the business perspective to boost an employee’s morale and productivity.


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Are you the last one to leave the office? Here’s how to STOP it!

Don’t worry! You’re not alone. It’s a challenge that every working professional faces: getting out of the office door on time. While some get caught in an email trap, clicking away at their computers and firing off emails way past dinner time, others linger till late, to appear committed to their jobs.

Just like the discussion around work-life balance, working late has also become the norm. But the art of ‘leaving’ on time doesn’t happen by just talking about it. It starts way before the workday does and there has to be a psychological commitment to departure time and a plan to make it happen.

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In this blog, we give you that plan and steps to execute it:    

Harness the skills of time management

A study conducted by the Harvard Business Review found that working more than 40 hours a week could make professionals less productive, put them at risk of making mistakes, and create the appearance of poor time-management skills. So let’s start by understanding the cardinal rule- Your set hours are your set hours for a reason, whether you are an employee or a manager.

You need to accommodate and complete all the crucial things in the given hours. Period. Finish everything within the stipulated time, and if your current setup isn’t working for you, change it.  You also need to stop focusing on one day or one week and start planning for long-term goals.

Predict and preempt the things that will take most of your hours and start working on them backward. There could even be days where you can’t complete everything you have planned, and that’s ok.

Work is a never-ending process, and you should stop trying to get everything done in a day.   

Find the leaks

There can be multiple things that might be slowing you down during office hours. It could be chatty colleagues, noisy office spaces, lack of pre-defined work expectations, urge to take too many short breaks, unnecessary meetings and so on. Take a step back and consider your priorities. What’s the ‘true north’ towards which you’re working? If you know that these frequent workplace distractions are halting you from reaching your goals, then it’s time to stop.

Cut down on your unnecessary chit-chat breaks, find a space where you can work peacefully without any distraction, get yourself taken off from the meetings and discussion that don’t concern you. Identify these leaks and fix them before they become a part of your schedule.  

Discover the magic formula

We all have some days that are particularly productive. It could be Mondays, Fridays or just in the middle of the week. Identify these days and find those elements that made that day or days so good. Discover a pattern and try to replicate them as much as you can!  

Walk the talk

No matter what stage of your career you are in, try and walk the talk. More often than not, we see managers saying, “We don’t want our employees and people to work past 6 or 7.” But then you get an email from them at midnight.

As a manager or a senior at any level, you need to give your team permission to live the life that you want to live and expect the same of yourself as you do them. Lead with an example and build a culture that gives them a real chance to walk out before dark, regardless of workload.  

Switch to spaces that work for you!

Whether you are a manager, founder, or an employee, you’ll agree that a place where you work, hold meetings, ideate and celebrate all the wins and some losses, play a crucial role in shaping your day and work. If you spend almost half of your day figuring out why the internet is not working or how to get a projector fixed, then you’re probably in the wrong place. A workspace should help you work better and not the opposite.

For all those who are scrambling to find this elusive work-life balance, experience our office spaces for a day for free. We believe in doing less, to do more!  


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Smartworks Takes Bengaluru!


A casual stroll in Cubbon park, an exciting evening at Koramangla, breakfast at Brahmins’ Coffee Bar or a shopping spree at Brigade road. Bengaluru is not just a melting pot of cultures but also the Silicon Valley of the country. Here, a number of successful startups were conceived and today, new ones are born every fortnight. So, the tech-first city invariably became our choice for our newest coworking space.

With recently launched centres in Hyderabad and Mumbai, we’re all set to launch our biggest centre yet in Bengaluru. We’re thrilled to be back in the city to open our second centre at the Global Tech Park in the beautiful suburb of Bellandur.

Accessibility feels like a dream in a city known for its exasperating traffic. To soften this blow, we decided on a strategic location to ensure your corporate life is a joyride. Our flagship centre is easily accessible to all parts of the city via BMTC and close proximity to key residential hubs like Outer Ring Road, Bellandur et al. Keeping in mind the frequency of travel for work, the Baiyappanahalli metro station, and the KR Puram railway station are at a distance of 15 km and 10.5 km respectively.

The luxurious marble-finished double-height lobby and perfectly manicured lawn will greet you as soon as you step into the spacious compound.  It not only offers plenty of natural light but also superior indoor air quality. As you look around, biophilic architecture and open walkways will catch your eye. Furthermore, the enormous centre has enough space to house 5000 members.

The members enjoy benefits like multi-cuisine restaurants, planned crèche and gym facilities in the vicinity of their workspace. Not to forget, our offices have opened the doors to your furry friends as well (pet-friendly). Whether it’s taking a much-needed coffee break in the smart cafeteria or a quick pop-in to the nearby mall, this new centre has it all. In addition to malls, the centre is at a stone’s throw away from premier hotels like Royal Park Plaza, NOVOTEL, Aloft, IBIS, CITRUS and retail outlets like More HyperMart, Total Mall.

We’re excited to take a plunge into Bengaluru’s bustling tech scene through the reinvention of traditional office spaces. We’re certain that our coworking space will become an indispensable part of the city. Come and experience the true essence of coworking and productivity at our centre!


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