5 Tips to Rent Small Business Space

Sep 03, 2021

5 Tips to Rent Small Business Space

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Don’t worry; we are here to help you. Whether you want a fully furnished office space for rent in Gurgaon or any other place in India, here are five tips to consider before you sign the rent agreement:

Search for a space on Budget
Keeping the cost low is very important for start-ups or any other small businesses. Office spaces can be quite expensive. Look for spaces that are inexpensive. If you do not need a bigger space but you will be meeting clients more often, look for shared office space. Many business owners with excess space share it with others. This way you can save costs as well.

Seek help from experts
Commercial real estate agencies (like us) can help you find an office space within your budget and as per your demands. Good commercial real estate agencies have a good knowledge about the market and can easily get you what you want. This saves a lot of time and cost. If you are looking for office space in Gurgaon for rent, then get in touch with our experts at https://www.smartworksoffice.com/

Don’t Sign multi-year agreement
Landlords often try to bind you in long term lease agreements. This is very important to consider. This is because your business may expand and you may require a much larger space. Or your business may not take off well and you need to downsize. In either case, you will need a flexible agreement that allows you to move out of the space when you want. Talk to the landlord and check the provisions before you sign the rent agreement.

Furniture for rent
Ask your commercial real estate agency whether they can provide you with flexible furniture and equipment or not. Instead of buying, ask them whether you can rent them or not. This saves a lot of costs as you won’t be stuck with furniture and equipment when it becomes obsolete (in case you move out of the place).

Consider the additional expenses
Along with the rent, an office space comes with a lot of hidden costs such as maintenance costs. Before renting a small office space, ensure that you know about the quoted rent and the hidden costs.

These tips will help you get a suitable office space without much hassle.

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