Interesting Studies on How Office Space Boosts Your Productivity

Sep 03, 2021

Interesting Studies on How Office Space Boosts Your Productivity

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There are a number of ways to boost employee productivity in your office. Here, we have curated a few research-backed data that demonstrates the tactics of boosting office productivity:

Office Plants can boost workplace productivity
Do you know that keeping plants in your office space can boost productivity? A study conducted by the University of Queensland, Australia found that plants boost employee productivity by at least 15%. The co-author of the study and Professor at the School of Psychology at the same University Alex Haslam says that “Office landscaping helps the workplace become a more enjoyable, comfortable and profitable place to be… because a green office communicates to employees that their employer cares about them and their welfare.”

Green Office Design helps boost employee productivity
A report published by the World Building Council and Jones Lang LaSalle found that workplace productivity is greatly affected by factors such as thermal comfort, indoor air quality, access to natural light and so on. The report further emphasised that a greener and healthy workplace is a key to productivity. For instance, it found that increasing the flow of natural light, keeping plants in the workplace and boosting the air quality of the office space creates a green and productive workspace.
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Installing Artwork in the work-space boosts productivity
A study at the University of Exeter in January 2016 shows that installing artwork in the workspace can lower the stress level of the employees, increase their sense of well-being, thereby, boosting employee productivity. A team led by Dr Craig Knight carried out this study for 12 years. They found that people who worked in offices that emphasise on an artistic decor and installed artwork worked 15% quicker than those who worked in offices without any art installations.

Workplace design boosts productivity
Office design is crucial for improving productivity. A study published in the Journal of Public Affairs, Administration and Management in 2009 found that offices design that considers factors such as comfort, noise reduction, flexibility, air quality, quality of furniture boost employee performance by 10-15%.

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