Sep 08, 2021

Inside Smartworks Smartcafe: A Place to Unwind, Reinvent and Recharge

If there’s one thing that has been a staple of the workplace, since the early days of modernoffice spaces, it’s the ‘coffee break.’ Considered as one of the potent parts of an employee’s day, automated coffee machines and afternoon coffee orders are a daily ritual.

And why not, after several hours beavering away to either reach a target or just keeping things running smoothly, the employees deserve a good time to relax and recharge.

With this as a thought, we decided to reinvent our cafeteria in Pune. Branded as ‘Smartcafe’, the café is reminiscent of a comfortable coffee shop, with warm, welcoming interiors, plush and cosy seating and bright lights that radiate energy.

With a capacity to host 75 people, Smartcafe has become a place that encourages both social interaction and productivity of our employees through its architectural diversity and, of course, lip-smacking food.

Enough said, here’s a sneak peek into Smartworks Smartcafe to leave you green with envy.

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