How shared workspace provider, Smartworks, is leading the change in carbon reduction in India

The emergence and fast adoption of ‘shared economy’ as a concept as well as a practise has been one of the most important socio-economic changes in the past few years. With the rise of technology, online platforms like ride-sharing, Airbnb, e-commerce platforms and offline platforms like hostel accommodations and shared workspaces have seen an increased presence.

At Smartworks, the leading provider of shared workspaces in India, there have been many measures undertaken to make the space environment friendly keeping in mind the global need of the hour. Being a shared workspace, Smartworks is reducing carbon footprint by acting as an aggregator of office spaces. Managed workspaces have various large enterprises, SMEs, start-ups, and freelancers working out of its facilities from across India. Some of them are Tata Communications, Microsoft, Arcelormittal, Amazon, Carrier, Otis, Daikin, Lenovo, Bacardi and OLX.

At our Pune centre and a few other facilities, we have installed biophilic architecture. For instance, we have glass walls to ensure maximum natural light in the premises to keep the environment bright and electricity usage at the bare minimum. Along with this, foliage plants have also been placed at the centres that minimize the pollution indoors. As per NASA studies, common indoor plants may provide a valuable weapon in the fight against rising levels of indoor air pollution. They are surprisingly useful in absorbing potentially harmful gases and cleaning the air inside homes, indoor public spaces and office buildings. [1] Smartworks has also implemented air-conditioning control at all centres to minimize the harmful effects of air-conditioning by adding regulators. Managed workspaces are better able to efficiently utilize the space through hot desking, that ensures the total square footage is used proficiently and minimum total space is occupied. This is also done via sensors and space management software such as smart furniture and other systems.

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Smartworks is undoubtedly moving towards a more sustainable approach of lifestyle and encouraging the same among its client member as well as employees. One such initiative is Smartworks’ green workshops that takes place to educate people on green initiatives. Another implementation at Smartworks to get every member company involved is the reward system given out to people for major and minor initiatives undertaken to reduce carbon footprint.

According to a study by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), more than 75 percent of US adults believe that shared economy reduces carbon footprint. This can be justified considering how vehicles, one of the most harmful pollutants, would stay stationery in such an economy. However, concluding exactly how beneficial the upcoming and vastly prevalent shared economy is can be a bit problematic at present.

– Neetish Sarda, Founder, Smartworks


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