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5 Characteristics that Make Good Workspaces GREAT

5 Characteristics that Make Good Workspaces GREAT

Times are changing fast. Workspaces that people yearned for, expected and cared about a few years ago are so different than today. The first priority for founders and managers today is to create an environment where the work is both exciting and challenging. A place where careers blossom and the bottom line thrives.

So what are the essential values and behaviors that every organization must follow to thrive in the future? What can an organization do to ensure that a workspace is a place where employees want to be and not have to be? Focus on creating a workspace that goes way beyond choosing nice decor or comfy chairs.

In this article, we’ve enlisted five essential characteristics of a workplace that attracts and motivates people to come to work every day.

Authentic leadership

The success of any great workspace arguably hinges on great leaders. From executives down to front-line managers, authentic leaders demonstrate respect, credibility, and fairness to employees and the organization.

These leaders consistently present a clear vision for their company and increase trust every time they listen carefully to employees and live up to their word. So start by identifying, hiring and promoting leaders who cultivate strong bonds with their teams, connect everyone to the mission of the organization, and spotlight team members’ successes.

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Clear purpose

A great workplace, or any workplace for that matter, has a clear and specific purpose for existing which is captured and ingrained in every action or decision a company takes. A 2014 study by Deloitte found that an organization that focuses on ‘purpose’ is an organization that inspires higher levels of confidence among stakeholders and one that boosts growth. Similarly, a 2010 Burson-Marsteller/IMD Corporate Purpose Impact study found that a strong and well-communicated corporate purpose can contribute up to a 17 percent improvement in financial performance.

So make sure that your organization has a clear purpose in place. Your employees should have a clear understanding of this purpose and must be enlightened by leaders as to how their roles help to achieve the company’s purpose.

Equal opportunities

The cardinal rule of a great workspace is maximizing its human potential. When all employees are at their best at work, it’s better for businesses, better for people and better for the world.

Create a culture that allows every employee to be innovative and contribute to their own capacity. Even Apple’s Steve Jobs firmly believed companies that want to retain great employees have to let them make decisions. IBM in 2006 invited 150,000 employees, family members, business partners and clients to an online brainstorming session called an ‘Innovation Jam.’ Participants from 104 countries responded, and their ideas led to $100 million in investments by IBM on suggested projects.

Diversity & inclusion

With the millennial generation entering and representing the significant segment of the workforce, the expectations are changing. Workforce, today, expects their employers to create inclusive spaces around gender, race and even sexual orientation. They look forward to open and candid communication where everyone should be able to voice their perspective respectfully.

Therefore, companies should take note and add multigenerational positions within the organization where inputs from anyone and everyone are appreciated.

Workspaces that WOW you

Employees today don’t need a lavish multi-story office to feel more productive. Design working environments that are safe, comfortable and hassle-free. Ideal workspaces are those where people feel free to move around, don’t feel tied to their desks, and create more opportunities for creative collaboration.

That’s where co-working spaces like ours come into play. Make a switch today to spaces that allow for privacy, collaboration, and networking.

Solving the Snag with Smartworks: High Rent

Coworking has exploded globally over the past couple of years. Recent coworking stats show that there are currently 1.69 million people working in coworking spaces worldwide. A whopping 33% increase from 2017 is a clear indicator of a coworking becoming ‘the place’ to thrive. With the largest coworking companies securing several million dollars in funding and new players entering the market, there have been a host of options for decision-makers to choose from.

However, the number of desks taken by a majority of independent firms haven’t been massive. According to recent coworking stats, 52% occupy a mere 0-50 desks each. The question is why? There is a common understanding that coworking spaces are mostly dominated by either a startup with a handful of employees or self-employed and freelancing professionals with a lack of large corporations. On the contrary, there has been a surge in the occupancy rates of both the categories yet the stark difference between them is the ‘price’. Every business has different needs and operates on different costs, so a higher price per desk may not be suitable for everyone. That said, coworking spaces aren’t pricey unless one opts for the fancier spaces. Most coworking spaces offer a myriad of facilities, albeit the ‘fancy’ ones offer some extravagant amenities which is why they come with a hefty price tag. Most of the time, such luxury is a tad bit unnecessary. It might suit one business but can be completely redundant for the other. So, before zeroing in on a workspace, one must differentiate between the needs of its members and business. Regardless of a startup with employees or a self-employed individual, there are coworking spaces that fit every budget and need.

At Smartworks, we offer select plans that include expanded bandwidth and dedicated private offers that attract all types of clientele to space. With fully-customisable workspaces, one can choose what goes into their bill without compromising on any of the facilities. From a smart suite, a nonintrusive office space that shadows your business’ ethos, to a smart cube, a space with the best of both worlds- private, with the benefits of networking as well. There is an option to suit every need. Moreover, regular interactive events, a free-flow of roasted coffee and an easy vibe at the cafeteria offer a much-needed breather from mundane work. Most importantly, we believe in the power of coworking spaces and want to provide the best experience to startups and large firms alike. Our aim is to help companies thrive off the productive energy of such spaces and focus only on scaling their business.


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How to find commercial space for rent on a shoestring budget?

Don’t worry, this is how organisations begin. Even the journey of Apple too started from a garage! The process is really hectic and quite messy. Here are a few tips to help you get a commercial space for rent on a tight budget:

Look for a Co-working space
Co-working spaces are great for start-ups as commercial space for rent are preferred for startups. These are not only cheaper than traditional business spaces but offers you a chance to interact with smart people who are going through similar challenges. It helps you get connected with like-minded people and you never know, you might even chance upon a strategic partner for your business venture. In case you are looking for a business space for rent on a shoestring budget, then we can help you. Get in touch with us at https://www.smartworksoffice.com  and we will help you find a space.

Get a Shared Space
You can easily share office spaces with other professionals such as accountants, web designers, or financial advisors. Look for professionals who are in the same boat and book a commercial space together. Share the rent. However, remember to maintain a proper schedule and be in touch with each other.

Rent a Desk
There are a number of small and medium sized businesses who have plenty of empty desks and space. Look out for such businesses and approach them with your offer to share their space. This also serves as a great opportunity to mingle with like-minded professionals and build your network.

Go for an Art Studio
When you are just starting your business, you always don’t need a trendy office. It doesn’t matter whether you are into designing or packing up orders, art studios are much cheaper than fully furnished office spaces. Also, once your business picks up, you can always move to a better place.

In case you are just working with a laptop, you can also create a workspace at your home. We hope that these ideas will help you gather valuable insights on how to rent an office space when you are tight on budget. For any further queries regarding business space for rent, call us at +91-84489-80480.

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Starting a business? 5 things you must know

if you are starting a business and need business space for rent to conducting market research, then there are a number of factors that you cannot afford to miss. To make it easy for you, here we have discussed a few must-know things before you start your business

Do Market Research
Researching about the competitive landscape of the market is among the essential things to do before starting a business. Businesses don’t run on assumptions. So, it is essential to find out whether there is a demand for your products and services or not. Market research will give you an idea about the demand of your products and also, give you an idea about your competitors.

Find a business space for rent
Finding a proper commercial place for rent is yet another important thing to consider. Businesses need dedicated office space in order to survive and when looking for a business space for rent, choose an office that will support your business growth and your team. Moreover, it is also essential to have a dedicated space where you can meet your clients and carry out other official work. In case you are looking for a business space for rent, then get in touch with us at https://www.smartworksoffice.com/

Consider getting Legal advice
Starting a new business comes with a lot of legal works. Getting legal counsel helps you in protecting yourself from any trouble and take pre-emptive measures to ensure the long-term success of your business. If you seek legal counsel when you run into trouble, it would be too late and can hamper your business processes.

Build your Network
In case you are thinking about starting your business, you have to understand the commitment that you need to put into it. Build your network, talk to other entrepreneurs, understand how they succeeded and learn from their mistakes. TFrom getting ahese experiences can help you understand how you need to deal with the different aspects of a business.

Get a name
Make sure that the name you choose for your business is appropriate, reflects your personality and is a name with an available trademark. Also, ensure that an internet domain is available in that name failing which might put your business at risk and result in wastage of time and money. Hopefully, these pointers have helped you get an insight into the things you must consider before starting your business.

5 things to look for before renting a commercial space

Renting a commercial place comes with a lot of hidden costs and other expenditure. Moreover, the commercial space for rent must support your team members and help them thrive. So, choosing just any random office space is not an option. Consider these things before jumping to any conclusion:

Consider the Location
If you are considering a dedicated business space for rent, then location are the most important criteria to consider before finalising the deal. Check whether the commercial space is easily accessible or not. Can your team members easily commute to the place? Can your clients locate it properly? Is the space easily accessible through public transportation? If yes, then you can definitely look forward to space.

Consider the additional Expenses
Before you opt for a commercial place for rent, make sure you understand what is included in the rent and what is not. Often, the actual quoted rent doesn’t include expenses such as additional repairs or installing electricity and phone lines etc. Make it clear whether the landlord is going take care of the additional expenses or not. If the landlord is responsible for it then ensure they are taken care of in a timely manner.

Take help from Experts
The process of searching a proper commercial space for rent can be quite overwhelming, particularly if you are a newcomer. Experts (like us) can offer you flexible business space solution depending on your needs and criteria. Whether you wish for long-term lease or just short-term contract, commercial real estate agents and experts can accommodate all your demands and make the process much easy for you. Get in touch with us at https://www.smartworksoffice.com/ if you need help finding a commercial space.

Explore the Building
Before you finalise the deal, check whether the building where you are renting your office has the required amenities or not. Is it safe and secure for your team members? Does the building has a security guard or takes proper fire precautionary measures? What about after-hours security? Consider these issues before renting a space.

Check the Layout
The layout of the commercial space for rentmust be comfortable for your team. It must be large enough to accommodate space for each person.

These points will help you get a good space and a smart deal.

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Tips for SMBs to zero in on a commercial place for rent

It not only affects the day-to-day operations of your business space for rent but also impacts the morale of your staff. Finding a commercial place for rent that matches your budget and has enough room for your growth is not as daunting as it appears. Consider these tips to ensure that you are on the right track:

Look for Shared Office Space
The idea of shared office space is very appealing for SMBs. Particularly if your business is not ready to sign a lease at that point of time. Shared business space for rent is usually available on monthly basis. These commercial spaces are fully equipped with office supplies such as desks, conference rooms, the internet, telephone lines etc. However, the services depend on how much you are ready to spend.

Consider the Location
Before choosing a commercial place for rent, consider the location. Check whether your clients can reach your office without any hassles or not. Is it convenient for your team members? Are there any coffee shops nearby? What about the security of the neighbourhood? These are essential to keep your team members and clients happy and secure. Check all these factors before zero in on a business space.

Do not Buy Office Furniture
Moving to a new business space comes with a lot of additional costs. And when it comes to office furniture, it’s advisable to not buy any. You can easily get office equipment, supplies, and furniture on a lease. And this won’t cost you a fortune.

Consider the Office Style
If you are planning to turn your small business into a brand gradually, then considering the style of your office is essential. The style and design of your commercial space are essential for your brand image. Before you zero in on a business space for rent, ask whether they would allow you to customise the space or not. Also, be aware of the additional costs that would come with the changes you make.

If you are having difficulty in finding the right commercial space for your SMB, take help from professionals. Get in touch with Smartworks at https://www.smartworksoffice.com and we will help you find the right commercial place as per your aesthetics, budget and other requirements.