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Coworking – The Future of Enterprises

Coworking might be a recent phenomenon in India, but it has become the new normal in several countries across the world. Coworking has disrupted the traditional working environment today, and thus the segment has witnessed massive growth in the last five years. In fact, the demand for coworking continues to grow and by 2020, approximately 13 million people are expected to be working at coworking spaces. This brings us to an important question – why is coworking growing in popularity? Is coworking really the future of enterprises in India? If we consider the statistics, coworking most definitely is the future of enterprises. Below are some important reasons why coworking might be the future of enterprises in India.

1. Mobility is a growing demand:

The present working class is more interested in securing jobs that offer flexibility at their workplace. Understanding the demand, enterprises want to portray themselves as ‘new-age’ companies with a modern work culture to attract young talent. For the workers, coworking offers a choice to access different choices in working styles in order to match their productivity.

2. Coworking has become synonymous with productivity:

A lot of big enterprises such as Amazon and Starbucks have already shifted to coworking spaces, and the reasons are beyond cost-saving. Productivity is one aspect which is contributing to this shift from traditional workspaces to coworking. Enterprises, no matter what their size is, have realized that working at coworking spaces alongside like-minded individuals can help boost productivity, lead to innovation, and foster employee satisfaction.

3. Coworking offers a thriving work environment:

Coworking spaces allow members to work in a collaborative environment where they can network with each other to form symbiotic business relationships. People using co-working space can actually meet people from diverse backgrounds, discuss their business ideas, and form lucrative relationships. In addition to offering a work environment filled with networking opportunities, coworking presents people with a sense of community. Being at coworking can integrate a sense of belonging to a prosperous and productive community among workers. This sense of belonging can motivate workers to work harder and deliver better results.

4. Coworking spaces offer the right vibe:

Coworking is all about the right vibe. Everything about coworking spaces right from the infrastructure to the interior is designed to harness productivity. In fact, some coworking brands offer customization options that let enterprises decide the look and feel of their workplace in accordance with their requirements. Enterprises, using this feature, can customize the interiors, lighting, and even the furniture to set
the mood and ensure their employees are working at their productive best.

5.Automation and expansion of services:

Coworking spaces are becoming tech-savvy. Booking a seat at coworking comes with the latest facilities such as free wi-fi, 24X7 technical support, shared conference rooms to ensure maximum utilization of resources, gaming zone along snack bar. In addition, coworking brands offer apps that would automate common processes such as generating invoices, creating bills, and tracking attendance to reduce human errors and ensure seamless management.

Coworking, which was just a new idea a few years ago, has become a booming sector. The industry will continue to disrupt further and will grab a larger pie from the traditional workplaces as the above trends continue to fascinate people towards working.


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Debusting 5 Myths Related to Coworking Spaces

Coworking, even though it’s a very recent development in India, has transformed into an industry with a diverse network of spaces and communities of all types and styles. Even then, people seem to have a lot of misunderstandings about coworking owing to the myths that prevail regarding it. Below are some common myths related to coworking spaces which you must know.

1. Coworking spaces are for small businesses

When it comes down to business, people have different rules to follow. The same applies to coworking spaces; some coworking is accessible by all while some are very specific about what kind of businesses can access their facility. This doesn’t mean coworking spaces aren’t for big enterprises or vice versa.

If you want to shift your business to a coworking facility, find a coworking brand like Smartworks which can accommodate big enterprises like yours in their coworking facility.

2. They are extremely expensive

Opposed to the belief, coworking space is much affordable than renting a traditional workspace. At coworking spaces, you pay the cost of the number of seats you use, which can be cut down or increased later as per the requirement. On the contrary, setting up a new office in the traditional workspace is overly expensive. Even then, enterprises have very limited flexibility to expand or cut down their leased space.

In addition, coworking spaces offer additional IT and connectivity services which make them even more affordable.

3. Coworking spaces are distracting and unproductive

The general environment at a coworking office is different from the traditional office and more conducive to work. Besides, working at a coworking space offers more freedom and makes people more intuitive about their work.

4. It is the same as working from home:

Working from home comes with its own set of pros and cons. It is definitely cool initially but the lack of interaction and movement make it detrimental for your employees’ health. On the other hand, the coworking environment ensures your employees have enough social interactions and movements, ensuring that they are their productive best.

5. Coworking won’t survive in India

No matter what people say, coworking is here to stay. In fact, some of the biggest businesses such as Facebook, Amazon and even Google are proactively using coworking spaces instead of setting up their own office. As per data collected by MYHQ Digest, the potential market of coworking space in India is around 12-16 million seats. Apart from that, the number of coworking members is expected to rise to 3.8 million by 2020 and 5.1 million by 2022.

So, to sum up, If you’ve been planning for long to shift to coworking space, don’t let these myths related to coworking spaces influence your decision. Instead, take a trip to any of our coworking spaces and find out the reality yourself. Shifting to a coworking space can be one of the toughest decisions for any enterprise, but it is also a fruitful one.


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Is Generation Z Redefining Indian Workspace

India’s leading Sports Management Institute IISM moves into Smartworks, Mumbai

  • Smartworks becomes the first managed office space provider to configure workspace and coworking trends for an Education Institute
  • IISM offers specialized degree programs in association with the University of Mumbai

Mumbai, August 12th, 2019: Smartworks has become India’s first agile workspace space provider to apply space as a service for classroom training. The firm has leased out 25000 sq.ft to Nilesh Kulkarni’s International Institute of Sports Management (IISM). For the first time, a management education institute has moved into an agile workspace with coworking trends, which otherwise is usually occupied by enterprises, start-ups, and freelancers. Smartworks have a total footprint of 2.8 million sq. ft. across 23 locations in 9 cities and is the only Indian bootstrapped workspace provider to have become profitable.

With IISM in Smartworks’ facility at Fleet House in Mumbai’s Andheri locality, the market leader in enterprise onboarding has brought in a completely untouched sector, Education, into the rapidly growing ambit of co-working spaces. This new addition will change the way shared workspaces were perceived; they are not just for working but for learning as well.

IISM, founded by former Indian Test cricketer Nilesh Kulkarni, is the foremost institute involved in the most unexplored education avenues to meet the demands of the growing sports industry. Imparting excellence in the sports educational sector for 10 years, IISM has emerged as one of the best institutes for sports management education in India. The education institute will be conducting classroom training for specialized degree programs namely Bachelor of Sports Management and Master of Sports Management in association with the University of Mumbai and 11 months autonomous Post-Graduation Program in Sports and Wellness management within the Smartworks premises with over 500 students.

The facility is now booked more than 90% and has a total footprint of almost 1 lakh sqft in Mumbai. It provides close proximity to business district Bandra- Kurla complex and the Western Expressway and currently hosts a mix of corporates such as CRISIL, Marsh Insurance, NEC Technologies to name a few.

“We are excited to have India’s most prestigious Sports Management institute with new coworking trends in Smartworks. We have yet again proved our capability of configuring spaces as per client requirements irrespective of the business domain. With this first of its kind association between an education institute and Smartworks, we are certain that these spaces will become the next classrooms soon. We remain committed to providing unmatched experience and solutions to businesses that will help them boost the company as well as industry growth to remain productive and further the step towards innovation in the country,” said Neetish Sarda, Founder of Smartworks.

Commenting on the recent move-in Nilesh Kulkarni, Founder IISM, said, “At IISM we believe in nothing but the best when it comes to imparting education to our students so that they learn and grow. We want our students to meet their aspirations in an environment where they are pumped up with energy and positivity. Our ultimate goal is to ensure an atmosphere for them so that they stay active, productive and lively throughout their sessions. IISM campus has eight 30-seater to 120-seater classrooms, an exclusive research lab for our students, a cafeteria with a vibe where students can enjoy break time and common breakout areas for students to unwind themselves during free-time. Given that the facility is centrally located in the city, adjacent to Marol metro station, it is convenient for the students to access any mode of transportation for commuting which makes the location a strategic fit for our institute.”

Smartworks has created a niche for itself in the co-working space industry with a new coworking trend and by bringing enterprises into the purview and leasing entire floors to the latter.

“We are witnessing growing interest from corporates in Mumbai across sectors including IT, sports, banking and e-commerce among others. The large demand stems from the benefits and array of facilities provided to our members across our centers which include state-of-the-art infrastructure, vast opportunities to network and exchange ideas, a productive work environment, and services that ensure a happy and stress- free workspace,” Nitish added.

Since its inception in April 2016, Smartworks has been aggressively expanding its footprint across key cities in India due to the growing demand for agile workspaces. Technologically sound while focusing on customer delight, encouraging collaboration, ease of doing business and overall community building for enhanced productivity remain Smartworks’ key focused areas while serving customers.

About Smartworks: 

Smartworks is India’s largest provider of agile workspaces, with a footprint of 2.8 million sq. ft. across 23 locations in 9 cities (Delhi NCR, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, and Pune) catering to more than 600 organizations across large enterprises, SMEs and start-ups. Founded in April 2016, Smartworks is redefining the Indian office experience by focusing on design, hospitality, technology and customer delight experience. Smartworks is also the only Indian agile workspace provider to have become profitable in India.

Central to this ambition is the company’s motto, ‘Workspaces that work for you’, with the vision of creating the perfect environment by just not building communities, but also ensuring their member employees are productive in the workplace.

For more information, log in to www.smartworksoffice.com

Media Contacts:

Anita Sharma
Email: [email protected]
Mobile: +91 96507 88255


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Smartworks: Your Daily Dose of Inspiration

When we’re inspired and motivated, it reflects in our work. We feel a sense of purpose, inspired by the thought that our skills and talent have been put to good work and we’re doing what we need to be doing. But then, just like everything else, it evaporates and makes us feel frustrated. Once lost, inspiration is hard to come by and it’s a herculean process to recover the missing motivation, even if you love your job. According to the renowned English cartoonist, Quentin Blake, “Inspiration is some mysterious blessing which happens when the wheels are turning smoothly”. We have the zeal to work with sheer dedication as long as everything is favorable and running smoothly. There could be numerous reasons for the hiccup, yet the most important is the working environment in the workplace. A dispirited and gloomy working environment is sure to kill the right vibe, making employees demoralized and disoriented towards work.

Inspiration is fuel, which helps us keep moving forward in every aspect of life, especially at our workplace where several factors distract us and affect our productivity and growth. Thus, it is important that organizations take good care that they have a workplace that influences and motivates employees to work with their full potential and ensure more productivity and growth. Although it’s not possible to force inspiration on someone, yet it is entirely feasible to create an environment that is conducive to inspiration. With the changing time, the way we work is also changing and unlike yesteryear, now enterprises have the opportunity to choose office spaces according to their needs and preferences, thanks to the emergence of coworking spaces.

In the last five years or so, the work environment in India is experiencing a paradigm shift as traditional workspaces are being taken over by flexible shared workspaces owing to innumerable possibilities they offer. At the moment, India alone has more than 1000 shared office spaces and enterprises of all sizes are seen choosing coworking spaces over conventional workplaces to set up their offices. A concept mushroomed in the west; coworking has made a strong foothold in the Indian market and has grown exponentially in the last few years. Studies reveal that more than 85% of working professionals feel happier being at a coworking workplace than traditional workspaces which have monotonous work hours, rigid protocols and a dreary working environment.

Smartworks, among several other coworking space operators, offers the best of workspace solutions to create an environment that spreads a sense of inspiration within the workplace to keep employees motivated throughout the day. In the last three years, we have learned and grown as a leading coworking company and with the experience, we’ve been able to decipher the mindset of the present-day working class in terms of their office needs and predilections. Driving inspiration from utopian futuristic workplaces across continents, we at Smartworks offer postmodern vibrant office spaces for the holistic development of organizations which serves as the perfect dose of inspiration for their employees.

Moreover, the presence of a robust community at Smartworks evokes a sense of inspiration in employees and motivates them to become more efficient and productive at work. Being a part of a strong and thriving community, employees feel a sense of pride and belonging which encourages them to work with their full potential and ensures improved productivity at work. The Smartworks community has professionals belonging to diverse fields, which allows individuals to meet and connect with like-headed people who propel them every day to their workplace and eventually develop better professional relationships. This kind of environment automatically provides the required dose of inspiration for employees to put all their effort and ensure better productivity. We at Smartworks understand the need for a supportive and dynamic community for organizations and employees to get an adequate dose of inspiration to feel motivated and thus, walk that extra mile to build a strong community that can suffice the needs.

With these and many more, Smartworks stands out in the crowd as the ultimate source of inspiration when it comes to coworking spaces in the country. Our mission is to create a sustainable working environment by providing effective workspace solutions for the overall development of organizations and with 50,000 members across 23 centers in 9 Indian cities, we are steadily moving forward towards our goal.


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Monday Blues Ain’t Blue at Smartworks

A Monday morning, 8 A.M., the alarm rings and you wake up to that nagging sound with an annoying and grumpy face. Your brain starts conspiring against going to work, and you almost lifelessly lie down on the bed without a pinch of inspiration. You suddenly remember about that important morning meeting and the much-awaited appraisal, and you with an overwhelming feeling of anxiety, tiredness or stress, sluggishly drag your body out of bed and be ready for the day to follow.

Does this above scenario ring a bell? Do you too experience similar Monday mornings when you feel terrible and hopeless merely at the thought of going to work? If your answer is affirmative, you have symptoms of Monday Blues which can create serious adverse effects on your career and life. Monday Blues is defined as a set of negative emotions that invoke in an individual right at the beginning of the workweek. In the words of career coaches and motivational speakers, Monday Blues is not just a passing tiredness or usual anxiety, but is a serious sign which indicates that something is not right at work. This condition is contagious and even a single employee suffering from the syndrome can conjure the whole nine yard of the office premises. Organisations should be careful that their employees stay motivated at work sans feeling any sort of negativity, which can enormously hamper their businesses in terms of productivity and profit.
It is a common notion that if you love your job and are passionate about what you do, there shouldn’t be any reason for you to despise going to work on a Monday morning. If we go by this theory, the question that arises is:
What causes this Monday havoc?
Rigid office protocols, dreary and depressing office environment, minimal opportunities to learn and grow, lack of networking prospects, absence of adequate recreational spaces and so on, the answer can be anything but has certainly to do something with your present workplace. If a workspace is not favourable for employees, it may hinder productivity and can cause businesses to experience serious financial burdens due to the diminishing productivity of the employees. Now that we know where the problem arises, the next question that needs an answer is:
Who can help to keep away the menace of Monday Blues?
With the changing times, the present-day work environment is going through a progressive transformation all around the globe. The Indian office ecosystem too is experiencing a paradigm shift in the recent past and coworking spaces, owing to their flexibility and vibrancy, have attracted numerous organisations of all sizes from diverse industries.
Smartworks, among others, with its innovative coworking solutions is adding various other spirited colours into Monday Blues to inspire employees to work relentlessly and ensure improved productivity. The company’s vibrant agile workspaces integrated with postmodern technology within community-driven environments instil a sense of enthusiasm and confidence in employees to keep them motivated and focussed without having to bother about Monday Blues or any other workspace related anxiety or stress.

At the moment, around 65% of the Indian workforce belongs to the millennial generation, out of which a huge chunk of the population have their offices in coworking spaces, making these places youthful and energetic. Since the Smartworks community too has a noticeable youth population, it stimulates a sense of enthusiasm and dynamism at the workspaces for employees to work with more efficiency. Moreover, being in a striving community of creative and talented professionals, employees get the chance to meet new people with similar mindset and make useful connections. If you have someone at your office with whom you can mentally connect and share ideas and thoughts, half of your Monday Blues fade away with it. With a mixed-bag of clients, the shared office spaces at Smartworks provide an inerrant networking platform for organisations and individuals to connect, collaborate and create groundbreaking business solutions for the future.

Lack of adequate spaces for recreational activities is a common problem in most traditional workspaces which plays a crucial role in making or breaking an employee’s work modality while at office. Smartworks understands its significance and thus, offers all-encompassing workspace features, which include dedicated recreational spaces as one of the major areas of importance. With vibrant flexible workspaces empowered by new-age technology and modern office facilities in the presence of a blooming community, the Monday Blues phenomenon does not exist anywhere or anytime at Smartworks.


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