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5 things a CEO should know before selecting a commercial office space for rent

In case you are looking for a commercial office space for rent in Noida or in any other place, consider these following things before signing the lease agreement:

Check the Neighbourhood
Is the neighborhood safe enough? Are your team members and clients comfortable enough while visiting your office? As a CEO, it is of utmost importance that you check the security issues of the area. Since the office is a place where you and your team members will be spending the maximum time of their day. So always consider the route that they will use to travel to and from their respective area or location. In case you want to take an office for rent in Noida, get in touch with us. We will help you find a perfect commercial office space for rent in Noida. Call us today at +91-84489-80480.
Consider the transportation
How easy is the office space to commute to? Are there enough transportation links? How near or far is the bus terminus or metro and railway station from your office? Before selecting an office space, consider how it is going to affect your team member’s daily commute.

Maintenance of the Building
Is the building well maintained? Does the organisation that manages the building takes proper care of it? Are the day-to-day maintenance operations, security and other services managed efficiently? Talk with the tenants about the quality of the service before you sign a lease agreement for your new office.

Parking Space
This can be an issue if you and your team members travel by personal vehicles. Check whether there are enough parking spaces or not. In case the building doesn’t have personal parking space then check whether there is sufficient parking space nearby or not.

Consider the Square footage
Is there enough space to accommodate all your team members? Before signing the lease agreement, perform a test fit of the space. This way you can be sure whether you are getting the right amount of space or not.

Always ensure that there is enough room to accommodate your company’s growth. We hope that these points will help you get an idea about the important things to consider before zeroing in on office space.

amazing office space

How to Make Your Office Space an Amazing Place to Work?

The design and functionality of your office space can actually make or break the dynamics of your team member and your business. So, how you can break the monotony and make your office an amazing place to work? Let’s find out how does a furnished commercial office space for rent has become a preference for young business owners

Keep the Place organised
Nobody loves to work in a place which is cluttered. Whether it’s important documents, binders, business cards or anything else, it’s essential to store each item properly to make the office space tidy. A disorganised office space hampers the productivity of your team members and also demotivates them. Install plenty of storage space for properly storing your office supplies and keep the office space clean.

Have an Open Seating Plan
Say goodbye to clumsy cubicles and open up the seating plan. Open seating plan lets your team members mingle with people outside their team much openly. This also boosts the flow of ideas and information.

Foster co-working
When looking for commercial office space for rent in Noida or in any other place, try to go for a shared space. A shared space helps your team members to interact with employees from other companies. Moreover, with a shared space, you can also lease shared resources such as a cafeteria, conference rooms, gyms which you cannot afford alone.

Make it more comfortable
A carefully designed office boosts the morale and happiness of the employees. Consider aesthetics while designing your office space. Pay attention to layout, amenities. A fresh coat of paint, a good ventilation system, quality heating, and cooling systems and lighting helps you create a comfortable office environment.

Make Office Optional
Once in a while, give your team members the opportunity to work from home. This gives them the opportunity to relax and allows them a bit of freedom to choose their options. In this way, the office won’t be a place anymore where your team members get burned out easily.
Hopefully, these tips will help you in transforming your office into a place your team members love to work. If you are looking for commercial office space for rent in Noida, get in touch with us at https://smartworksoffice.com/