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Social Distancing

How to Practice Social Distancing at Work

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought forth a paradigm shift in the way we work, interact and communicate with each other. As the lockdowns world over get lifted and staggered workspace resumption becomes the new normal, social distancing has become overtly critical for curbing the spread and transmission of the COVID-19 virus.

Why is social distancing important?

Social distancing is a precautionary measure which has been designed to help curb the spread of COVID-19 virus by minimizing physical contact. Maintaining a distance of at least six feet has become an integral part of the new normal. Social distancing is recommended because it creates a personal-safety zone for an individual, lowering the risk of contracting the virus.Even though the world is slowly flickering back to normal, it is recommended to avoid crowded spaces and limit travelling as much as possible.

Below are some tips for ensuring proper social distancing at work:

1. Follow the six feet rule

This is the most important rule of social distancing. Ensure that you maintain a distance of six feet (two meters) from your coworkers at all times. Avoid hugging, handshakes and sitting in close proximity to one another.

To help members easily maintain social distancing, Smartworks has de-densified common rooms, pantries, lounges and even workspaces by designing indicative distancing mark-ups and signages.

2. Re-arrange workspaces and modify the seating arrangement

Sitting and working in close proximity with your colleagues is a big no. Ensure that you come in to work only when necessary and maintain buffer seating at all times. Follow spatial distancing while having lunch, using the washrooms or even in the break rooms. Consider eating or having coffee at your desk rather than using the communal lunch area.

3. Host online meetings

It is absolutely necessary to reduce the frequency of in-person meetings as much as possible. Organize brain storming sessions, meetings and one-to-one conversations using collaborative online meeting apps for a seamless experience. Smartworks has reconfigured all our meeting rooms for social distancing. We have minimized the total number of attendees in a meeting room using our in-house smartworks app.

4. Avoid sharing stationeries and documents

Experts indicate that the COVID-19 virus can linger on surfaces for hours even days, therefore, it is a good idea to avoid sharing stationeries and documents in person. It is always recommended to use online tools and shared resources/ documents for easier communication and collaboration.

5. Avoid elevators and use the stairs

Elevators are confined spaces which are often overcrowded. Smartworks has deployed social distancing markups inside the elevators and reduced the allowed occupancy by less than 50 percent to ensure proper distancing is maintained. However, we suggest members and employees to take the stairs as much as possible as it is the safest practice to follow.

If you encounter areas in the office where you feel you’re unable to safely socially distance, please raise your concern and discuss the problem with your team and office manager. In these uncertain times, communal solidarity is of paramount importance. While most of the measures have been designed keeping in mind the safety and overall hygiene of all, it is necessary to remain vigilant and act responsibly for the collective benefit of the community at large.


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coworking and the digital workforce

Coworking and the Digital Workforce Revolution

The ongoing pandemic has accelerated our dependence on technology. The technology transitions in the workspace that were reserved for the future are now being considered and deployed for providing a contactless and safe working environment for employees. The coworking industry is inching towards the adaptation of new digital applications to create future-ready workspaces that enhance employee productivity. Technology plays a crucial role in creating a gratifying work experience and defining how employees interact with each other.

Here is how coworking players are enabling the digital workforce revolution for their members:

Complimentary access to advanced applications

Businesses can eradicate their overheads for connectivity and communications by utilizing the state-of-the-art technologies available in the co-working spaces. Some of the proprietary tech solutions deployed are smart video conferencing and networking equipment, uninterrupted super-fast WiFi, cyber security solutions, and enterprise security tools. Some agile workspaces have already begun offering easy-to-use mobile applications to accentuate better problem solving and issue resolving for their community members. These facilities are equipped with single interface dashboard systems that enable them to identify available workspaces or book meeting rooms, thereby enhancing their experience.

In-house Smartphone Applications

In-house mobile applications have become a necessity for real estate providers to integrate workspace functions and reduce the dependency on manpower. These mobile applications enable members and employees navigate through their day effortlessly. IoT-enabled meeting rooms, motion-activated lighting, food, and beverage orders from inside the conference rooms, a smart mobile pas to enter the premises, coworking space providers are investing in technology for a seamless experience. These technologies are only some examples of contactless features that some of the coworking players have implemented to change the way we move and behave.

Touchless Building Access

Security card swipes and biometrics for office space access have been the workspace normal for over a decade. The COVID-19 pandemic has hastened the switch to contactless technology. Workspace providers are deploying visitor management systems and leveraging touch-free facial recognition tools for allowing a seamless building access for their members.

Advanced Security Solutions

Tech is playing a key role in ensuring security and enhancing the safety of the people in the coworking spaces. For instance, HID Mobile access which works on BLE (Bluetooth low energy) enables secured access management through smartphone. Wireless IP smart security cameras help business owners to monitor the workplace activities and can control unauthorized access as well. With modern keyless access technology, members and clients can quickly enter their co-working spaces without needing to look for a key.

AI powered solution can read feed from IP cameras and can alert security for unwanted/unauthorized moment in a closed area, it can also monitor count of people moving in & out of the facility. Facial recognition is another technology that is playing key role, by knowing and checking people.

Employee engagement and support

The pandemic has caused mental anxiety and stress to people across the globe. Coworking spaces are conducting online events to boost employee morale and reduce their stress levels.
Virtual meetings on stress management, managing finances, and conducting recreational activities online like yoga and Zumba classes, mandala and doodle workshops, music concerts, and mentoring sessions are being conducted to support the employees/members and keep their spirits high.

Technology is constantly enabling businesses transform their workspaces into a dynamic and interactive space for brainstorming and inducing a productive work environment. With employee health and wellbeing, emerging as the key focus area in the new normal, touchless technology integration in workspaces has emerged as a necessity. Coworking companies are continuously coming up with innovative solutions to provide businesses with advanced state-of-the-art technologies to help them maximize their productivity and ensure seamless operations.


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Smartworks Preventive Measures for COVID-19

The Coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted life as we know it and put a sudden halt to all business activities and global economies, confining people to the four walls of their homes for the last few months. The coronavirus outbreak has proved to be a challenging antagonist for coworking spaces as most of them had to temporarily close their doors for their members to reassess their processes, re-evaluate their operations, develop frameworks for ensuring the health and safety of their members.

At Smartworks, your health and wellbeing is our utmost priority. As we continue to navigate through the situation, we have been deploying all the preventive measures as prescribed by the government for the safety of our members and employees.

Enhanced Cleaning and Sanitization Measures

Apart from our routine cleaning and regular sanitization of workspaces, we have proactively initiated weekly anti-bacterial fumigation and deep cleaning as a measure of added precaution.

1. Anti-Bacterial Fumigation:

The entire office space, including your workstations and the frequently touched areas, are regularly undergoing anti-bacterial treatment. This process is undertaken using an Ultra-Low Volume Sprayer Fogging Machine, with droplet /mist in the range of 5-50 micron with 1% Solution of Alpha Guard. This treatment is used in hospitals to minimize risk and is considered very effective to kill all germs, bacteria, and viruses on contact, establishing a personal safety zone.

2. Deep cleaning:

Deep cleaning is carried out under the guidance of experts covering every area in the office space such as staircase, lift lobby, parking area, rooftop, mechanical rooms, pantries, and machines.

3. Sanitization Tunnels:

We are in the process of installing sanitization tunnels in our facilities for a full-body disinfection using herbal citrus extracts and ionized solution. This disinfection process is safe, skin- friendly, chemical-free and very effective in killing germs and pathogens.

4. Atomizers:

We will be installing atomizers in every center to make our premises disinfected using the fogging mechanism.

5. Vehicle sanitization:

All vehicles entering the Smartworks premises will be disinfected using spray chemicals. While spraying would take care of the exteriors, we request vehicle owners to keep the interiors sanitized and cleaned regularly.

Measures to monitor indoor air quality:

We are following all the air purification measures as prescribed in the ISHRAE guidelines to maintain optimum indoor air quality inside our premises. Founded in 1981, ISHRAE is a group of eminent HVAC&R professionals that recommends air conditioning and ventilation guidelines for all workspaces and industries in India.

1. Air purification:

All the AHU/HVAC Equipment filters are being deep cleaned using R2, a green chemical. The process included the cleaning of AHU coils with pure water as well. We will also initiate a steam cleaning of indoor coils soon.

2. Hygrometers:

Hygrometers help in determining the humidity levels of the workplace and allows regulating the air quality within the recommended range of 40 to 70% as per the ISHRAE guidelines. Hygrometers will ensure the air is never too dry, or too humid, for bacteria to multiply.

Training of staff and appointment of security officers:

We have been continuously training and sensitizing our housekeeping staff and security personnel on the preventive measures and importance of social distancing. Our housekeeping and security staff is equipped with masks, gloves, and face shields to keep themselves and others protected.

We have appointed Security officers in all centres for the timely and planned execution of all preventive measures, to guide and ensure social distancing practices are followed by all inside the premises.

Measures to minimize touch inside the Smartworks facilities:

1. Sensor- Based Sanitizers:

We would be placing automatic sensor-based sanitizer dispensers at various common areas to minimize touch and maximize personal hygiene practices.

2. Foot Paddle door openers:

Our common area doors, such as the washrooms, meeting rooms, etc. will have foot paddles for contactless door opening.

3. Meeting Room bookings on the Smartworks app:

To minimize touch and maximize accessibility, we have enabled meeting room bookings through the Smartworks app.

4. Self-Declaration Forms:

Instead of pen-paper health declarations, we have enabled a self-declaration form on our Smartworks app. This form will capture the basic health information and is a proactive safety measure, to keep everyone in the premises safe.

Smartworks is driven to provide a safe and hygienic work environment for all. We will continue to implement all the global best practices and preventive measures, to know more about our coronavirus safety precautions and updates, visit- https://www.smartworksoffice.com/safetyfirstworkplace/


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This Diwali, make a #SmartShuruaat

In our country, ‘new beginnings’ start with a customary visit to the temple, splitting of a coconut, or even stringing together lemons and chillies, all in favour of good fortune. Such customs instill in us a belief that every beginning done right will lead to a successful ending.

When new beginnings matter as much, it’s crucial that they start on the right foot.

The onset of Diwali brings forth an opportunity for new beginnings and to do things differently. That said, no journey is complete without a ‘great start,’ one that not only brings success in the beginning but also lets you sail in it till the very end- The #SmartShuruaat

Why a #SmartShuruaat

A #SmartShuruaat means choosing not only a fruitful present but also a prosperous future. Whether it’s something as complex as shifting into a new office space or something as simple as a decision to either go green or burst crackers on Diwali, every choice you make should benefit you and others around you, today and tomorrow.

Your #SmartShuruaat begins today!

This Diwali, why not make a #SmartShuruaat with us! With a rise in pollution levels, the festival of lights has involuntarily become a death wish for all of us. So, a small step you take today can reap significant benefits for your future. Here are a few ways which will help you make a #SmartShuruaat.

  • Instead of going all out on crackers, eschew them and celebrate a true “Green Diwali”.
  • Skip the electric lights and opt for traditional diyas and candles. These will not only reduce electricity consumption but also encourage local artisans. A  community which is brimming with creativity but lack sales, due to commercial products and electric diyas. Purchasing such items is the best way to support them and give back to society. On the plus side, painting diyas can be a fun family activity too!
  • Ditching the incense sticks and room fresheners will have a significant impact on the environment around you. Choose fresh flowers instead!
  • Wrapping paper is wasteful, outdated and a significant contributor towards felling of trees. To make your gifts more festive-worthy, use decorative cloth material, dried flowers et al.
  • Diwali cards? It’s the age of technology. A well-written Whatsapp text, Tweet, Facebook message, Instagram post or a creative image will work just as well. It’s the thought that counts, no matter what the medium.
  • Hosting a Diwali party? Why not make it a potluck dinner! The catch is that only the ones who take public transport or carpool shall be served food. Fewer vehicles on Diwali mean fresher air for us.
  • Lastly, the best way to celebrate Diwali is celebrating it with those who need your help the most. Become a good samaritan by either volunteering at the local NGO or donating food and clothing items to the needy. Putting a smile on the faces of the underprivileged will give you immense happiness.

So, put the words into action and celebrate Diwali, the smart way! Wishing you and your family a very Happy Diwali!



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Solving the Snag with Smartworks: Internet not found

Connectivity issues are a serial killer of productivity and the number one reason for wasted time. While we celebrate the demise of the sluggish dial-up, the supposed ‘high-speed’ internet is no less. Such a technical glitch becomes twofold at a workspace when you’re desperately trying to meet the deadline and your internet connection is taking its own sweet time. A recent survey by MonsterCloud concluded that of the 2,000 office employees it consulted, over 60 percent cited slow wifi or internet connection speed as their top IT pet peeve. Thus, confirming our argument that employees are extremely unhappy with the speed and performance of their internet connection.

Regular internet troubles can divide our attention between our actual job responsibilities and the technical support required to fix the issue. According to a report published in the leading UK daily, workers estimated technology problems meant losing 30 minutes of working time each day. Unfortunately, coworking spaces too fall prey to this issue. There are several reasons for this. First, placement of the Wi-Fi router can wreak havoc on the coworking space as every team will demand a place convenient to them. Second, sharing an internet router is impossible and will eventually lead to troubleshooting. Third, the type of material used in the construction of the workspace can affect the speed of the wireless connection. Lastly, some places do not offer internet connection at cost-effective prices.

At Smartworks, things are done differently as we know how crucial time and productivity are to your business. Smartworks provides a high-speed internet connection through LAN and Wi-Fi, to all our members. Keeping in mind the operational cost of businesses, we provide these services at nominal prices to give you a smooth experience at work. Also, our on-call tech support ensures no troubleshooting or technical glitches. In case our members experience such an issue the team resolves it at the earliest. As our core values include increasing productivity and working efficiently, we believe that valuable time should not be wasted on inconsequential issues like these. Instead, the business should channelize their energy into their work and leave the glitches to the experts.



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Two steps up in Mumbai

Sitting by the calming waters on Marine drive or indulging in some celebrity spotting at the Pali Hill Cafe, Mumbai is the city of dreams, success, and stardom. The natives are always on-the-go, looking for the next best thing in town. Mumbai is not just a thriving business hub but also home to a million starry-eyed aspirants hoping to make it big! This grandeur and hunger to succeed made us open not one but two coworking centres in Mumbai, the burgeoning city!

Both our centres are found in prime locations making accessibility easy in a city known for its exasperating traffic. The first is in the Fleet House, Andheri East and the second in Indiabulls Finance Centre, Dadar West.

Smartworks Centre in Fleet House, Mumbai

Smartworks Andheri is the preferred location for corporates who want the best of cost and class. Metro connectivity feels like a dream as this centre is seamlessly connected from West Andheri to Ghatkopar. On top of that, the proximity to the airport is a mere  3 – 5 km. It’s not just close to residential areas like Goregaon, Malad, Borivali, Powai, Vikhroli but also to the malls & hotels like Holiday Inn, Westin, Infiniti Mall, Inorbit Mall, and Oberoi mall.

In terms of connectivity, the Indiabulls Finance Centre is no less! Located only half a kilometer away from the railway station, it’s sure to solve all your travel woes. Moreover, it’s at a stone’s throw from top-rated hotels and malls like Shangri-La and Phoenix respectively.

These premium quality, high-end commercial centers’ strategic locations and features like biophilic architecture and creative collaborated zones make them the ideal business hubs. Furthermore, these expansive centres boast of high-end cafes and multi-cuisine restaurants in their compound. Whether it’s taking a much-needed coffee break or a quick pop-in to the nearby mall, these centres have it all.

We’re glad to be a part of this bustling city and are certain that our coworking centres in Mumbai will become an indispensable part of it. Come and experience the true essence of coworking and productivity at our centre!


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Smartworks Journey Milestones

As the year draws to an end and Smartworks embarks on its third successful year, we would like to reflect on our growth and thank you for your support. We, at Smartworks, strive to deliver an office experience par excellence and redefine workspaces in India.

All this has only been possible because of the Smartworks family, which includes you and us. For us, our community comes first! You come first! We will continue to stretch ourselves to ensure that your experience remains impeccable.

At the onset, we would like to thank you for your relentless support and the unconditional love you have shown us all through the year, which has resulted in Smartworks becoming one of the most renowned coworking spaces in India. Smartworks stand where it does today because of you. We would like you to continue to grow with us!

Smartworks started as our dream of transforming the way traditional offices work in India and have grown into one of the largest agile workspaces in India as of today.

We drew inspiration from futuristic workspaces and community-driven employee culture across the world to create Smartworks. Our ambition is to create a way of life for employees to be productive and efficient at their workspaces.

Founded in April 2016, with a motto of ‘Workspaces that work for you’, in a short span of two years, Smartworks has grown exponentially and has established a footprint of 2 million sq. ft across 18 locations in 9 cities (Delhi NCR, Kolkata, Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, and Pune), catering to more than 300 clients across large enterprises, SMEs, startups.

Our community is mostly enterprise-focused with more than 75% of our members belonging to the enterprise community. Our member base has shown robust growth, with a total of 13000+ members and 300+ organizations sitting out of our centers. Our clients span across sectors like IT, manufacturing, telecom, healthcare to startups. Some names include Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, Tata Consultancy Services, Bacardi, DHL, Jaguar Land Rover, Episource, Deluxe (Fox Star Studio), Play Games 24*7 among others. We house 52% branch offices, 33% of headquarters and 4% regional offices at Smartworks offices; Increased the member count by 300% and added more than 10,000 new workstations; Grew by 2.7X in sq. ft presence across 9 cities, 18 centers and reached 2 mn sq. ft; Incedo Pune expanded with us in Chennai & Bangalore.

Smartworks Community

Some of our differentiators include –

  • Creating spaces that go beyond just being an office space
  • Configurable office spaces created as per the specifications of member companies
  • Creating vibrant communities at the workplace through a mix of state of the art real-estate, interiors, technology and hospitality
  • Integrates latest office technologies and industry-first value-added services to deliver a “wow” office experience to its members
  • Focused on building productivity amongst those who work at the facilities
  • We also happen to be the only profitable coworking space in India
  • Productivity lies at the core of what Smartworks does


Growth & Initiatives

  • At Smartworks, we offer more than just an office space. We combine top-notch real-estate design, technology, and hospitality to create vibrant communities at your workplace
  • In the next year, Smartworks is bullish and is targetting 3 million square feet of managed office space across Tier-1 and Tier-2 cities, over the next three years
  • Our internal team grew by 30%
  • Partnered with various organization from the likes of Niti Aayog, Lean In India, NASSCOM 10k Startups, Headstart, Network Capital
  • Total no. of coverage of 350+ garnered with 45 print coverages and over 40+ online links over media with tier 1 publications like Deccan Chronicle, Times of India, Business Standard, The Economic Times, Business Today, The Hindu, Inc.42, New Indian Express, and Mint to name a few
  • Turned our offices smarter by deploying Mitra robot at our GTP centre to enhance our member experience


Smartworks Journey Milestones

Our friends from the media love us-


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Bengaluru, we’re ready for you!

Our previous blog announced the opening of our flagship workspace in the Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore. Featuring a myriad of facilities, this centre is located in Global Technology Park (GTP) and is spread over 3 lakh sq. ft, making it our largest workspace for CoWorking Bengaluru. With our latest expansion, we continue on our path to becoming India’s largest agile workspace player.

The D-day was packed with a lot of fun-filled and engaging activities for the members. Furthermore, the event offered online contests across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram under the trending thread of #CoWorkingBengaluru and #BiggerAndBetter. The magnitude of the event not only saw participants from across the country but also got #CoWorkingBengaluru trending on Twitter.

CoWorking Bengaluru - smartworks members
The star of the launch was our pride and joy, AI-based assistant and India’s first-ever ‘she’ robot- Mitri. Mitri is a robot with superior social skills. Mitri apes human actions such as constantly blinking her eyes and turning her head to analyze the people around her. When she greets you at the entrance, you register your details with her – a process where she will ask you questions and will register your name, age, workspace and other details. Mitri has the ability to recognize you and retain that recognition.

CoWorking Bengaluru - smartworks star robot
Our ‘star’ robot, understands the technicalities of a workspace and is designed to be a front desk and HR robot in our CoWorking Bengaluru. Mitri is the modern-day reincarnation of a superwoman who senses if employees are having a bad day and interact with them to cheer them up!

A combination of modern aesthetics and state of the art technology ensures productivity for your business at the highest possible level. Book your tour today!


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7 Smartworks Hacks for Maximized Productivity

Coworking is becoming a trend, and a lot of professionals are switching from traditional cubicles to inspiring coworking spaces. Taking that into consideration, coworking brands should ensure their spaces meet the corporate definition of ‘productive workplace’. Therefore, today, we have come up with 7 smart hacks to transform your coworking space for good; to ensure they speak of nothing but productivity.

1. Conducive location

Choosing the right location is of utmost importance. The idea behind using co-working space is to cut down the travel time and use it more effectively towards the growth of your member’s business.

In addition, central locations allow coworking spaces to offer easy accessibility to facility users and their clients. Therefore, make sure your coworking space is located centrally, easily accessible by all the potential customers.

2. Personalize your coworking workspace

The interiors have a lot to do with productivity. Author Julie Morgenstern says, “people need to build a visual cocoon for themselves”.

To understand the importance of interiors, take it as the central nervous system of your office. If it is in a good state, the positive vibes would affect morale, encourage good work ethics, and ensure the delivery of work. If mastered correctly, the interior of your coworking space can be a driving factor for the members’ business, pumping people with energy and boosting their productivity.

Hence, personalize your coworking space to make it look more inviting, more lively, and full of energy and enthusiasm.

3. Use the right furniture

When people opt for coworking spaces over the traditional workspaces, they are clearly in a mood to convert their time into profits. Taking that into consideration, the coworking spaces should take measures to ensure the desired outcomes are achievable. One way to get started is by using the right furniture which can ensure comfort for everyone. In addition, office furniture should foster the usage of the right postures, because it helps the members focus better, avoid health hazards and improve efficiency.

Use ergonomic furniture which is designed in accordance with corporate standards, and while taking ideal ergonomic conditions into consideration.

4. Make sure the vibe is right

The vibe at the workplace is the most underrated factor and the same applies to coworking spaces. The right vibe can fill people with positive energy which would automatically boost productivity. You can do that by working on two essential factors:-

  • Use the right lighting: The lighting affects mood and therefore, your productivity. Additionally, proper lighting is mandatory for proper visibility.
  • Set the temperature correctly: Whether too hot or too cold, the end result is a loss of productivity. Thus, set the temperature correctly; install efficient heat ventilation and air conditioning systems.

5. Encourage conversation for networking

Coworking spaces are filled with a mix of potential customers and growth partners. So, instead of letting the monotony of work hamper productivity, encourage people to indulge in conversation with others. Unless they talk to each other, they won’t get the opportunity to convert simple conversation into meaningful partnerships.

Coworking spaces are best known for networking opportunities, helping members share ideas and achieve their business goals by connecting with like-minded people.

6. Offer noise cancellation earphones

Noise is the chief complaint in most coworking spaces. Therefore, noise cancellation headphones are #1 recommendations for people who believe silence is their sound of productivity. Private cabins can too be a great way to ensure optimal productivity at coworking spaces.

7. Use technology to your advantage

Technology simplifies things and saves time i.e. boosts efficiency. Hence, at Smartworks, we believe a perfect synergy of inspiring infrastructure with smart, time-saving technology ensures that businesses work at their efficient best. Simple things such as apps that automate a lot of mundane tasks, cloud storage systems, etc. can save a lot of time, and maximize the efficiency of people.

Productivity is about finding the right balance between work and satisfaction, and the above-mentioned hacks can help you ensure that balance at your coworking space.


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Is Generation Z Redefining Indian Workspace

India’s leading Sports Management Institute IISM moves into Smartworks, Mumbai

  • Smartworks becomes the first managed office space provider to configure workspace and coworking trends for an Education Institute
  • IISM offers specialized degree programs in association with the University of Mumbai

Mumbai, August 12th, 2019: Smartworks has become India’s first agile workspace space provider to apply space as a service for classroom training. The firm has leased out 25000 sq.ft to Nilesh Kulkarni’s International Institute of Sports Management (IISM). For the first time, a management education institute has moved into an agile workspace with coworking trends, which otherwise is usually occupied by enterprises, start-ups, and freelancers. Smartworks have a total footprint of 2.8 million sq. ft. across 23 locations in 9 cities and is the only Indian bootstrapped workspace provider to have become profitable.

With IISM in Smartworks’ facility at Fleet House in Mumbai’s Andheri locality, the market leader in enterprise onboarding has brought in a completely untouched sector, Education, into the rapidly growing ambit of co-working spaces. This new addition will change the way shared workspaces were perceived; they are not just for working but for learning as well.

IISM, founded by former Indian Test cricketer Nilesh Kulkarni, is the foremost institute involved in the most unexplored education avenues to meet the demands of the growing sports industry. Imparting excellence in the sports educational sector for 10 years, IISM has emerged as one of the best institutes for sports management education in India. The education institute will be conducting classroom training for specialized degree programs namely Bachelor of Sports Management and Master of Sports Management in association with the University of Mumbai and 11 months autonomous Post-Graduation Program in Sports and Wellness management within the Smartworks premises with over 500 students.

The facility is now booked more than 90% and has a total footprint of almost 1 lakh sqft in Mumbai. It provides close proximity to business district Bandra- Kurla complex and the Western Expressway and currently hosts a mix of corporates such as CRISIL, Marsh Insurance, NEC Technologies to name a few.

“We are excited to have India’s most prestigious Sports Management institute with new coworking trends in Smartworks. We have yet again proved our capability of configuring spaces as per client requirements irrespective of the business domain. With this first of its kind association between an education institute and Smartworks, we are certain that these spaces will become the next classrooms soon. We remain committed to providing unmatched experience and solutions to businesses that will help them boost the company as well as industry growth to remain productive and further the step towards innovation in the country,” said Neetish Sarda, Founder of Smartworks.

Commenting on the recent move-in Nilesh Kulkarni, Founder IISM, said, “At IISM we believe in nothing but the best when it comes to imparting education to our students so that they learn and grow. We want our students to meet their aspirations in an environment where they are pumped up with energy and positivity. Our ultimate goal is to ensure an atmosphere for them so that they stay active, productive and lively throughout their sessions. IISM campus has eight 30-seater to 120-seater classrooms, an exclusive research lab for our students, a cafeteria with a vibe where students can enjoy break time and common breakout areas for students to unwind themselves during free-time. Given that the facility is centrally located in the city, adjacent to Marol metro station, it is convenient for the students to access any mode of transportation for commuting which makes the location a strategic fit for our institute.”

Smartworks has created a niche for itself in the co-working space industry with a new coworking trend and by bringing enterprises into the purview and leasing entire floors to the latter.

“We are witnessing growing interest from corporates in Mumbai across sectors including IT, sports, banking and e-commerce among others. The large demand stems from the benefits and array of facilities provided to our members across our centers which include state-of-the-art infrastructure, vast opportunities to network and exchange ideas, a productive work environment, and services that ensure a happy and stress- free workspace,” Nitish added.

Since its inception in April 2016, Smartworks has been aggressively expanding its footprint across key cities in India due to the growing demand for agile workspaces. Technologically sound while focusing on customer delight, encouraging collaboration, ease of doing business and overall community building for enhanced productivity remain Smartworks’ key focused areas while serving customers.

About Smartworks: 

Smartworks is India’s largest provider of agile workspaces, with a footprint of 2.8 million sq. ft. across 23 locations in 9 cities (Delhi NCR, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, and Pune) catering to more than 600 organizations across large enterprises, SMEs and start-ups. Founded in April 2016, Smartworks is redefining the Indian office experience by focusing on design, hospitality, technology and customer delight experience. Smartworks is also the only Indian agile workspace provider to have become profitable in India.

Central to this ambition is the company’s motto, ‘Workspaces that work for you’, with the vision of creating the perfect environment by just not building communities, but also ensuring their member employees are productive in the workplace.

For more information, log in to www.smartworksoffice.com

Media Contacts:

Anita Sharma
Email: [email protected]
Mobile: +91 96507 88255


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