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Why office spaces need to reflect your brand personality

One chic glass and wood table surrounded by several comfortable ergonomic chairs, big enough to fit the entire team. A wall of inspiration at the far end of the office spaces adorned with quotes from the world’s leading business tycoons. Adjacent to that would be a cozy corner with a big window overlooking the city.

Or maybe, a space reflecting our legacy. Walls graced with paintings of Rajasthan’s streetscapes and some theme-related furniture at the reception. Meeting rooms with names suited for royalty and desks with calming colour schemes.

Every entrepreneur has something that is unique to their business. This uniqueness is what made them stand out from the crowd and achieve the success they always wished for. Without a doubt, a unique business calls for unique office space to match up with the idiosyncrasies.

Unfortunately, many business owners unwillingly settle for office spaces that look like they were built in other century or worse, office spaces that give a whole new definition to ‘soul-sucking’ desk job. On the other hand, a lively and cheerful office synonymous with the spirit of your business can do wonders for you and your employees. More importantly, an innovative and functional office, along with an engaging company culture will not only improve employee happiness and productivity but will also go a long way towards attracting top talent to your business for years to come. It has been researched that employees’ productivity is directly proportional to work ambience and culture.

Even though the benefits are endless, owning an office space that suits your business and your employees is an unfulfilled dream. Our question to you is, why is a dream office considered nothing short of a dream? And what if we told you we could make your dream office a reality? Surprised? Watch our new video to get all the answers!

Shared Office Solutions

When your work isn’t working for you

Regardless of profession or type of industry, many people feel the need to organize their day as efficiently as possible to avoid drowning in workload. Once the routine tasks are in place, it’s amazing how they can see what time is left to get the real work done. In this context, Shared office solution by organisations like Smartworks has mutually benefited young enterpreneurs in setting up the business and offering an ideal work environment to the employees.

But, what about the unnecessary interruptions that prevent them from making headway? And instead, push them into an abyss of indolence.

Unfortunately, this holds true for a majority of the workforce. Adding to this is the assumption of inefficiency- that the only reason targets aren’t met on time or deliverables aren’t achieved is due to incompetence on the part of employees.

Let’s look at it this way, if the majority of the workforce is spending more time on planning to start their work or to get back to it, then the problem lies elsewhere. So, we, at Smartworks, decided to take matters into our hands. We wanted all the employees going through the same situation to know that ‘losing valuable time due to regular inconveniences’ is a matter to be addressed and not dismissed.

Therefore, we launched our brand film, which is a light-hearted take on this minor yet pressing issue.

So, watch our video and tell us if we hit the right note: https://goo.gl/bKXzea