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Tips to Handle Annoying Things that Coworkers Do!

Working in a collaborative environment brings out the most innovative ideas, that help teams take the most innovative approaches. However, each one of us has our own quirky habits that can be irritating for the other person. There are certain things that your co-workers might do that won’t let you concentrate on the task at hand or become a trigger to lose your cool. Here are some annoying habits that are usually seen at the workplaces and some tips to handle them (without being rude) and keep the healthy collaborations going-

1. Give them the Benefit of Doubt- you need to remember that an office is a competitive space, and your fellow colleagues can always have their own issues going on. Giving the benefit of doubt at times can avoid conflicts and arguments. Start by not taking everything personally and move past small things that can get escalated in the moment.

2. Be Diplomatic- Although being upfront and straight is appreciated, being diplomatic can save you a lot of energy as well. Instead of behaving rudely or completely shutting all communication with that colleague, try to be a little diplomatic and don’t strain your relationship.

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3. Do “The Talk” when Needed- Taking the high road can always be your first approach but you are still getting annoyed with the things they do, it’s time to talk to the person personally. Explain that you both must co-exist at the same place and politely explain exactly what bothers you. Be open to receiving feedback from the colleague and you both can set some mutually amicable boundaries to fix the situation.

4. Final Call- If nothing is working out or the annoyance is affecting your work don’t hesitate to talk to the manager concerned or HR. Be sure to be clear about exactly what is bothering you and try not to exaggerate it. Let the manager or HR take the call on how to resolve the matter. Your work here is done!

Whichever way you choose to deal with the annoyance you are facing, make sure that you are creating a negative working environment. You must contribute to a healthy and positive working environment. Don’t let your annoying co-workers bring you down at work. If you have to cope with someone who drives you nuts, remember, it’s all about how you react to the situation.


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