Managed Office

What is a Managed Office?

When your business is booming and the number of employees is increasing, it is time to get your brand name on the wall, for your own private meeting space, and a workspace that reflects where your business ethos.

However, when a company grows, focusing on core operations becomes even more crucial. Renting a workspace comes with a whole new set of obligations, such as daily management and administrative duties, which may quickly divert your attention away from core operations and into day-to-day upkeep.

What if there was a solution that could lighten the burden of operating?

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Managed office spaces are made and designed for your business. You decide the layout, the look and feel, colours, how many and what kind of desks do you need, to how many meetings rooms, and how many breakout areas will be like.

Managed workspaces manage the day-to-day upkeep of your workplace, employee engagement activities, provide you with a bundle of amenities, digital assistance, and much more. A managed office space keeps your needs front and center making sure that you can entirely focus on your core operations.

Difference Between Managed and Services Office spaces

What is a managed office space and serviced spaces? Yes, they sound similar in many respects, but the services and perks they provide are slightly different. A managed office is best thought of as a blend between a serviced office and a conventional office, with more flexibility than a traditional office but not the same ‘space-as-a-service’ option as a serviced office. Another significant distinction is that, unlike a serviced office, where it is normal to pay per desk, when a managed office space for rent is occupied by any organization, the tenant typically pays for the space that their business occupies.

Managed office spaces offer perks like office amenities, flexible leases, customized office solutions and so much more. Managed offices and serviced offices are both flexible workspace solutions that are well suited to companies looking for cost-effective, agile alternatives to conventional, leased office space.

The ‘right’ office space looks and feels different for every business. We at Smartworks help you find “your right” space that aligns with your business ethos and pathos, creating an office experience.


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