Return to Safety First Workspace

What to expect from Post-Pandemic Workplace?

Consistent work routines are no more; once bustling workplaces of innovation and collaboration have sat empty for more than a year, some abandoned entirely. Now as the world shifts away from work from home and back into the office, employers and employees alike are asking: Where do we go from here? What does the post-pandemic workplace look like?

Employees are yearning to return to workplaces and come out of the screen locked offices. After a touchdown of almost 2 years in the home offices the fatigue has kicked in, creating frustration and lack of socilising is making employees anxious now.

Digital Transformation

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Workspaces in India are undergoing a digital transformation, working towards making workspaces safer as employees are all set to come back to offices. The technology at the workplace needed an overhaul. And with new challenges in workplace safety urgently needing to be addressed as we return to the office, it is time to finally use technology to make our workplaces smarter, safer, and more efficient.

Technological advancements like touchless temperature check, automated parking systems with no human contact, mask checks and digital passes for entry and exit. These incorporations at the workspaces in India are making sure that employees feel safe when they return to the workspaces.

Design Upgrades

As we are entering the Post pandemic era, enterprises are reevaluating their space needs and leaning towards more flexible approaches. While the influence of colour in a place may appear to be insignificant, it is a distinguishing feature of employee productivity. Beyond mood-setting, incorporating the right colours has an indirect impact on a person’s physical wellbeing; with this in mind, offices should reconsider their colour palettes and incorporate brighter colours that bring a surge of energy and vibrancy to the space, rather than the traditional neutral shades.

Workspaces are taking approaches that create a balance of indoor and outdoor working, making it easier for employees to settle back in, keeping their physical and mental wellbeing a top priority.


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