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Workplace Design for Employee Wellbeing and Productivity

With more and more employees returning to work, topics such as employee well-being and workplace wellness have risen to the forefront of mainstream conversation. The modern workplace has seen numerous transformations. In the early 2000s, open floor plans phased out cubicles, and in 2015, ping pong and foosball tables flooded workplaces worldwide. While office trends come and go, one thing that remains constant is the influence of the workplace on employee health and happiness. As we approach the post-pandemic period, the workforce will undergo another transition centered on employee satisfaction and well-being.

Businesses often overlook the importance of how your workplace is structured and how it influences employee welfare, increased creativity, and productivity. Several studies have shown that interactive workplace designs are essential and that strategically including subtle details can help turn workplaces into an office experience!

With the upcoming change in workspaces and the introduction of an employee-centric model, managed workspace providers are poised to meet all the demands of businesses and make the transition to a more interactive environment as seamless as possible. Here are some ideas for utilizing managed workspaces to develop a design that promotes employee well-being and productivity.

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Configured Workspaces

Workspaces should be created around how work is done, rather than the other way around.

Smartworks gives you the chance to collaborate with the team, brainstorm, and create a workplace that suits your needs and defines your brand.

Smartworks gives you the flexibility to create an aesthetically intriguing and engaging workplace that can assist your employees in being more productive and move forward with a more creative mindset. With the reopening of workplaces, it is even more critical to recalculate office needs and optimize physical space. Productivity is the key, and it’s crucial to assess each department’s workstation and collaboration needs to ensure a productive work environment.

Acoustic Comfort

Natural light, fresh air, reduced sound and the right blend of design and technology.

Workplaces today are shifting towards creating an acoustic environment that can keep employees healthy in the long run and the natural factors help keep the mood elevated. Take care of the privacy your employees need to work while providing an open floor for team collaboration and interaction.

Along with a bundle of amenities, Smartworks also offers customizations within your office space, such as isolation zones, training rooms, telephone booths, and much more to provide quiet for the employees when needed.

Human-centered design has a lot of promise for enhancing and positively impacting employee wellness. You may quickly improve the physical atmosphere at your company by simply providing spaces for employees to recharge and considering their comfort.


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