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Workplace Trends at the Silicon Valley of India- Bangalore

Bangalore, widely known as India’s IT capital and Silicon Valley, is home to a slew of major corporations from a wide range of industries. With a talent pool and possibilities on the horizon, Bangalore is a great place to start or expand your business. There are numerous elements that play a significant part in making your new workspace a success when it comes to setting up an office in Bangalore. While scouting for the perfect office space location, knowing about the trends and culture of the city always comes in handy. Managed office spaces make sure that they cater to all your needs, a bundle of amenities and a workspace in the prime locations of Bangalore.

Smartworks is the largest managed office space provider with more than 31 centers, spread across 9 key locations. These centers are strategically located with ample connectivity options, a bundle of amenities and digitally optimized workspaces.

Managed office spaces check a lot of pointers off your list when it comes to setting up a new workspace in the industrial hubs like Bangalore.

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Strategically located

The first impression your company makes is largely determined by its location. Employees are upset by their travel times, and clients avoid contacting you since getting to the location is a burden.

Smartworks managed office spaces in Bangalore are strategically placed and convenient for both your employees and clients. A good location helps your employees come in with a light mood and location becomes a prime factor in helping you retain talent.

Digital Safety

In light of the present epidemic, it is even more critical that workplace safety is prioritized. Smartworks managed workspaces in Bangalore are technologically optimized, ensuring a smooth and secure day-to-day experience.

With mask and touchless temperature checks, Smartworks Visitor Management System ensures that every visitor, employee, and client follow all safety procedures. Touchless entrance systems, IoT-enabled meeting rooms, digital meeting room control, and other features are accessible in managed office spaces in Bangalore. Managed workspaces in Bangalore provide clients with cutting-edge technology that makes day-to-day operations much safer and relieves management’s burden as well.

Smartworks is making it easier for you to set up or expand your business in Bangalore. Managed workspaces in Bangalore are well equipped with a bundle of amenities, customized designs that align with your brand ethos and boosts employee productivity.


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