Sep 08, 2021

How an ‘experience’ can change your office

Hurry up – free trial at Smartworks !! That navy blue suit or the grey pinstripe one? Black pumps or tan ballet flats? Cat-eyed frames or rectangle up frames? The more choices you have, the harder it gets to decide.

Simply put, if options are overwhelming then picking one is baffling. These options assert a certain level of stress on the buyer to select the ‘perfect’ item. Questions such as, ‘what if I don’t choose correctly? How can I know for sure that what I’m buying is right for me?– wreak havoc on our minds. Nevertheless, we comb through all the options before choosing the one that best fits us.

Thanks to the 21st-century marketing approach, companies nowadays offer an ideal solution to this collective angst – try before buying! If the trial run is satisfactory, then the subscription is taken.

While most of you are familiar with trials for apparel, footwear, car, how about getting a trial for an office where you can seed your ideas and watch them take off? Let us answer this for you- why not!

At Smartworks, we believe in providing office spaces that reflect the brand personality, which is why we have come up with our brand new offering- ‘Experience Pass,’ for entrepreneurs. It is our version of ‘try before you buy.’

With the Experience Pass, our potential customers can get a taste of our world-class facilities. They can access all common areas, breakout zones and avail all paid services as per the service price guide of that particular centre. Other perks include unlimited tea/coffee and WiFi services. To top it all, it’s free! We are offering a free trial at Smartworks to ensure that your choice is the best choice.

So, if an ideal office is on your radar, then you’ve struck gold!

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