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Meeting & Conference Rooms

IoT-Enabled Meeting and Conference Rooms for flawless business discussions. Our tailor-made office spaces are not only gorgeously designed but are packed with advanced technological tools and concepts like IoT and touchless solutions.

Workspaces Made Easy with Tech

Smartworks offered fully-furnished & tech-enabled enterprise office spaces powered by technology for a flawless journey throughout the facilities.

Your Space, Your Way

It's your office spaces, you're the king here! We are here to accompany you on this journey that begins from the interior layout & designs to floor customization & designing to ultimate delivery.

Data Confidentiality and Protection

Premium and Flexible Office Spaces with incredible infrastructure promote an office environment that is both sealed with privacy and data security.

Unique Branding and Positioning

Work in an environment that is exclusively designed considering the nature of your business. Our designing professionals understand your vision to transform the interiors that complement the value proposition of your business model.

Simplification and Expansion

With Smartworks, there is always room for your business enterprise to expand, and the credit for this goes to our completely flexible terms and presence at other locations.

Office Space That Suits Your Need

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Benefits Associated With Smartworks Family

Premium Commercial Locations and Buildings

Experiential Partnerships and Collaborations

Dedicated Community Team

Streamlined Processes and Services

Facility and Upkeeping Management

Modern-Day Design Experience

Benefit of Customised Office Space in Ahmedabad

Are you also looking for a dedicated office space for lease in Ahmedabad? If yes, then you’ve landed on the right page. Ahmedabad, being the financial capital of Gujarat has gained severe popularity and fame in recent years for commercialization and industrialization. Many large and medium business enterprises followed by multiple MNCs are actively looking for shared office spaces in Ahmedabad. 


Our customised office space in Ahmedabad (Venus Stratum) is located in the heart of Nehru Nagar. If you’re seeking an office space that is technically empowered, fully furnished, and ideally designed for your business enterprises then Smartworks is here to end your meets. Our office spaces for enterprise offer utmost flexibility and mobility as compared to typical traditional office spaces. 


Smartworks is capable of delivering your new and hassle-free office spaces within 30 days. We’re inviting business enterprises to come in and work with greater efficiency so that they can achieve their predetermined goals and objectives. Our in-house team of community experts will always be there to assist you at any hour of the day.   


Is Parking Available in Smartworks Office Space?

Yes, you can park your vehicle and we will ensure that your vehicles are safe within the office premises.

Do Smartworks have Any Issue Resolution Portal?

Yes, you can raise a ticket to convey any matter via Smartworks Mobile Application and our community service executives will get in touch with you within a matter of time.

How Much Time will Office Space take to Get Ready?

It usually depends upon the clients’ requirements and the seats they are asking for. But as per our service standards, a fully furnished and tech-supported office space is ready for business operations within 30 days.

Do We Have to Share Office Space with Others?

Fortunately, it’s a No! Smartworks offers separate office spaces to all the clients so that the workforce can work as per their day-to-day operations and schedules without the interference of outside bodies.
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