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Find a place within the bounds of culture and commerce in India’s financial and intellectual capital.

Office Space in Chennai

Chennai, the largest industrial and commercial hub is home to many automobiles, textiles, electronics, software, banking and finance services among others. Smartworks provides configurable coworking space in Chennai with top-notch real estate design, technology, and unmatched hospitality. Located around all the primary business hubs, Smartworks shared office spaces have 4 centers across the city for easy accessibility.

Smartworks offers exclusively configured offices within 30 days that are innovatively designed to suit all your workspace needs. Our workspaces in Chennai are fully-equipped with the latest technology and state-of-the-art virtual offices to ensure seamless working experience. Our coworking space in Chennai has vibrant shared office spaces designs that are fully-equipped with state-of-the-art conference rooms, high-speed WiFi, executive printing services and additional ancillary services for your business.

Our coworking spaces have dedicated gaming zones with pool tables, table tennis tables, PS4 and foosball tables among others for the recreational purposes of your employees. Our coworking space in Chennai helps your company experience a hassle-free work environment. Apart from vibrant shared office spaces design and fully-equipped dedicated work stations for your employees, Smartworks provides additional ancillary services for your convenience.

Our shared office space in Chennai has complete front desk support, housekeeping, and maintenance, security and utility projectors for the efficient day to day assistance of your business. We have exclusive B2B partnerships with various industries like hotels, transport, food vendors, gym facilities among others to provide the utmost comfort and convenience to your employees.

Our coworking spaces in Chennai are not just tailor-made offices but provide ample opportunities for networking and collaboration. Smartworks provides customized workspace solutions to help your business thrive by creating a unique experience for your employees packed with recreational activities and corporate grooming sessions. Our managed shared office spaces help you grow in a space that is fun and can make you fall in love with your work, each day!

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Why Smartworks ?

Traditional office spaces are completely out of sync with the needs of the aspirational workforce, especially the millennials. Today’s workforce demands an office experience abreast of the latest technologies which cater to their requirements.

Businesses and SMEs are constantly looking for workplaces that provide employees with the freedom to choose how they work. Flexible office spaces are taking precedence to attract the right talent, boost employee productivity as well as reduce employee attrition. Smartworks provides efficient shared office spaces in Chennai with top-notch real estate, cutting edge technology, and premium hospitality to give you a truly inspiring office experience.

Smartworks has four strategically located coworking spaces in Chennai for companies looking for office space for rent. Our expertise lies in creating tailor-made shared office spaces that are completely in sync with your brand aesthetics and define your brand ethos.

Our coworking space in Chennai is equipped with recreational gaming zones and gym facilities. Each shared office space curated by Smartworks is ergonomically designed to provide a better work-life balance and ensure optimum productivity by your team.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Smartworks provides convenient and flexible shared office space solutions for enterprises and SMEs to minimize their overhead expenses. Smartworks offers a holistic experience to all its member companies by offering modern cost-effective solutions, state-of-the-art infrastructure with a tech-enabled working environment. Smartworks has emerged as the India’s largest co-working space provider, with over 2.8 million sq. ft. across 9 cities with 23 centers. With a strong focus on technology, innovative design and excellent hospitality, Smartworks provides collaborative workspaces and elevates the corporate lifestyle of businesses. Smartworks prides itself in providing enterprises with configured office space solutions in just 30 days.

A coworking space maximizes your real-estate efficiency by offering all the infrastructural and architectural support that an enterprise demands like the basic office infrastructure, development of the common areas, meeting rooms and cafeteria among others. Working out of a managed co-working space proves to be a cost-effective idea for them as they end up saving a lot on their infrastructural investments. Smartworks provides configurable shared office spaces to enterprises and SMEs, which are exclusively tailored according to their brand identity and needs.

Leasing a traditional office space in Chennai can prove to be a costly affair, which is why working out of a shared office space in Chennai makes a lot of sense. Smartworks provides configurable workspaces to companies with top-notch real estate design, technology and unmatched hospitality. The Smartworks offices are strategically positioned at the heart of the city. Apart from being cost-effective, our coworking spaces in Chennai provide endless opportunities of networking and collaboration.

Some of the amenities provided by Smartworks include:

  • Dedicated fully-equipped workstations for your employees.
  • State-of-the-art conference rooms for important meetings, brainstorming sessions and corporate reviews
  • Spacious meeting rooms for day to day interactions
  • Efficient and fully equipped virtual offices to help employees work remotely
  • Vibrant and innovative office designs with configurable shared office spaces
  • Convenient and cost-effective office furniture for all your daily needs
  • Additional ancillary services for your business
  • Dedicated gaming zones for recreation
  • Gym facilities for health and fitness
  • Crèche facilities, rage rooms, courier services, cafeteria and pantry are some of the many services provided
  • Medical rooms and doctor rooms are also available on our premises

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