6 Tips to Make an Office Space Productive

Sep 03, 2021

6 Tips to Make an Office Space Productive

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Productivity tends to drop when you do not feel comfortable in the place you work. From the noise levels to chairs, there are a number of components that make you comfortable, relaxed and give optimum output. Here are a few tips to make your office more productive:

Consider the Colour
Colour have a great impact on people at a subconscious level. You can motivate the team members and improve productivity by using the right colours in your workspace. For instance, Red is a warm and energetic colour while Blue has a calming effect and makes one feel stable. On the other hand, a monochromatic colour such as white gives a clean and sleek look to your office decor. Choose the right colour according to your nature of work and office atmosphere.

Exposure to Light
A study by the Interdepartmental Neuroscience program at Northwestern University in Chicago found that exposure to daylight reduces workplace stress and improves productivity. Consider office spaces with windows and open spaces and see how much natural light they receive. Incorporate natural elements such as plants to create an airy feeling.

Create A Private Space
Open workspaces can lead to distraction, thus hampering productivity. Give your team members a bit of privacy by installing cubicles. This minimises distractions and focus. Keep the cubicle walls low. High cubicle walls can bring a sense of alienation. Low cubicle walls give your team members private space and also, doesn’t hampers productive collaboration.

Consider Physical Comfort
A study conducted in 2012 by Gensler found that the productivity of the team members depends on their physical environment. In today’s work environment, a majority of the people are sitting for most of the day. And that is why it is important that the chair and tables fit their body properly. Check the ergonomic factors including the eye-level, distance of the monitor from the eyes, adjustable chairs.

Room Temperature
This is one of the most common complaints that you may receive from your team members. Everyone has their own levels of adjustment to the room temperature. When renting office space, check how the vents are placed and whether there is any system for controlling the temperature or not.

Scents can instantly lift up one’s mood. A nice smelling workplace freshens the mind of the team members and boosts productivity. Install scent diffuser in your workplace. Scents such as citrus, cinnamon, and pine are great for improving focus, alertness and waking up your senses.

A properly designed office space also helps to reduce noise levels and reduce distraction. Hopefully, these tips will help you design your office properly and keep productivity at peak throughout the day. Are you looking for commercial office space in Kolkata? If yes, then contact us!
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