Sep 08, 2021

Employees Thrive in Managed and Flexible Spaces. Here's Why!

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The concept of managed and flexible office spaces has changed the way people work all over the world, and India is no exception. The days of traditional offices with fixed cubicles and limited facilities are almost on the verge of a collapse with the rise of managed office space for businesses of all sizes. Because of the advantages, many large corporations are switching from traditional to managed workspaces. This shift has so far empowered businesses to implement their return-to-office strategies effectively and has also helped them to bring the core operations on track, yet again.  
It's not only the high-growth startups but even the MSMEs and large and established enterprises that are looking forward to shifting from conventional to advanced working methods. Moving further, we will delve into why employees feel more productive in a fully flexible and managed workspace environment, as well as how you can use these factors to boost productivity and foster a positive workplace culture.  

4 Pillars of Managed Office Spaces that Elevate Employee Experience

Flexible Work Environment  

With the ascent of flexible workspace solutions, companies can focus on operational excellence and productivity while allowing their employees to work on their own schedules. The change in workspace and work environment naturally opens the doors to creativity and innovation, regardless of when they want to work and where they want to work. Flexibility and engagement have become the key components in today’s competitive landscape in fostering work management and open culture within the organisation.  

Collaborative Work Culture    

When people from diverse walks of life and professional backgrounds engage with each other, it inspires your employees to think from different perspectives. Getting stuck in a task is very common, and with exposure to a collaborative environment, companies can encourage employees to think out of the box and hunt for the best possible solutions. Employees thrive when given a chance to be a part of a growing interactive environment.  

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Networking Options  

These managed and flexible office spaces are often in prime business hubs, IT parks, and other prominent commercial locations. These areas are often bifurcated as the SEZs, CBDs, and SBDs. For high-growth startups and MSMEs, access to such advantageous locations and prime commercial hubs enables them to operate in the same environment that is home to large and established business enterprises.   

Working on the same premises allows for a lot of networking opportunities. Teams who work out of managed and flexible office spaces look forward to connecting and collaborating with a diverse group of people rather than sitting at a desk all day. Employees crave the opportunities to move ahead and take the initiative to create something new.  

Access to Top-Notch Amenities  

Another vital factor of managed and flexible workspaces that fascinates both employers and employees is easy access to a range of top-notch amenities. Unlike traditional workspaces, flexible and managed office spaces are equipped with aspirational amenities, including IoT-enabled meeting rooms, gaming and collab zones, digital pantries, on-site creches, gyms, snooze and medical rooms, roof-top cafes, and more. This easy access to amenities allows your workforce to strike an ideal balance between productivity and engagement.  

In conclusion, the spectrum of opportunities opens big when we are working in the same space. Workspaces in India are giving entry to the new changes coming. As we move ahead, the commercial real estate sector in India is going to witness a significant shift in the trend with the nationwide popularity and acceptance of managed and flexible workspace solutions.   

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