Oct 12, 2021

Connecting the Employee Experience and Customer Service: Neetish Sarda

Future of the workforce

The workplace has evolved and is no longer a place wherein we go and work but should be something we feel connected with. The whole concept of the future workspaces and its purpose is changing. The changing nature of work, along with existing working environments and the falling cost-effectiveness of the workspace, is making it imperative for the firms to make improvements for the future.

The future workplace should satiate our sensitive satisfaction and must offer enough provision to collaborate and provide digital-first capabilities. The future workspace also calls for cultural transformation to help the organization adapt to the changing market dynamics and should create opportunities for people to more efficiently learn and share knowledge, conduct trade, and build tight communities. Organisations have acknowledged that there is a close link between good employee experience and exceptional customer service. We believe the confluence of design, technology; Collaboration will be the key to future workspaces. An engaging office will go a long way to attract and retain talent. It will enable HR teams to recruit high-quality people of all ages across the organization and potentially strengthen organization prospects for long term success.

Also, in the years to come, the future of the workplace will be defined by personalized solutions, well-being, inclusivity, and culture. The workplaces will be completely automated and will open up pathways to improve the employee experience. Workspaces that implement eco-friendly practices will only increase in number as younger generations have become environmentally conscious will require businesses to adhere to specific environmental standards. AI will become an intrinsic part of an individual’s profile and will take care of basis interruptions like basic email, time management, meeting requests. We will also see a lot of workforces compelled to purpose-driven organizations wherein they seek out greater meaning and relevance in what they do.

Overcoming industry challenges

The co-working industry has been through a significant transformation and has evolved; however, we believe the market will see some increase in consolidation, mergers, and acquisitions soon. Also, we believe one of the significant challenges faced by small players is to assess the business risks involved as they might not be able to sustain the environment in the long run. The industry should start focusing more on service offerings as we believe that will be the key differentiator and will set one apart.

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