Sep 15, 2020

Virtual Reality Gets ‘Real’ in Coworking Spaces

With great disruption comes a great chance of adaptation. While the global economy deals with the fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses have to settle in with the new normal as we all quietly accept the altering new reality. Theoretical discussions on considering remote workplace, online teaching, and rise of online shopping has suddenly received a boost and garnered traction like never before.

During this time, technology has opened a lot of opportunities for running a business and improving performance while keeping the work-life balance secure. Like the majority of sectors, the global pandemic has posed challenges for the coworking sector as well. Even though there has been a rise in the number of enquiries with SMEs and large enterprises exploring managed office spaces, the deals are taking longer to materialize.

At a time when movements are restricted, people are cautious about visiting places, Virtual Reality (VR) is helping bring together potential clients and the office space providers. While some sectors are hit harder than others, coworking is finding innovative solutions and strategic ways of staying afloat and adjusting to the new normal.

Traditionally stuck in the realm of gaming, VR enabled solutions also offer an immersive experience to manage guided trips, interactive visits, virtual staging, and visualization benefits for the coworking sector. VR is going beyond the vanilla office and floor plans. A real-time experience of the real site, thereby allowing potential clients to navigate the office space.

Everyone needs office space. The coworking sector has started building virtual reality-led facility tours as a part of their sales strategy to let the potential buyers understand and enjoy the office experience. The decision-makers in an organisation may not be working from the same location; they are usually spread across locations. And to get them all of them in one place, at one time, may not be possible every time, but you can take your space to them. Yes, the magic of VR!

With the use of a VR headset, one can do more than just navigating through a virtual office space. They will be immersed in a virtual office – interact with objects and get a sense of the actual space. The overall experience can be magical to those inexperienced with this tech tool. It allows the clients to narrow down locations, visualize their office space by changing the carpets, seating arrangements, wallpaper, and décor as per their brand ethos and office needs.

VR offers a promising future for business owners and leaders, as its impact is visible, quite literally. From providing real-life design and imagery to helping executives to assess and coordinate resources, VR is a valuable option for enterprises to save time and money. For any coworking space owner, reviewing a space with 3D models in VR can help collaborations across departments from effectively and will transform the engagement model.

Technology has emerged as a strategic asset, a necessity that will define the future of workspace experience. It would not be wrong to say that now is the right opportunity to add virtual Reality as part of your real strategy!

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