3 Reasons Why People Thrive in Co-working Spaces

Sep 08, 2021

3 Reasons Why People Thrive in Co-working Spaces

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The evolution of co-working spaces has drastically changed the traditional working culture and has garnered the reputation of harnessing more productivity in people. According to a Harvard Business Review study, co-workers thrive at a rate of 6% to 7% higher than conventional workspaces and therefore in the last few years, companies and individuals become more inclined towards the concept. Being in a co-working space allows people and organizations to connect, learn and grow as they get the opportunity to interact with people belonging to diverse fields of work.

Unlike traditional office spaces, which have caged cubicles and a rigid working environment, co-working spaces enable workers to work with more freedom in a vibrant ambience which results in more productivity. These places are the perfect melange of futuristic workspaces and community-driven employee culture where workers can find the perfect work-life balance and hence, become more productive. Let’s find out what are the reasons for which co-working places have become the most preferred destination for the present working class.

1) Flexibility of Work

Co-working spaces came into being to nurture communities of non-competitive professionals by encouraging them to work individually or by collaborating with others at their will. Although over the years, the ideology has changed and co-working offices are no longer confined to non-competitive professionals, flexibility is still the core value of these workspaces. Being at a co-working space, organizations and individuals can choose flexible working hours and desired workspaces that work for them. Contrary to the common notion that one loses personal space at co-working spaces, the truth is there is no forced interaction in co-working places and thus, is suitable for all kinds of workers ranging from hermits to gossipmongers.

For example, an introvert who likes to work in isolation but needs the office vibe to be more productive, he or she can work with confidence without socializing with others. On the contrary, if an extrovert uses socializing as an excuse to brainstorm ideas and be more creative, co-working is the perfect place for him. Co-working offices offer opportunities for everyone to be more productive and successful.

2) Sense of Community

Being in a co-working space can integrate a sense of pride among the workers to be a part of a productive and flourishing community. It helps them to interact with people with a similar mindset and build strong personal and professional relationships. A great place to collaborate with others and learn, co-working spaces offer incredible opportunities for organizations and individuals to create and expand their networks in order to thrive in their respective fields. Working at a co-working place instills a sense of oneness among the workers which motivates them to go to work every day without fail and work with sheer dedication to producing better results.

Also, it has been observed that being in a community helps employees to be more structured and disciplined, thereby making them more efficient and productive. The community managers at these places never leave a stone unturned and walk that extra mile to make sure the employees are better equipped to be more productive so that they can work to their full potential and ensure improved efficiency.

3) Creative and Unique Working Spaces

With the emergence of co-working offices, organizations and individuals are getting the chance to choose their workspaces according to their preferences and style. There are a host of co-working space providers that offer customizable office spaces to ensure more productivity by creating a workplace that defines their unique style of working. A vibrant and exciting workplace can cultivate enhanced productivity in employees and ensure the results of yielding outcomes.

Generally, co-working spaces are considered to be a place for all as they offer different styles of workspaces that can cater to every individual or organization. Be it a freelancer, a start-up company, small or mid-sized organizations or the big brands in the market, co-working offices provide all the necessary features needed to be more productive and successful.

It is clear that the culture of flexibility, collaboration, community and the presence of unique yet comfortable workspaces in co-working offices help people to thrive in these places. Co-working places create the right balance of freedom and structure which pushes employees to work efficiently and creates opportunities for both employees and the organization to succeed. Looking at the present scenario it can be concluded that co-working is the future of workspaces and it won’t be long before co-working will become the way of life for the entire working class.

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