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Sep 08, 2021

Reasons To Move From A Traditional Office To Coworking Space| Smartworks

Gone are the days when coworking spaces were only occupied by freelancers and startups. Owing to the agility and flexibility offered by shared workspace providers, large enterprises and MNCs have started selecting coworking spaces over private offices.

Most flexible workspace providers offer abundant networking opportunities and a wide range of amenities to provide a seamless working experience to their members and employees.

5 Reasons to Move From a Conventional Office Space to a Coworking Space Are:

Customizable Office Spaces

Conventional office space providers swear by the ‘One Size Fits All’ concept, while in reality, it turns out to be a big hoax. Different businesses have different infrastructural needs, be it in design or fit-outs that must be catered to. Most flexible workspace providers design private office spaces as per the business’ infrastructural needs and brand ethos to give an office environment best suited for the employees.

Apart from real-estate design, most workspace providers offer added amenities like hospitality, gyms, creche, concierge services etc for an exemplary work experience.

Real-estate Efficiency

Most conventional office spaces are rigid and inflexible, they mostly offer standardized office spaces that require hefty CAPEX investments. Coworking spaces, on the other hand provide plug-and-play offices that require no CAPEX investments while maximizing real-estate efficiency.

They provide flexible workspace solutions to businesses with the provision to maximize their workspace requirements. Coworking spaces have centres across different cities, businesses can utilize this as an opportunity to expand their geographical footprint and business avenues.

Employee Engagement Events

As the famous adage goes, ‘All work no play, makes Jack a dull boy’, the workforce of today demands a healthy work-life balance which helps them reduce stress and prevent a workspace burnout. Coworking spaces organize a myriad of events to keep their members and employees engaged.

Some of these events include sports competitions, DIY workshops, corporate grooming seminars, business related workshops etc, giving employees the chance to have fun while learning something new. Managed workspaces have dedicated spaces for recreation, gaming and skill-building activities. Such recreational exposure helps in keeping the employees motivated and increases their productivity.

Community and Networking Opportunities

Coworking spaces are a powerhouse of ideas and experiences, with people from different companies and walks of life working together within the same office premises. Sharing an office space with different professionals unlocks a wide range of possibilities for growing a professional network as well as venturing into newer partnerships and collaborations for mutual benefits.

Most coworking spaces organize fun activities and training sessions to allow their members and employees interact and brainstorm together. Working in such a collaborative environment not only boosts employee morale but also maximizes productivity.

Access To Amenities

Apart from providing configurable workspaces and top-notch office designs, coworking space providers offer a huge gamut of amenities including housekeeping and security services, ancillary services, crèche facilities, locker rooms, courier services, gaming zones, gyms among others to their members.

Most coworking spaces have also formed exclusive alliances with various brands and service providers to give exclusive discounts and offers to their members. Such amenities help enterprises in keeping their employees motivated and engaged, thereby increasing their productivity.

Coworking spaces provide workstations and desk spaces with unique benefits of both a private office and a coworking community. They allow businesses the liberty to work independently within their private enterprise-centric offices while also giving them the opportunity to interact and collaborate with other members of the coworking community.

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